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Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Sparkz_NzPremium member
On Sun Aug 28, 2005 04:43 PM

What does everyone think of the election? Think both party leaders should stick a sock in their mouth and keep it there? Hope some of the tax cuts actually come through?

Do any of you teens care? Do they talk about it in school?

I've recently moved from Wellington to Hamilton, and I find it interesting that there seems to be a whole lot less takl about it here. I guess when you live somewhere where Politicians are in the newspaper EVERYday rather than just the month before an election, you become more knowledgable about it.

Soo.. your thoughts people?

I personally am sick to death of Helen Clark and her arrogance. However, I do like some of the laws she's passed in the last 3 years. I didn't like how she treated the foreshore and seabed bill though and the rude way she dealt with protestors who comprimised a large portion of Labour supporters.

On the other hand, Don Brash is offering me, as a childless young person, tax cuts where with Helen I have to have kids. But then again, he's said some awful things over the last week and that comment about going easy on a woman made me want to kill him. I also don't trust his treatment of Maori, I think the ideals are ok, but it would need careful management to pull off without Maori in need missing out. He's got rid of and shoved down the party list good Maori and women politicians and that worries me. On the other hand, I was always impressed with him when he was head of the reserve bank, whereas these days I have no idea who the reserve bank governer is.

So yeah, I am one of the many undecided. What are you thinking?

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re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By NZDanzer
On Wed Aug 31, 2005 07:15 PM
Not that I am an expert in politics, but my general gut feeling is that Clark has done a brilliant job with this country. She is a huge supporter of the arts (actually sat behind her at the ballet the other night!) and she is an articulate, intelligent person who is very sure of herself - I don't interpret that as arrogance. I have never seen her embarrass us as a world leader and I am really pleased with how she has handled our stance with respect to terrorism and immigrant issues. We also have the lowest rate of unemployment amongst developed countries at the moment!!! As for tax cuts, yes a few measly cents back in our pocket at the end of the day would be nice - but really - somebody has to pay for the running of the country - and who is that going to be if not us????
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Iridescencemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Aug 31, 2005 07:25 PM
I'm glad that I don't have to vote - JUST missed out this time around. Darn it.

At school, it's seldom spoken about, unless one of our wicked teachers cracks a joke about it or something. It's not really an issue and many teenagers are concerned about. All I'm thinking is that the voters this time around have got to remember that they're voting for their future and for my future, heh.

Tax cuts would be great, but it's not urgent right? Just look at the fricken gas prices...
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Sparkz_NzPremium member
On Wed Aug 31, 2005 08:54 PM
you don't think a few extra dollars in my pocket would help me afford some more gas OliveMe? Tax cuts for businesses may encourage more to come into the country, or hire more staff, or pay people more, so they can afford more gas? OR even better, use the money to expand their business, so they make more money, and the government gets more tax overall?

As for helen not embarrasing us as a world leader, were you not here when she said on the war in Iraq "If Al Gore had got in, this wouldn't have happened?"

Sure, we were all thinking it, but does she REALLY need to insult the US President in the middle of free trade talks?

grrrr, that totally bugged me.
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By EllyVation
On Fri Sep 02, 2005 04:33 AM
Well I dont know much to young to vote but mum and dad would be better off with Dons tax money under their belts but they beleive in the social welfare system and would rather go for labour so the people who need the money get more. And they would spend it again so the money would be kept in the system and keep going around, better for everyone.
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Angelmum
On Sun Sep 04, 2005 04:14 AM
Better the devil we know than the one we don't!

Labour has done a reasonable job so far and I like the initiative for education and health. As a married woman with children, I will get some tax relief although that's not too big an issue for me. Sure it's been rough, but at least Labour is still prepared to deal with Maori issues, tackle the education and health issues and not lie down with big businesses.
Don Brash is a real turn off - I personally like Bill English - and using the race card simply irritates me. Tax relief is only beneficial to high earners and businesses which is the majority of National supporters.
Bugger it - I might vote Green
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Sparkz_NzPremium member
On Sun Sep 04, 2005 10:20 PM
ugh. I'd rather vote NZ first than the greenys.. I'd rather vote for the Migillacady serious, than the greens. (lol, I don't think they're still around are they?)

