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Sharing history, knowledge, and stories- one of the roles of an OG
By Invent
On Mon Oct 10, 2005 05:17 PM

We have all heard of the term "OG"... this can mean a few different things, but 'Original Generation' is the most accepted meaning.

An OG is someone who has been there from the beginning (and in my opinion someone who was close to the beginning). They have many years of dance experience, combined with many life experiences through their dance, creates the vast amounts of knowledge and even wisdom an OG can have.

We in hip-hop are lucky, because we are so close to the beginning that the TRUE, CORRECT history of this cuture can be SHARED and RECORDED.

We are lucky.

But some are stingy.

Why is it that some don't share what they know? One reason is they feel that it might just be taken and used for some evil pruposes, or that "the industry" might get a hold of it... there are many reasons... some of them pretty absurd...

I'm going to say this right now, because apparently 'many' OGs read this site...

You guys need to realize where you are placed in history, and you need to help RECORD it. the histories of hip-hop dances are virtually unknown... and holding out on information (interviews, websites, etc...) is really plain, old, STUPID. If you want the history of this culture to die with you... so be it.

Maybe then the history will be re-written and will start with "You Got Served". Just think about that...


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re: Sharing history, knowledge, and stories- one of the roles of an OG
By iH0p
On Fri Oct 21, 2005 03:30 PM
Edited by iH0p (102010) on 2005-10-21 15:34:16
i haven't been posting lately (for my own reasons) but this topic really gets to me... so i just wanted to add that hip hop should't be about "getting credit" or respect. i mean yes it is important to respect everyone.

but seriously, people are really forgetting the point of hip hop--and the ART of it. i mean hip hop is something that was BUILT BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE, and is still currently under construction, which is why there is no ONE history or story or answer as to where it came from. but

if anyone's got something to contribute to hip hop, there should be no hesitation to do so.

i get really tired of seeing people back out of cyphers or hold back when they could really get down just because someone's got a camera going. people are waaaaay too concerned about getting "bitten off" of. why is that so important?? because people want their "credit".

and what's even more disgusting are people who berate those that are TRYING to share what they do know or heard from other OGs--and most of the time those that do the berating dont contribute anything themselves and then claim anyone else who speaks up is cocky or is just trying to get attention and needs to be more humble...
and then there are those who disagree with what's being said and yet don't bother to contribute their own opinion (lest it's in a $25 workshop). and everyone forgets to keep in mind that there are OGs from all over the place that have different views/opinions/facts about popping--or hip hop altogether. OGs from NY, LA, Oakland... it's not exactly unusual to have A LOT of disagreements between them.

so while everyone's caught up in trying to be the sole voice of hip hop.... i guess everyone's forgetting what's really important. which is

taking the culture/art/dance/etc as far as it can go..

and if that means throwing out more ideas, whether it's a just a move or trick you came up with or a trick that you figured out to improve technique or even a new style... you should be sharing it because there are so many people with DIFFERENT ideas that could add on and take it somewhere far. but people are too hesitant to share... why? because people need their "credit."

and like invent said, if there's something to be said about the history or foundations of hip hop then it should be let out. nobody should be holding back, whether they are OG or not, whether they've been researching for six years or not, whether their resources came from a "big name" or not, whether they have the dancing skills to back up their knowledge or not. we'd still be convinced that the EBs invented popping if people didn't start speaking up about that. and that's the problem with our hip hop community: that there is a monopoly on knowledge. and anybody with a big name is just blindly followed... and everyone else is just plain disrespected and apparently shouldn't have a voice of their own.

i dont understand it. but A LOT of people really have the wrong idea. it's not about becoming famous, or sucking up to those that are famous, or trying to humble others by trying to be better than them, or getting "credit where credit is due".

i dont know what happened to everyone, but seriously, hip hop should be about hip hop. not about making yourselves look good.

re: Sharing history, knowledge, and stories- one of the roles of an OG
By damon_k
On Tue Nov 15, 2005 04:22 PM
Its funny you should talk about this kind of thing. I lost a lot of motivation to post on this site and I believe I have a lot of relevant things to say, but sometimes I feel I am speaking to a brick wall. Anyway, it is mostly because I would prefer to spend that time living hiphop/expressive life. I have come to realise that you can not grab attention unless you can entertain by getting to a deeper level of representation. People want to enjoy what they take in. That's why patience is limited on forums and through other text based mediums. At the same time, you can't truly bring your points accross unless you do it in a more creative manner. To those reading this, its just text. You have to imagine the emotion behind the words that I would put forth if I were to be speaking to you personally.

Invent is right, we and those before should document what we/they do.
Using more creative mediums ie video, music, live performance which concurrently give messages that explain, teach and guide others in the worthwhile advent of learning and becoming knowledgeable not only in secular studies, but in art, music, etc and an understanding in the myriad of other subtle fields that make up someone who truly embrasses art and lives a lively life, one that represents what true hiphop is about.

People seek enjoyment in life, but often take shortcuts only to be let down by something that is not genuine. Its about teaching them how to get to the source of enjoyment and a wonderful life through being an example.

Honestly as sad as it may seem, the media is representing the state of things pretty well, because this darkside of entertainment is quite frankly at the same low level of the collective states of minds of the people. Unfortunately, there just are not enough "enlightened" people out there to justify a shift just yet in the grand scheme of things.

It takes time and leaders. Thats where we come in....

damon. I will go deflate my ego a little now.


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