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Riverdance (karma: 19)
By Rosiemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Dec 19, 2005 03:33 PM
Made sticky by Theresa (28613) on 2005-12-27 16:38:53

Well, since this is a new board, I think I'm going to make a little introduction on one of the most popular irish dancing shows-


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General Information
After 10 years of being around, and touring the world, this show has been truly amazing. There are so many people in the world who wouldn't know a thing about irish dancing if it weren't for this Riverdance.

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The History
It started as a 7 minute breake in the middle of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. The world saw irish dancing for what was one of the first times. The show eventually developed into full length, and was called Riverdance-The Show. It opened in February of 1995. Now, this magnificent show has been seen live by 18 million people!

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The Music
The music for Riverdance was composed by Bill Whelan.
From, and edited a bit :
"Bill has worked extensively in theatre and film. Appointed composer to the W.B.Yeats International Theatre Festival at Ireland's National Abbey Theatre in 1989, he wrote original music for 15 Yeats plays. His work in film includes original scores for Dancing At Lughnasa starring Meryl Streep, Some Mother's Son starring Helen Mirren and Lamb starring Liam Neeson. Music for television includes The Seven Ages, Sean O'Mordha's history of the Irish State. The Seville Suite was his first large scale orchestral work, commissioned for Ireland's National Day at Expo '92 in Seville. His concerto Carna, the second in a series of three pieces for chamber orchestra, premiered in Carnegie Hall in March of this year and featured soloists Zoë Conway, Morgan Crowley and Colin Dunne.

His production and arranging credits include U2,Van Morrison, Kate Bush, Richard Harris and Planxty. Bill was honoured with the 1997 Grammy Award for 'Best Musical Show Album' for his Riverdance record. The album is certified Platinum in the US, Ireland and Australia."

The Choreography
From :
" Irish Dance Director
Having taken her first dancing lesson at the O’Shea School of Irish Dance at the age of four, Eileen captured her first world title when just 12 years old and went on to win nine consecutive Leinster titles, several Great Britain championships, All England, All Ireland and four World Titles.

While in college, she performed in Riverdance at the Eurovision in 1994 and went on to step into the leading role at the eleventh hour for the opening night of the show's London premiere. She made her debut as Riverdance principal dancer in her own right in January 1997 and toured with the show all over North America and Australia including at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway. Eileen rejoined Riverdance as Irish Dance Director in 2004."

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-Reel Around the Sun, original choreography by Michael Flatley
-The Hearts Cry
-The Countess Cathleen, original choreography by Jean Butler, Moscow Folk Ballet Company
-Caoineadh Chu Chulainn
-Thunderstorm, original choreography by Michael Flatley
-Shivna, original choreography by Moscow Folk Ballet Company
-Firedance, original choreography by Maria Pagés, Colin Dunne
-Slip into Spring - The Harvest
-Riverdance, original choreography by Mavis Ascott, Michael Flatley, Jean Butler
-American Wake, original choreography by Michael Flatley, Paula Nic Cionnath
-Lift the Wings
-The Harbour of the New World, original choreography by Colin Dunne, Tarik Winston, Moscow Folk Ballet Company, Carol Leavy Joyce, Maria Pagés
-Slow Air, Tunes / Heartland
-Riverdance Finale

The Troupes

The Boyne

-Tours in North America-

Cara Casey
Melissa Convery (Co-dance Captain)
Aislinn Ryan
Padraic Moyles (Co-Dance Captain)
Marty Dowds
Michael Eustace

Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe
Jessie Baffa, Patrick Barnet, Owen Barrington
David Bellwood, Siobhan Burke Mary Jo Clark
Caterina Coyne, Scott Doherty, Jillian Farmer
Kristyn Fontanella, Jennifer Healy, Kevin Horton
Theresa Ierardi, Yvonne Mahady, Tokiko Masuda
Emily McDonnell, Óisín McQuoid, Laura Minogue
Brian Mullane, Lisa Murphy, Jennifer O'Connell
Niamh O'Connor, Mark O'Loughlin, Justin Ryan, Nicholas Yenson

The Riverdance Band
Alexis MacIsaac - Fiddle
Declan Masterson - Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle
Robert Geraghty - Saxophone
Steve Holloway - Drums and Percussion
Kennedy Aitchison - Keyboards and Musical Director

