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The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By Invent Comments: 1693, member since Wed Jan 14, 2004
On Tue Nov 15, 2005 04:15 PM

Well.. y'all see the title, I'm curious to see what y'all think.

I wanna look at dancing in the media, and at parties. And when I say the media, what do you guys think about the use of popping and bboying by artists and back-up dancers, especially when you run into a lot of people they say "that stuff is old."

Fill it up with the debate guys!!!


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re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By SpellieDev Comments: 480, member since Thu Jul 28, 2005
On Wed Nov 16, 2005 01:24 AM
i feel that the hip-hop dancing portrayed on today's movies and music videos are targeted to the lowest common denominator, so it appeals to the largest audience possible. that means even the airheads and lamens can get down to it...cuz it's that easy to digest.

backup dancers that pop and break are all good, i never really heard anyone say it's old or anything.

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By megamonkeybboy Comments: 780, member since Tue Jan 29, 2002
On Thu Nov 17, 2005 06:24 AM
Well here is a good topic and one I can relate to very good, being that I am one of those back up dancers, as well as a bboy, and popper, can't lock though. Anyway, as far as down grading the moves, of course. These are what I call crowd pleasers do a lot of tricks, more than dancing really. Why? Cause as the above post said a mass amount of people will understand it, than some nice footwork. Although we all know what is more hard and more impressive to us. But truthfully we all do it. when you are in front of a big crowd dancing, I have seen plenty top rated bboys, who have dope moves other than power, do power instead to impress the crowd. Same concept, it is the difference between performing and not performing. Is it right? Yes and no, you want to give people what they want but if it is not being true to yourself then don't do it. I see it as a way to get the masses involved and interested, like a foot in the door and then show some real stuff, and they will accept it more and faster than just jumping right into something and having them turn their heads.

The dancing in the media. Wow is all I have to say. I will be honest, I like the party dances they are fun to do sometimes, but let me say this, I have a huge problem with people thinking this is real hip hop. Being in LA for the month I have been here and watching some of these fake hip hoppers try to dress a certain way, talk and act a certain way and think that they are hip hop and the moves that they are doing is part of our culture as in the main parts of it, really really really gets to me!! All these wierd non masculine moves with the head snaps, and shoulder drags and fish net shirted girls, or ripped shirt girls or guys wearing tight wind jackets zipped up like turtle necks, with a cap to the side, and high top puma's with the laces undone, thinking they are hip hop are mistaking. The sad part is they don't realize that bboying, and popping, and locking are the real hip hop dances. How are you a professional hip hop dancer and you are not a bboy, you are not a popper, and you can't lock. I am sorry but no, you are a poser. To me a real dancer should be able to dance with out counts, I can do choreography too, but you know what if you can not freestyle and let the beat take you, then you are not a dancer in my opinion.

I heard about bboying and all that being old, but now I am around a lot of older people who dance or used to and they just want to know if I can do the old style of popping, since sometimes I like to do what I call club popping which is all that commercial stuff like omarion you know. Then I show them and they just give me props and move on. I think they just want to know that the history has not been lost. But you know what looking at a lot of dancers here in one of the biggest dance places there are in the us, I think the history is being lost, and it is up to us who are really into hip hop culture to try to keep it alive. So if you are a bboy or popper, or locker, take those commercial jobs, you know why, we bring a certain something to things that make it authentic, that the other dancers can not do. We bring back the style and the essence that the other dancers will never do. I would rather see the truth out there doing all the dance jobs, then these other people who have never even been to a jam or just rocked a corner for the love of the dance, you know. Well that is my veiw not sure if I answered anything right though
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By Ajaye Comments: 299, member since Thu Dec 23, 2004
On Mon Nov 21, 2005 01:25 AM
Thank you so much for saying that. To put it in perspective. Megamonkey you basicly put everything I would have to say in there. I agree with you on the freestyle thing. When I go dance somewhere I ask what kind of hiphop you do to people who say they dance. they look at me strange like I dont know what Im talking about. So I have to clarify as in routine of poppin and breakin. They normall respond with "o routine, not all that "poplockin"." I have a serious problem with that word. But besides that, People dont know there history, so its up to the people who do to educate and encourage those who dont know at least a little history to learn there stuff. I have dont what I can. And It really sucks in ATL how its so ignorant. People really are up on this Trap music and this gangsta tip like you gotta be a gangsta to make it. IM tired of all this thug gangsta mess. I mean its hot but Im tired of everysong I here on the radio bein about how gangsta you are. and Hustling has bee mad massively popularized. Now everybody on that tip. Im just sayin learn the history. As a dance culture, I find it hard to find real hiphop dancers with a level head. Ive managed to find some good people. I think I just need to get in the right circles. But thats just my opinion.
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By wacky_NY Comments: 291, member since Mon Sep 16, 2002
On Mon Dec 26, 2005 10:57 PM
anything that proliferates hip hop is a good thing. yeah, people only get a taste of what kind of dance is out there by watching music videos... but thats good, keeps everyone on their toes, pun intended.
dance is an essential part of venting ones emotions. you got all this music, but you have no way to express said emotions. some kid who might otherwise punch someone in the face (reading this i have to laugh but i hope you see where im going with this) watches a music video by some up-to-date hot new artist whos bustin' a groove on the tele and the kid decides to work on learning that groove. you as an artist have not only shared information, but youve also prevented some other kid from getting their noggin knocked. feel meh? :D
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By Ajaye Comments: 299, member since Thu Dec 23, 2004
On Tue Dec 27, 2005 01:33 AM
true true, But what about the mislead girls who think that popping means poppin there booty. Ive met a good number of girls who dont know the difference. Now we got girls everywhere poppin they booty acting like strippers in the club. Not knockin your statement but theres alot of misrepresentation of what hiphop is about in media and its causing an ignorance towards the roots off hiphop. And studios dont help, well some. Good studio actually teach that there are funk styles and breakin.

