By DaNcEisMyWay
On 09/14/2005 22:46:36
here we are 4 of my friends and me! before our recital! this are our hip hop costumes, we had some like a battle between 2 "groups" haha we liked a lot of fun dancin' hip hop! is one of our passion! :D

what do you think about this pic feel free to critique!!
re: hiphopaholics!
By CheerDelux_84
On 09/15/2005 19:22:44
Your Pic looks pretty cool !!!!
I hope you won the battle!!!!
If not the point is that u had fun
re: hiphopaholics!
By Hip_Hop_Nat
On 09/26/2005 08:30:17
Great photo!!U's all look cool!!
re: hiphopaholics!
By bridie1
On 09/26/2005 22:03:19
your all mazing! nice photo
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 09/27/2005 22:09:21
thanks for your comments!!!!!! :D
re: hiphopaholics!
By BaBy_GiRl_DaNcEr
On 09/28/2005 00:57:42
wikad, u guyz looked great! I hope you had fun and stuff and won but the main thing iz 2 have fun
re: hiphopaholics!
By beautiful_ally
On 09/28/2005 17:01:38
The outfits are cute and not to skimpy but they show off your bodies the right way and the pose is cool my props go to ya'll. Keep up the good work, and always keep in mind to never ever give up.
Love one of the newest members
That's cool
By TattyDanzr
On 09/28/2005 17:42:01
Hip hop is great!!! and the pic look pretty good. good attitude, custome, and for sure good dancers.
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 09/29/2005 22:14:44
again thanks!! :D tatty and beautiful....
re: hiphopaholics!
On 09/30/2005 08:05:40
I like the pic. It expreeses the love of hip hop fom a different culture. Keep up teh good work.
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 09/30/2005 15:20:20
oh yeah tuttifrutty priscila looks amazing!!! haha
and it's right neenee we love hip hop!! :D
re: hiphopaholics!
By spinwizzard
On 11/17/2005 10:33:17
Contratulations, where was the competition at, you look great!!!!!!!
re: hiphopaholics!
By two4joy
On 11/18/2005 00:43:32
Love the outfits! Very Street.
Hope the recital went well.

Much Love

ps. con gymies rock! but we can't wear them at my studio :( SUCKS!
By bekbee
On 11/27/2005 07:30:08
them costumes look great there really hip hop style
re: hiphopaholics!
By Soramickey
On 12/05/2005 09:38:00
re: hiphopaholics!
By Queen100
On 12/07/2005 12:30:31
I think your picture is da bomb diggity and I am from columbus ohio and I want to be part of your dance group because I am a pretty good dancer and I love to dance to hip hop and reggae and I also like to travel too and I am a fast learner
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 12/07/2005 23:24:45
hey queen100!! it's so kind of your part that you said that you want to be part of us!!
we are from chihuahua, mexico! mm.. so far of ohiO!
but i hope that we can see you in a convention or competition!

in what studio are you?
re: hiphopaholics!
By ShannonJ
On 12/07/2005 23:31:50
It's so hard to find a good hip hop costume that looks street but still shows up nicely on stage. Great job! You all look fantastic.
re: hiphopaholics!
By Lisha23
On 12/17/2005 21:11:39
I thnk that your outfits r o.k. but i would prefer something tight,not loose, like belly shirts.U could see me in something like that one day maybe.How old r u ? I'm just 17,looking 4 someone u likes dancing as much as me.
re: hiphopaholics!
By BaBy_GiRl_DaNcEr
On 12/18/2005 22:14:03
wikad pic!! You guys look great. Not a slutty outfit which is great but in it you can tell its DEFIENTLY a hiphop outfit!!! Laugh out loud! Well i hope you won the battle
Lotza love BaBy_GiRl_DaNcEr xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxx oh n enjoy it coz itz lotza fun
re: hiphopaholics!
By BaBy_GiRl_DaNcEr
On 12/20/2005 03:57:32
wikad pic!! You guys look great. Not a slutty outfit which is great but in it you can tell its DEFIENTLY a hiphop outfit!!! Laugh out loud! Well i hope you won the battle
Lotza love BaBy_GiRl_DaNcEr xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxx oh n enjoy it coz itz lotza fun
re: hiphopaholics!
By Domathy
On 12/21/2005 15:28:16
you guys look so cool! :D
so much attitude its great!
we do the "battle" thing a lot 2.
Keep up the good work!!
re: hiphopaholics!
By mahoni
On 01/12/2006 15:09:30
great :) but how can there be four friends and you when there are 6 people in the picture? ;-)
re: hiphopaholics!
By alexa1
On 01/13/2006 10:25:16
i like it you guys dont show off to much but just enough and you look like you got attitude i like it
hip hop
By Dancadevil44
On 01/13/2006 14:02:18
i think the picture is cool u all look really cool ang great at hip hop! u guys look really serious! its cool to see fellow real hip hoppers i myself have done hip hop since ever! so its kool
re: hiphopaholics!
By Pink_Diva
On 01/13/2006 15:40:44
You guys look brill!
Sassy yet fierce, the whole hip-hop package!
I hope you guys won, and good luck for the future!
re: hiphopaholics!
By canadian_twirler
On 01/15/2006 21:11:29
I love the costumes & the attitude.
Nice job!
re: hiphopaholics!
By sxydancer
On 01/28/2006 15:02:47
u all luk ded gud in ya hiphop cozzies, i really lyk the idea of the cape, it luks great, i cant understand y they made it on the spot @ comps, lol
luv elainexgx
re: hiphopaholics!
By chickp21
On 01/29/2006 16:52:37
You girls look so funky. How did you go in your battle. Kinda reminds me of You Got Served but better. hehe
re: hiphopaholics!
By Honey
On 01/30/2006 16:21:01
how hard was it not to laugh? I would end up cracking up and ruin the whole pic!
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 02/03/2006 16:43:31
thanks for keep posting! and we dont laugh right! ..