The Riverdance Singers
Kathryn Else (female soloist)
Roisin Sullivan (understudy)
Tim Jay (male soloist)
Mark Fennell (understudy and choir leader)

Flamenco Firedance/Andalucia
Nuria Brisa

Moscow Folk Ballet Company
Anna Brovkina (Co-Dance Captain)
Natalia Kartavtseva
Iouri Zhivoglotov
Ilia Pankratov (Co-Dance Captain)
Natalia Tomilina
Oleg Vasiliev

Riverdance Tappers
'Trading Taps'
Aaron Tolson
Deandre Lewis Wolf

Baritone Solo Singer
'Heal Their Hearts/Freedom'
Michael Samuels

The Riverdance Drummers
Ian McTigue and members of the company

The Avoca

-Tours in Europe[/b]

Catherine Collins
Joanne Doyle
Alana Mallon
Sean Kelliher (Dance Captain)
Ryan McCaffrey
David Moore

Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe
Donna Marie Boyle, Gili Ben Ari, Stephen Brennan
Patrick Campbell, Maeve Croke, Aileen Cronin
Deirdre Dowling, Claire Doyle, Aisling Drennan
Niamh Eustace (Assistant Dance Captain)
Anthony Fallon, Oliver Gemoli, Charlene Hegarty
David Johnston, Sarah Manning, Darren Maguire
Claire McCole, Alana McCrudden, Dervla McGee
Ciara McGillan, Christina McGrath, Yvonne McNelis
Derek Moran, Laura Mulligan, Rachel Mulvihill
Damien O'Neill, Alan Scariff, Arlene Toal, David Smith

The Riverdance Band
Zoe Conway - Fiddle
Ray Fean - Uilleann Pipes
John O'Brien - Uilleann Pipes (from Nov 24th)
Guy Rickerby - Drums, Percussion & Bodhrán (until November)
Ray Fean - Drums, Percussion & Bodhrán
Sarah James - Saxophone
Kelvin Thomson - Musical Director and Keyboards

The Riverdance Singers
Suzanne Savage (Soloist)
Pam Jolley (Understudy)
Morgan Crowley (Soloist & Choir Leader)
Eoin Cannon (Understudy)
and members of the company.

Flamenco Firedance/Andalucia
Marina Claudio

Moscow Folk Ballet Company
Olena Krutsenko (Dance Captain)
Sergey Bukreev
Alexey Kuksa
Evgeni Tatiyanki Irina Soukhinina
Evgeniya Starodubova

Riverdance Tappers
Ronald 'Cadet' Bastine
Jason E. Bernard

Baritone Solo Singer
'Heal Their Hearts/Freedom'
Ralph Cato

The Riverdance Drummers
Aran O'Malley and members of the company

The Corrib

-Tours in Asia-

Zara Curtis
Dearbhla Lennon
Siobhan Manson
Liam Ayres
Michael Patrick Gallagher
Joe Moriarty

Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe
Craig Ashurst, Michael Belvitch (co-dance captain)
Maria Buffini, Nicola Byrne, Sean Connolly
Noelle Curran, Maeve Donohue, Alan Fox
Rachel Harris, Taka Hayashi, Christina Havlin
Orla Keane, Timothy Kochka, Sabrina Long
Mairead Masuda, Michael Maguire, Marcus Maloney
Cal Moran, Niamh McDarby, Deirdre McDonnell (co-dance captain)
Sarah McGowan, Carla O'Brien, Jason Oremus, Orflaith Taylor

The Riverdance Band
Niamh Ni Charra - Fiddle & Concertina
Matt Bashford - Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle
Carolyn Goodwin - Saxophone
Derrick Tallon - Drums and Percussion
Cathal Synnott - Keyboards and Musical Director

The Riverdance Singers
Conor Sheridan (soloist)
Fiona Wight (soloist)
Mary Sexton (Choir Leader)
John Matthews
and members of the company

Flamenco Firedance/Andalucia
Rocio Montoya

Moscow Folk Ballet Company
Carmela Gallace
Igor Karpenko
Lioubov Martchoukova
Kirill Nikitin
Alexei Souharev (Dance Captain)
Margarita Trotsenko

Riverdance Tappers
Corey Hutchins
Kelly Isaac

Baritone Solo Singer
Richard McCowen

The Riverdance Drummers
Gary Grant and members of the company

Did you know??
Taken Directly from IDM, Riverdance 10th Anniversary Commerative Edition.

