my godness!
By Atonia
On 01/08/2006 23:32:05
uncredible flexibility of her hips and feet
re: my godness!
By splitboy
On 01/09/2006 01:59:00
It is a rather advanced yoga position:

from there one can work towards bringing the knees to the floor:

and if successful with that, tuck the feet in like this...

Should be only attempted under supervision of a certified yoga teatcher!
re: my godness!
By bigwinner
On 01/11/2006 17:34:56
WOW! Thats impressive, that would hurt my knees so bad.
re: my godness!
By firefall
On 01/21/2006 12:17:27
absolutely this photo deserves to be in the most flexible line up seems you truely love what you do.
re: my godness!
By MissAshley
On 03/04/2006 15:25:15
in that first picture why is that girl so SKINNY! is it just me or does anyone else think she needs "help". Im not trying to be mean but is she on the 5 finger diet? (anorexia/bulemia)
re: my godness!
By Mystic_Dancer
On 03/17/2006 14:55:23
wow that is flexable.... and to shink my frog and butterfly streches are bad enough, looking at that :S ..... she does look incredably thign thoghu, which is worrying a little.....
but i guess it comes with the teratory really
re: my godness!
By MissAshley
On 03/25/2006 16:13:08
my goodness not to how flexible she is, but how skinny! whoa...
re: my godness!
By Grins
On 03/25/2006 16:15:20
:O She makes it look so comfortable!
re: my godness!
By ritmic
On 03/26/2006 08:04:40
wow this is really hard, u have to be very flexible to do that
re: my godness!
By theabear
On 04/04/2006 22:22:33
poor little waif has no padding to cushion her as she contorts her twiggy limbs

HA i just thought of your typical yoga class like middle age mommies attempting this pose.

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