very artistic
By Atonia
On 12/29/2005 10:59:02
i dont know who she is but i really like the photo style
re: very artistic
By kizzybex
On 01/01/2006 10:56:52
yey first coment!:d that is an amzing picture really tastefull and effective.
re: very artistic
By bigwinner
On 01/04/2006 19:04:12
I love her she is so good! She is really flexible and she has nice costumes too.
By lcaptainlcapl
On 01/05/2006 02:42:49
waht is with all these balls, someone wanna email and like, exlain to me waht these balls are for
re: very artistic
By eozdural
On 01/06/2006 23:05:23
Actually, the ball is not useless, it is a prop.

But I am curious how you can tell that she is a contorionist and not a rhythmic gymnast in general.
re: very artistic
By Atonia
On 01/07/2006 01:11:50
i think she is a rythmic gymnast who does artistic picture that's all
re: very artistic
By Bunnybabe170
On 01/07/2006 22:20:37
oh my gosh.. i have the same ball :-D
very artistic
By ArielThomas
On 02/21/2006 20:41:01
wow what a nice pic and she has a very ice ball too.
re: very artistic
By FlexyTay
On 02/23/2006 20:15:11
That is really pretty. You can easily see her mai flexible area, her lower back.

But, um, I thought this was 'Gym' photos as in Rhythmic OR artistic. Not necessarily either one. True, most pictures are rhythmic, but I would not say it 'should NORMALLY be a rhythmic', just that it's what most people post.

re: very artistic
By balletlover1
On 04/13/2006 20:15:34
flexible or what, how do ou make yr back more flexible
she looks amazing!!!!

B A L L E T L O V E R 1 !!!
re: very artistic
By MizzPinkDancer
On 05/28/2006 20:06:39
that's a really nice picture!!!

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