-Since Riverdance premiered, there have been over 8,000 performances. Over 18 million people in over 250 venues worldwide, and throughout 30 countries, across 4 continents have seen Riverdance live. As a touring production, Riverdance has travelled over 500,000 miles(Or to the moon and back!) A global audience of over 15 billion people have watched Riverdance on television. 1,200 Irish Dancers have been involved with Riverdance.

-There have been:
--15,500 guitar, bass, and fiddle strings replaced
--28 Marriages between company members
--17,500 cumulative years of study in step dancing by Irish Dancers involved in Riverdance.
--12,000 hours of rehersals on tour.
--15,000 page views of their website.

-Riverdance has consumed
--150,000 gallons of water
40,000 gallons of Gatorade
48,000 pounds of chocolate by the cast

-Riverdance has sold
--Over 2.5 million copies of ther Grammy Award winning CD
--9 million riverdance videos
--1,200,000 show programmes
--200,000 T-Shirts

-Riverdance has used
--12,000 dance shoes
--9,000 costumes
--10,000 stage lighting bulbs
--38,400 rolls of self-grip tape by company physiotherapists
--4,500,000 pounds of dry ice on stage

...And that's it in a nutshell...a show with some of the greatest irish dancers who have taken part.

And don't forget:
Image hotlink - ''

Just for you, Jess. ;)

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re: Riverdance
By wee_dancermember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Dec 19, 2005 04:16 PM
Edited by wee_dancer (141595) on 2005-12-19 16:17:25
WOW!!!That must have taken you absolutely ages!!! karma for you!!!! that woke me up for a couple of seconds, but i've got to go now because it's 11:20pm, i've just done TWO (yes, i repeat TWO) critical essays for English and one was comparing two poems :( MEGA BUMMED lol so if you'll excuse me, i'm just away to sleep for 5 days now...claire xxxx (zzzz )
re: Riverdance
By HeatherBlossom
On Mon Dec 19, 2005 06:16 PM
Thanks for your "report" on Riverdance. Honestly, it is neat to have all that information in one spot. Good Job!
re: Riverdance (karma: 1)
By Anon1234567890member has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Tue Dec 20, 2005 01:43 PM
That's nice to have! Hopefully this will inspire some other posters to 'introduce' other shows.

Although I would like to add one thing - Riverdance was not Michael Flatley's idea. It irks me that Moya Doherty doesn't get the credit she deserves - it was her idea to include Irish dance in the Eurovision, and bringing the show out full-length was also down to her and her husband John McColgan.I'm not saying Flatley doesn't deserve <I>any</i> credit - because I'm not going to deny he isn't an excellent showman.

re: Riverdance
By dancingineire
On Tue Dec 27, 2005 12:16 PM
Edited by dancingineire (132803) on 2005-12-27 12:16:57
Great post with a lot of thought and effort in it. I would like to point out that Michael Flatley did choreograph many of the step dance scenes in Riverdance. Go to the link . . . and see for yourself whoever wants to debate that with me. Click on any of the acts and scroll down to see who did the original choreography. He did the original choreography for Reel Around the Sun, Thunderstorm, Riverdance Scene 9, and that is just Act 1.

Not trying to stir up any trouble, just wanted to give credit where credit is due.
re: Riverdance (karma: 1)
By Maigh_EoPremium member
On Tue Dec 27, 2005 02:35 PM
Most of the original stuff Mr Flatley did, they dont use it much any more. Colin came along and made it better :P


Ciara x
re: Riverdance
By cuddlycrab
On Tue Dec 27, 2005 09:35 PM
Absolutly excellent! Thankyou so much!Karma is yours!:D
re: Riverdance
By Anon1234567890member has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Thu Dec 29, 2005 06:21 AM
Who's debating who choreographed? All I said was that it wasn't his idea, and it wasn't.

re: Riverdance
By electricdancer
On Thu Dec 29, 2005 06:52 AM
What a great post! If only I had've seen this 6 months ago when I was doing my GCSE English Public Speaking report on Riverdance! And 28 Marriages between company members - interesting! :)
re: Riverdance
By PlumeriaPremium member
On Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:30 AM
That's such a great idea! We should put info on other famous irish dance shows too! Like Lord of the Dance.
By bre_2_3member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:41 AM
very nice informative post.

