why don't we see more girls like this...
By Atonia
On 12/11/2005 01:21:44
If the opportunity was given to "normal" girl to be at up level ,i think there will be less problem of anorexy problem.I think a girl even rounder ca nbe very good in Rg,cause we always say Rg as nothing to do with ballet,but all the top leven gymnast are as ballet dancer;so skinnnnnny ... I want to believ one day ,fluffy girls could be on top level... :)
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Tuuli
On 12/11/2005 01:52:52
It's almost impossible to be able to do some of difficult rg movements if you are so big. it can also be dangerous if there is so much weight to carry.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Atonia
On 12/11/2005 02:38:39
i dont think so , if gym are fatter,they do exercies tha t develope their force and flexibility as nothing to d owith thin body
why don´t we see..
By fujifan
On 12/11/2005 04:09:57
Does anybody know who the girl is?
why don't we see...
By fujifan
On 12/11/2005 04:14:18
My question is because I think with this kind of body you will never get over a certain stage of performing. It think there is no top level RG without being slim.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Atonia
On 12/11/2005 04:16:19
i think it is sad cause even when ure fatter can be good... my opinion i know fat girl in my rg clubs that are good
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By SmilyGirl
On 12/11/2005 04:19:12
Bigger girl is nicer to look at, because when she do backbends, backcatches etc. we don't see her bones... ;)
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By bigwinner
On 12/11/2005 09:28:59
Carrying around extra weight will over time start to hurt your joints. And having extra fat can get in the way of your joints and hinder your flexibility. There was a comment about bones sticking out when the girl is "too skinny", well im definately not "too skinny" and when I do a backbend which isnot nearly ad extreme as say Irinas my ribs stick out too. Overall you are just more healthy at a normal weight and you will feel better too.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Tuuli
On 12/11/2005 11:08:58
It is also true that too skinny girls don't usually have strenght to jump high and keep balances. but in my opinion there aren't any too skinny girls on the top of RG now. but for example Kikkas from Estonia is quite big. It looks a little bit heavy when she jumps.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Honey
On 12/11/2005 15:19:18
I dont think it matters if you are heavier of skinny, as long as you can do what is asked of you in that level, you deserve to be there.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By MelliMel
On 12/11/2005 22:13:17
I don't know about that, i've got "huge" legs compared to the rest of the girls on my team but other than an ex level 10 rg girl (she's a crazy pretzel) I've easily got the best flexibility.

(leg power is fun I piggy back my 98 kgs boyfriend up stairs ;))
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 12/12/2005 00:36:51
Really, I would love to see rounder girls, but as a gymnast myself, I have to agree that you need to keep a certain weight, especially for the jumps. Give me some extra kilograms, and I won't be able to "fly" in the air, and you don't get the right shape.
By the way, I'm normal built, I can maybe count as one of the bigger girls because I have a very curvy body for a gymnast, especially the hips, but I've learnt to lift the body I have.

When it comes to topn gymnasts, they're going to be thin when they're at the gym many hours each day.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Tuuli
On 12/13/2005 14:22:43
People are so different. They have different bones etc... Some girls are naturally very skinny. Someone can be very skinny and still eats a lot. I think there isn't "an average weight" because it depends on so many things. Muscles are heavy. If you are not sick and you are eating normally it is ok -though you are skinny.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 12/14/2005 01:05:33
I don't know how to express myself about the average weight. I, for instance, am slightly underweight for a normal person, but I look huge compared to many gymnasts, maybe because I don't use as many hours in the gym as them, maybe because I'm 19 and have more of a womans body. But even though I am thin, I won't look that in leotards, because I have curvy hips and bum (also compared to other gymnasts, not necessarily normal girls). Leotards with skirts makes you look bigger, it's sad, but true.

I can't state weight and height of anyone here, and please remove this number if you find it offending; but the average BMI for a top gymnast would be between 15-16.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By DragonFly
On 12/14/2005 02:28:32
^ I disagree with a top gymnast being at a BMI of 15-16. Sure, a lot of the girls that are naturally PETITE (I'm talking small bone strucure, light weight) might be like that, but otherwise it's more about body fat ratio, not about your weight in kgs. Muscle is about twice as dense as fat is!