I mean I can say that I didnt really start getting focused with my dancing until I saw You Got served. And through that I learned so much more, do's and don'ts from people like invent and ihop. But the movie was an outlet to make me realize my passion for dance. And Then I wanted to know the truth cuz i hate being fake about my music. Thing is not everyone is into hiphop like that, they see juelz and dipset and think thats whats really good. Dipsets beats are what keep them in the game, that and tenneagers who dont care about hwat there listening to. I mean lyrically they suck in my eyes. It sucks.
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By Keitsumember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 100, member since Tue Jan 04, 2005
On Thu Feb 16, 2006 03:26 PM
"backup dancers that pop and break are all good, i never really heard anyone say it's old or anything." -Dev

I really haven't heard anybody say its old. I hear more people say that it is the opposite, "I've never seen anyone move like that before" I hear that out of Parental Units at my school a lot. As for the peeps who have seen me, they automatically assume that I must study Usher etc... I tell them I don't at all actually and they sometimes don't believe me that I learned myself. Just the fact that they think hip hop is what is in the media right now is wack. I never take my anger towards my idea about it, but I do make fun of the music. Seriously the majority of the lyrics have no thought to them. I can't even understand them anyways, I don't understand english music in general anymore.

I'm not sure about this, but I think a lot of the true hip hop dancers, rappers, dj's, mc's, etc... are scared. Yeah I think they are scared in a way to show who they really are. Sure they may have massive bboy events, but they are with all the same type of people who express themselves truely. Now switch the enviroment to a bunch of people who are uneducated about hip hop and the styles... they get scared and show people the moves that will only impress them like the see in the media. I honestly don't think a lot of us are doing are jobs including myself at times. They are being influenced by the media but we aren't really doing anything to stop it and show them what is really up.
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By SpellieDev Comments: 480, member since Thu Jul 28, 2005
On Thu Feb 16, 2006 07:52 PM
i agree about heads not showing off like how they should. at the same time, though, if i had something special to me, i wouldn't want to show it off every chance i get to random people that don't care, or don't appreciate the work you put in your craft. people have a choice to consume the types of media they prefer, and if people want to stop at mainstream, i say let them be mainstream. that ensures that there will always be an underground scene...and it's what YOU make of it, not what someone else masterminded it to be.

there's nothing wrong with just doing your own thing -- cuz when people see you doing good, they will definitely follow.
re: The Direction of Hip-hop Dancing Today: Good or Bad???
By wacky_NY Comments: 291, member since Mon Sep 16, 2002
On Thu Feb 23, 2006 09:02 PM
i wanted to add something that sorta has gotten to me recently with hip hop. the sheer ghetto fabulousness of these artists. wheres the pureness, the skill, the unique? its all money spent ill or ill money spent all on the wrong. then they talk about what they got with all this money. what about educating? put that money into getting kids computers at schools. put that money into getting a power washer and clean the streets. theres an void'ish feeling i get when i listen to some of the music out today. anyone else get what im saying?

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