i think the "debate" thing was an offer, so off we go with that :)

Aileen cronin, in the Europe tour, is my lesson teacher, and she's coming back next month! yay.
re: Riverdance
By dancingineire
On Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:56 AM
I apologize. I did not mean to come off of as being snarky. I should have re-read my post before I posted it. Sometimes what we mean to say and what other people will perceive it as in an email is two different things. Please let me clarify. What I simply meant to point out is that Michael Flatley did have a hand in Riverdance other than just "dancing" in it. I just think he doesn't get the credit he deserves for choreographing much of the original piece. By using the word "debate" I was not implying that I was inviting anyone to argue with me. I should have used the word "discuss" or something else. OK, now I am over explaining and probably making things even worse. I'll stop now while I'm ahead. Simply put, I did not mean to offend or come off in a grouchy way at all. Thanks for understanding.
re: Riverdance
By Anon1234567890member has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Dec 30, 2005 06:14 AM
What I simply meant to point out is that Michael Flatley did have a hand in Riverdance other than just "dancing" in it.

But that was MY point - no-one said otherwise. Look at the OP - it and therefore the website acknowledge who choreographed what. No-one was disputing the fact that he made a lot of it up.

I just think he doesn't get the credit he deserves for choreographing much of the original piece.

But as I said - the website acknowledges it and so do the credits on any Riverdance video you buy. The book acknowledges it, Riverdance: A Journey video acknowledges it. He most certainly hasn't been airbrushed out of Riverdance history. MY problem is that most laymen aren't aware that Riverdance <I>wasn't</i> his idea, so he gets the credit for that <I>as well</i>. That's all.

No need to apologise, I didn't think you were being snarky and I didn't think you were arguing. In fact I am usually the person to initiate arguments so it would be hypocritical of me to ask for an apology when it wasn't needed.

re: Riverdance
By dancingineire
On Fri Dec 30, 2005 12:25 PM
You are absolutely right. Thanks for letting me off the hook. Have a Happy New Year! :)
re: Riverdance
By irishdancn89
On Tue Jan 10, 2006 05:45 PM
Riverdance is a very classy Irish Dance show it has always been my favorite
re: Riverdance
By riverdancegirl1
On Fri Feb 03, 2006 05:33 PM
Just to let you know, Eileen Martin is now a mother of a baby girl, Anna. She was born on Monday January 30. Congrats Eileen!
re: Riverdance
By RodneysGlory
On Fri Feb 03, 2006 08:20 PM
Edited by RodneysGlory (141059) on 2006-02-03 20:21:17
Thank you for doing all this work. It's great to have the info together and a little amazing to see it all. Thanks!
re: Riverdance
By Focail
On Sun Feb 12, 2006 01:42 PM
What do you all think of Gaelforce and ROTD?? check out!! its a new website! I personally was blown awa by Riverdance in the Gaiety theatre in the summer it was an absolutely fantastic show!!!!!
re: Riverdance
By hollyhoney
On Mon Feb 13, 2006 09:13 AM
Thanks for post!!!! I saw Riverdance with Michael Eustace. he´s really a fantastic dancer!!!!
re: Riverdance
By dancinRosh
On Fri Mar 10, 2006 04:47 PM
thanks for the post fare play to most of takin ya ages!!!
re: Riverdance
By ReelDancerrmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Apr 01, 2006 05:05 PM
thanks for taking your time to do that.
its a neat post.
i went to riverdance.
its amazing. it really sets up a dream for some people...
like me! :P
there amazing..i hope to be like that someday,

re: Riverdance
By Keelan_66member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Apr 01, 2006 05:32 PM
Awesome post! But are these up to date troup members? I'm pretty sure Cara Casey isn't in it anymore...Correct me if I'm wrong...and is this new that Emily McDonnell is in it too? She was dancing at the last feis I was at! Crazy:)

re: Riverdance
By kittykat87
On Thu May 04, 2006 07:13 AM
Wow that must have taken you forver to do. Thanks for the information on Reiverdance
re: Riverdance
By Flint
On Thu Jun 28, 2007 04:23 AM
I saw Riverdance in Newport News, Virginia, at the Ferguson Center, on May 25th (2007). Everyone around me was literally gasping in amazement at Rocío Montoya's performance of the Firedance. Spectacular (at LEAST!).
re: Riverdance
By Kiwi720Premium member
On Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:36 AM
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