It's great to encourage girls of all shapes and sizes, although the reality of why we don't often see ELITE gymnasts being overweight is well because...being overweight isn't healthy, it comes along with health risks. An athlete trains hard every day, and usually they can drop off the weight.

In saying that though, I think it's great to see REAL sized girls at elite level. Elevation and Power can be gained through lots of MUSCLE as opposed to just 'being small and skinny' if the skills and talent are there, then why not?

And about being bigger inhibiting your flexiblity, did you know that pear shaped girls are more likley to be flexible in the hamstrings, just because of the natural weight they carry there. Now, i know that just because someone is a pear shape, it doesn't mean they are overweight as it's just their body type, but what I'm trying to say is flexiblity isn't a trait of a woman that looks prepubescent!

I'd hate to be that girl right now. She's not even THAT big and everyone has starting a big debate over her photo, I hope she doesn't come across this website. Maybe someone should take that pic down?
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 12/16/2005 00:39:19
Well, I didn't say they should have that BMI, did I? I said that, (without adding, probably slipped my mind at the point, extremely tired) UNFORTUNATELY that is the average weight they have. It has become better recent years, I think. One of my coaches said she remembered EC in Asker many years ago, and there were a lot of very skinny girls walking around almost looking like skeletons. I think they look healthier nowadays, and I hope the average BMI has gone up. I actually did a reaearch for a project some years ago, and did BMI calculations on several top gymnasts from 1990-2000, and they had that BMI. So if you can please accept that as a fact and not as my wish-thinking, I would appreciate it.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By darn_meg
On 12/17/2005 06:34:41
I'm 215 ponds and I can easily do all forms of the splits and easily go into a standing backbend, so just because you're a little chunkier than most girls doent mean you're not flexible (but stamina is sometimes a problem with me) There are almost no girls on my dance team that can do the splits and I'm the only one that can do center splits and right a left spits without touching the floor with my arms to keep myself up.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Atonia
On 12/17/2005 09:08:58
that is just wonderful!!! continu you're passion without paying attention to what others tell yo uto do or want you to be! if you love rg,this is the aim of what you are and nobody can take away that;the loove and the passion for this sport you have in you,and i am sure you will succeed always
lots of love
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Abahple
On 12/29/2005 13:37:49
Many top gymnasts, figure skaters, and ballerinas have a similar body structure because they've grown up training so intensely that they didn't develop quite the way your average girl might.

The training many top gymnasts undergo is so intenseduring the time when they would normally be hitting puberty that they don't follow a normal developmental pattern. Because the body must put its energy towards training, menstruation is put off, as are the development of womanly characteristics like hips and bust. If they continue to train so intensely, these characteristics might never develop, giving the appearance of a more slender, streamlined figure.

I was a figure skater, and I was small for my age (in all respects) until I got injured and had to take 6 months off entirely, when I was 11. So, I grew hips and a chest, while the other girls around me stayed flat.

Quite simply, any athlete that trains as hard as RG gals do is not going to fit the definition of what most people consider a "normal" body type.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By firefall
On 01/17/2006 12:59:04
i think there should be more plus size girls in gymnastics great to see that photo. :)
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By popergerm
On 01/18/2006 23:19:36
well I remember a large artistic gymnest named jennet antolen, she was build like a horse and wide as an ox, legs so big and muscled she could problably rip steel.

yea there is lots of skinny rsg but I have seen a few that are not short and skinny and are very large in some cases. tall
and strong