As a science student, I have problems with the scare mongering that the greens do. A huge force in Greenpeace comes out and says Nuclear Power is the cleanest greenest solution for NZ (and as a physics student, he's totally right), and what does Labour do? Says, that's nice, but we like our nuclear free stance, it helps us on the world. Good point.

Greeny's however, start scaremongering about all the harm nuclear power will give you. Despite the fact that most of the western world runs fine on it, its the most efficient and best way to get power, they would rather us divert huge rivers, spend acres of good farmland on forest on wind power, or even better, burn coal, the MOST inefficent way of getting power, plus hella polutant at the same time, than even CONSIDER (like slightly produce a report or something!) using nuclear power.

Sure, we're nuclear free, but we still use nuclear substances in medecine everyday. I liked Labours position much better, at least they think, rather than react with some hippy, put us back in 1950 where people ride bikes to work and burn coal to make power state.

Ugh. Oh, but it's ok, they want to legalise cannibus, so are guaranteed a few votes ;)

(read e=mc^2 by David someone.. GREAT book.I've converted a few people to my way of thinking through it.. I'm a convert artists into scientists kinda person.. ahhh!)
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By TapperGirl
On Mon Sep 05, 2005 01:15 AM
I don't know much about politics, due to being Year 10 and having a Social Studies teacher who can't actually teach. :P
In other words, we haven't learnt anything about it at school, it's not discussed or anything.

I think Labour have been reasonable so far - I mean, if you're onto a good thing, then...?
Helen Clark's kept us out of trouble in Iraq (whereas Don Brash criticised her for not getting more involved).
I heard Don Brash make a comment last week that he doesn't like the traditional way Maori greet foreigners shirtless. That annoyed me. Dude, it's culture!

I didn't hear about Helen Clark saying that about Al Gore - eek. That is rather... embarrassing. Especially when you wanna stay on Bush's good side in these times...!!

Yeah, but I hope Labour get in. Still, I'm not too sure on politics.
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Sparkz_NzPremium member
On Wed Sep 07, 2005 03:24 AM
Interesting.. thanks for replying guys.. I find it interesting..

i could probably do some kind of sociology study on it, whether teens are influenced in politics by their parents politics, or societal influences.. it seems like most of the replies here from teens seem to prefer labour.. for the reason that they've been good so far.

Interesting, how long have labour been in power? 6 years? Thats a large proportion of your lifetime. Interesting. When I was younger we had labour, then national, and now labour again.. it's been a period of long term government after long term government.

Anyways, as I said, it's interesting. I wonder what it'd be like with a change after change..
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By sugarandspice
On Sat Sep 17, 2005 02:26 PM
Well, this is pretty much after the election but I found this thread just now. :)

I can't vote, but I would definatley vote for Helen Clark. I don't understand why anyone wants to change the government, when our country is doing so well, and under National's government, a lot of
things would happen that a large amount of the country would oppose. I can't understand how 'mainstream' New Zealanders NEED more money in their pockets from the tax cuts. Where do poor people come in?

As for the nuclear power, I don't actually know much about it, so I can't really say much, but isn't it an unrenewable energy source?? With all the wind in New Zealand, and sun (kind of... haha) I think wind and solar are our ONLY options really... because they are renewable.

Well, those are my thoughts. This is a very interesting thread! :D
re: Ok It had to be asked... election anyone?
By Sparkz_NzPremium member
On Sat Sep 17, 2005 06:36 PM
OOOO what did everyone think of last night?

It was like a good sports game, some wavering at the beginning, and then a late charge at the end by the underdogs!

lol, don't get me started on nuclear power.. tis unrenewable, but a small piece of nuclear substance (like hiroshima bomb = less than 5kg of nuclear stuff) = a LOT of power. but yeah. Whereas you'd have top cover the whole country with blimmin huge windmills to get that. not so pretty eh? And everyone moaning about how unsafe it may be, except the rest of the world (almost) has run on it fine for the last 20 years with no problems, what do 3 billion other people know though?

But yeah.. should be interesting the next couple of weeks, and I thought the count last night was way fun.. exciting election for the first time in ages! And I've NEVER seen it change so dramatically in the last half.. usually it stays the same after the first 40%...

I thought it was fun anyways!


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