and yeah the costumes seems like you got served! jaja i love mary dew! well we use one of b2k songs for the coreography and looks like you got served!"

thanks to everyonee!
re: hiphopaholics!
By BornDancer2
On 02/07/2006 13:40:08

great picture
the costumes are well dud

becki xx
re: hiphopaholics!
By yadrianne
On 02/08/2006 18:46:39

I don't even go there and I recognized the school, and the theatre (spelling)....

Am I right?
By kendra04
On 02/24/2006 15:51:30
hello girls
nice pic
i'm dancing too but i'm beginer :P i have a lot 2 learn
kiss ya
By marialuz
On 03/11/2006 01:13:46
Hi Hiphopgirls! What a group! You look wild,cool and i belive you can allso dance.Keep going guys. Marialuz
re: hiphopaholics!
By lisa_popdance
On 03/12/2006 11:04:02
You all look very rapish
re: hiphopaholics!
By Irishdancegrl
On 03/12/2006 14:54:11
very amusing! I hope you won the battle, but even if you didn't, life goes on right? It's all about fun, and thats what counts
re: hiphopaholics!
By passionsrhythm
On 03/17/2006 14:35:40
love the poses! lol.. n ur costumes 4 the battle look cool.. because they've got that line between tough n not too skanky lol.. =) keep dancing ur hearts out
re: hiphopaholics!
By Chica123
On 03/18/2006 19:25:02
You all look so cute i like the upside down hat..I was wondering if u know any dance moves to either GET BUSY((SEAN PAUL)) OR MR.POSTMAN((JUELZ SANTANA)) and wut costums are good..
re: hiphopaholics!
By babygurlhoney
On 03/19/2006 19:09:11
You all look way kool - almost like a younger version of the pussycat dolls!!! Well Done!!

---- Dance Till I Die ----
Ya'll Look Good
By Alex123
On 03/20/2006 15:15:38
Ya'll Look Real Good I Like How Ya'll Pose
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 03/21/2006 01:20:25
we look like a younger version of pussycat dolls?? hahaha its ok if you think so! .. thanks for reply keep posting!
re: hiphopaholics!
By kickbumk8
On 03/21/2006 12:44:53
yooz look great,
did u have fun at da battles?
did you win? good luck 4 da future.
C U L8er.
Nice job
By shady_lady1
On 03/29/2006 11:45:32
I hope your recital went well, did you win??? I think the girl in the red on the left didn't pose too well, like the rest of you, but overall, you look great!
re: hiphopaholics!
By Hannipaunts
On 04/08/2006 19:37:13
You guys look so cool. I've always wanted to be a hip hop dancer but ive never told anyone and i already do gymnastics, irish dancing, swim team and softball!
re: hiphopaholics!
By escallanta
On 04/14/2006 17:44:31
Nice!!! Lov It cause it has red! lol jk
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 04/20/2006 22:56:00
which one is mee????

well im the girl than didn't posee so well!! =\ the red onee!
yes i dont like my posee.. but i have it to post this pic! =)

thanks for your commentsss and for posting so such great things! we appreciated thaat!!
re: hiphopaholics!
By Dancadevil44
On 04/29/2006 20:10:48
hey witch one of thoes grrls r u the one on the far right and the one in the middle r cool
re: hiphopaholics!
By JojoAtTheDojo
On 05/03/2006 19:02:53
Nice picture! :) I really like your outfits, too! :)
re: hiphopaholics!
By Dancadevil44
On 05/11/2006 18:32:36
all of u guys look like friends that i have but u guys look good
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 05/20/2006 19:54:00
of course we are friends!
keep posting! =)
re: hiphopaholics!
By cuteone1
On 06/02/2006 20:11:49
nice photo...i love it
cool cozzies
By dancing_scotia
On 06/07/2006 03:38:22
your way of team and cozzies are sooooo cool hope you do well together
re: hiphopaholics!
By K_A_T_I_E
On 06/10/2006 12:50:57
wow, your guys look so intense, and "in the zone"
i like the costumes as well!! hope you had fun!
re: hiphopaholics!
By DaNcEisMyWay
On 06/23/2006 19:27:52
we provided our costumes!
tomorrow is our recital! and i will post new pictures!
this is a new year a new presentation and of course new hiphop dancee! i cant wait to be on stage!

keep posting!"
re: hiphopaholics!
By Shubik
On 08/22/2006 17:24:25
Wow!!! Very nice picture and very cool attitude!!! I wish I could dance hip hop.
I am afraid I jump like a monkey.
re: hiphopaholics!
By dancing_tre
On 09/01/2006 14:08:29
you guys definitely look cool! i like that you all have serious expressions, makes it look edgy lol
re: hiphopaholics!
By leejay
On 09/19/2006 03:45:51

i love hip hop its so cool

lv leejayx
re: hiphopaholics!
By Champ123
On 12/14/2006 00:59:52
cool piccy
you all look wicked
hope you did well

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