signed Jeremy the germ
re: why don't we see more girls like this
By Proud_Mama
On 01/29/2006 01:45:02
I personally this it's a great picture and it's great to see a girl her size, "normal" or not doing RG. I honestly couldn't believe some of the comments I've read putting bigger girls down, and I won't even mention what thoughts about those comments were going through my head. But I will say this, I think that anyone no matter size, as long as she can perform her routines and be flexible enough to go far in RG absolutely SHOULD do it as long as she can no matter what anyone else thinks of her size. Dunno her name, but YOU GO GIRL! :D
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By bunnyfoofoo
On 02/04/2006 22:15:56
it IS nice to see some regular girls doing what they love. it is true though that heavier girls are not cut out physically for rsg. high jumps and extreme flexibility are just some of the requirements for the sport. it has nothing to do with vanity but more of ability. im glad though to see these girls out there doing what they love!!
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By gymfan
On 02/10/2006 21:48:27
these 'thin' girls are thin because they practice gymnastics like 10 hours a day...and if you're fuller, then your leaps arent as high, your lines arent as nice

oh yeah these girls have amazing muscle strength so they'ren ot just skinny
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By gymfan
On 02/14/2006 01:12:58
sometimes over-encouraging people that weight doesnt matter leads to reverse problems in the sense of obesity and being overweight

simply put

being overweight is a bad thing...it should never be encouraged...being underweight is also a bad thing and it should never be encourage

some girls/boys are very overweight but no one can tell them for fear of being labeled "insensitive"..but duh hello, look at the problem we have today..I get it, anorexia is frequent but so is adult onset diabetes as a result of overeating...let's not encourage either extremes please

also, my sister does RG and is on the skinny side but people sometimes worry she has disorders but you know what she's just skinny

to top it all off, heaviness doesnt contribute to flexibility..but being 200+ pounds and trying a turning oversplt leap sequence which most top gymnasts do results in sprained ankles

so please be senstitive to ALL body types not just one

oh yeah and finally, when someone is over a certain weight they should be for their height..say a girl who is 5'4 weighs XXX pounds which is significantly over, is flexible enough to do a penche...the bulkiness in her legs will destroy her line if she is strong enough to carry her weight so yes it isn't aesthetically pleasing because THERE IS NO LINE...regardless of her weight, when the lines are broken no one likes to look at them
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By medancenow
On 02/16/2006 03:07:00
what lol.. that girl is skinny i think.. well now that i quit she looks skinny but yeah who cares if shes not a mini freak thing lol.. I remember I did elite in the nswis and ais and they weighed us soo much but yeh it just made us feel bad. Valeria vatkina trained with us here for a while and she was pretty big but still good, and yet she fully got payed out. its kindof annoying..
why we don' t we see more girls like this...
By ArielThomas
On 02/21/2006 22:32:11
wow fat for a gymnast.In malaysia if the couch see them fat they willbe kick out of gymnastics.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 02/23/2006 07:55:03
What people tend to forget is that top gymnasts are training 30-40 hours a week. Of course they're going to be thin, it's like a law of nature. Good gymnasts put in so much hard training, not only should they do RG alone, but ballett, strength and conditioning (or whatever you call it). This builds a nice, lean bodyline, and what you eat will not be as important. I, for instance will never be one of the thinnest, but I have gotten a lot of comments on being thin, and I'm spending a maximum of 12 hours a week in the gym, and I can eat whatever I want (chocolate being the main unhealthy thing actually, and quite a lot of it too). It's the amount of training that decides how you're body is shaped. When it comes to sugar, you'll need it anyway. We're not talking about normal sugar, but fruitsugar or starch. Those two are good for you, since they're the main things giving you energy. Living entirely on proteins won't help if you don't get enough energy. Your body will just flush it out as amino-acids anyway if you eat more than you need. And you get tired(I remember my sister going on the Atkins diet, she was sleeping all the time). Now, I'm not saying that you should eat as much sugar as possible, but think about what's in the food you eat! It's just plain stupid to eat fine bread, pasta and potatoes, but anything whole-grain is good for you. It's plain stupid to take extra proteins unless you have a serious lack from it in the food you normally eat. People also seem to think that the problem is fat, but it certainly isn't. The problem lies in the sugar, but not in starch or fruit-sugar. On the other hand, sweetened juice, sugar from milk (which many people are intolerant to anyway, without knowing it), soda and other drinks, and breakfast cereals give you more sugar than you think.

