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DANCERS.. need opinions!! helpppp..project
By Dancecutie38
On Sun Jan 01, 2006 06:45 PM

(please post..if your in tap, or just an overall dancer in experience in everything!!) It would greatly help!! and i would appricate it!!!!!!!! :) or just if your willing to help!!!!! lol

Hello! My name is Erin I'm in highschool..well to make this short and sweet.. lol I'm in speech class.. and our next speech is a "Demonstration Speech" in which WE have to teach the whole class how to either make or DO something..and since my FAVORITE thing to do is dance..I either want to videotape myself explaining tap, (you can do it in the classroom..but idk it would be werid haha and i have this class in the morning..)and I either want to do tap, or just dance..but okay two things here..

Firstly, if i was to do tap, (okay long story short..I danced since I was 3.. for a couple of years..but then quit for a LONGG time up to 8th grade..which is when I restarted dance..tap,ballet, jazz/hiphop..and now I'm a sophmore..been in a tap dance last year (first one since i was little hehe..)and just blankly LOVE dance.. and I KNOW alot of tapsteps..and how to do very good lol.. but the thing..(I would like your opinon on this please lol.) Because, I "restarted" dance..tap too..COULD I STILL HAVE THAT FOR MY TOPIC??
( keep in mind, she said you have to be an what your showing the class..)
and DANCE IS MY LOVE..and im good at it! lol So, why no hey?
I mean: (either add, correct..etc on this "list" lol)
I could (since its JUST the basics..we want to show our audience, something that they can learn and its easy for them to do!) Get wut I'm saying??
Shuffles, falaps..
wings would be too complicated..
maxi-ford turns..
"The Thing"..
anything else you can think of??
So thats the tap part..

My other opinon would be lol..
I have ALOT of great experience with ballet..jazz, and I'm in poms too.. but the thing is..

*I mean..think about it.. ballet..there is SO MUCH involvememnt..its insane..and if i were just to teach the baiscs.. hmmmm anybody willing to help??

and for jazz/poms.. (could be concidered in the dance catorgory...combined into one.) I could teach leaps, turns.. but that all comes from flexibility/stretching..

SO.......just, if somebody could help me please..share your opinions..and whatever.. we could "talk".. :)

Okay? Thanks SO much!!!!!!!

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re: DANCERS.. need opinions!! helpppp..project
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Jan 09, 2006 04:37 PM
I did a "How To" speech on how to make the dance team. I told about attitude, and technique and I had afriend demonstrate a "C jump". As long as you've participated in something and know how to do it, you'd be considered an expert. No one else in your class is going to know how to do maxifords, so you're an expert.
re: DANCERS.. need opinions!! helpppp..project
By Gioiamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Jan 18, 2006 01:26 PM
Remember that expository speeches should be simple and easy for the audience to understand. You are an expert in their eyes I am sure. You need to describe everything down to the smallest degree. Pick an easy step like a shuffle ball change and break it down as much as possible. This sounds like a highschool speech, so I am doubting that you have an entire class period to give it. Your list is FAR too long. Just do one step and almost over explain it (remember that everyone is completely unfamiliar with your topic). I once did an expository address on how to break in a pointe shoe. I actually started off defining the parts of the shoe. You could do that for a tap shoe as well. You can't just simply say, "shuffle is a brush forward, brush back" people will NOT understand it. You need to start from the very beginning, tell them they need to put all of their weight on one foot first, etc... Once you have sat down and written down all the steps you think necessary, try them out on someone. Then fine tune your steps and make it into a well formed speech.

I have won many all state speech competitions and I am currently a speech judge in Iowa, feel free to PM me with any questions. I want to make sure that you have a grasp on what these kinds of speeches are about. It seems as though you are trying to pack too many things into it, people don't care about flashy tricks, you should leave them with knowledge on how to perform your step. Thouroughness and organization are key.


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