Anyway, as I was saying before trying to give everyone a health-education. The reason why we will never see top gymnasts that size (and she's not even that big), is that they use so much time in the gym, and many of them actually eat sweets, but burn it off again. The thing is; carbohydrates can be burned away like that if you train a lot like these girls, but once they have been transformed to fat, they're about as easy to burn as wet wood. The amount of training ensures that no such areas with fat can be made in the body.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By Kellith
On 02/26/2006 16:18:07
Not to be rude, but I hate posts like this because you make it seem that every single girl who does gymnastics/dance/skating etc. is super skinny. Even though that's a big sterotype, there are many many many dancers/gymnasts/skaters who don't fit this sterotype and have a little extra poundage. Just saying.

re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By tackyl
On 04/10/2006 22:01:24
Sadly, It is true.
I myself am a retired gymnast at 24. I was ..well..I wont say skinny, but pretty slim, and split leaps and pivots were all a breeze. There was a stage where I put on weight and the leaps were heavier, pivots fell out and stamina was lacking too.
ANd when you jump and see..well flabbiness, its not very flattering and much the less gracefull!
Im not saying that girls out of the normal gymnast weight are bad at this sport, but it does affect their performances. Try asking anyone around with the same situation, they would answer the same thing. If they do lose weight, they definately will feel lighter and perform better.
Look at Alina (no, I'm not starting another controversy), she was so wobbly when she put on weight, but once the weight was shed off, she was much better off.

Just my own opinion, no pun or harm intended.
By hayleyiscirque
On 05/28/2006 12:27:32
well all i have to say on this subject is that i think that to be a gymnast or a dancer or anything where you use your body as a tool and present it to an audience, you have to be very careful about how you treat your body so it works at peak condition. Ff your a piolt, your going to make sure your plane is always in good shape so it dosent unexpectedly crash while your flying. Same with if your a gymnast. You're not going to put unnessisary foods/liquids whatever into your body that are not healthy. And i know myself that it may be frustrating to hear that if you have extra weight it will break your line cause i was a gymnast and i do contoriton and i am close to the body type to that girlin the picture has and im trying to improve my body so that it looks and works better since its the only thing people see when im preforming. for gymnastics there is a certian "look" that wants to be achieved and i dont think that is a bad thing! i think it looks very beautiful when someone had nice lines and haveing to give up things like ice cream or pizza and having to replace it with something HEALTHY like salad or vegetables or whatever, I do not think that is so HORRIBLE especially if you want to be the best that you can and make your body work as best as it can. and ofcourse beauty is in the eye of the beholder so if you like to see gymnasts with more fat on them then thats fine and i dont think they should be critised for what they like to see, but i think that pple on here who like to see them thin should not be criticized either since they like what they like too.
and lastly i would just like to say that in gymnastics and in any sport, one has to make sacrifices. many people sacrefice several hours to doing gymnastics and give up hanging out with friends and have to stay up very late to finish homework or catch up with friends and family. I dont understand why everyone freaks out when they are told that they would have to sacrefice unhealthy foods and excess sugar and carbs to acheve a better body that would work more efficianly in such a rigerous training invironment! Why is our connection to food go sooooo deep that if we think of giving up some foods that are at the top of the food triagle (that shouldnt really even be eaten and are unnatural and bad for the body) we think we are depriving ourselves of a joyful life!? i think being healthy would make someone have a bettter life and a longer one too! id rather have that instead of a pop tart or soemthing... i dono but thats just me
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 06/10/2006 15:08:32
This is not a comment to the picture, but the topic.

as a gymnast, your job is to do your best. That includes look your best, because that's the part of the package. Models, actors etc. spend a lot of time working out, and are skinny - because it's their job to look that way. It's the same for a dancer or a gymnast as well. Now, I'm not saying that I agree to this, I'm just saying that's how it is.
re: why don't we see more girls like this...
By AnjieAngel
On 06/11/2006 16:21:29
I'm of course talking about elite gymnasts here - gymnasts who live from training. I take my competitions seriously (it's amazing how much more focused I became after thinking about them as a job), and try to look my best - but I have a healthy body for a normal person and I'm not that skinny either. But then again, I'm doing this for the fun. And I also said that I didn't agree on it, just stating the facts.

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