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You Know Your Ukrainian When....... (karma: 1)
By Cossak
On Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:21 AM

-you grew up on liver sandwiches, and thought it was normal
-everything you eat has garlic and onions on it
-you try and re use gift wrap, gift boxes and of course aluminum foil
-you are standing next to the two largest suitcases at the airport
-you arive at parties 1 or 2 hours late and think its normal
-All your kids have knocknames, that sound nothing like their real names
-you know someone with 20 kids
-you talk for an hour st the front door while leaving someones house
-you can fit 10 people into a dacia
-you have lace curtains
-you have a lace tablecloth
-you have rugs covering every inch of your house
-you have or had rugs on the walls
-your mom tells you your too skinny, when your 30 pounds overweight
-you ever heard of stomach stew
-you have curtains hanging across everydoorway
-your house is full of ukrainian home remedies and medicine which is
probably illegal here
-you and your friends have been kicked out of a resteraunt or sports complex
for being to rowdy
-you mom re-cycles plastic cups, paper plates and sandwich bags by washing
them out
-you dont know how to use a dish washer
-you have a vinyl tablecloth
-you use gocery bags to hold garbage
-you dad butchered a pig or lamb
-your dad makes beer and wine at home
-you keep leftover food in as many containers as you can find in your fridge
-your parents call you farm animals when their mad
-your mom ever chased you with a rolling pin or broom, then told you to stop
so she could hit you with it
-your tato told you to smack yourself in the mouth for being disrespectfull
-your 20, your parents are trying to send you to ukraine to be married,
becouse your getting old
-getting married at 18 is normal
-asking if you can get a dicount at a discount store on clearance items is
normal and not embarassing for your parents
-you dont use messuring cups while cooking
-you got a good deal if you didnt pay tax
-if its on sale, you buy it, even if you dont need it, one of your familly
-you only make long distance calls after midnight
-you dont live at home, your parents call, they ask if youve eaten, its
-your parents dont realize long distance connections have improved
substantially in the last two decades, they still scream into the phone.
-you have a hand knitt affghan on every sofa and bed in your house, thanks
-its normal to have 600 people at your wedding
-you dont know halph the people there becouse baba was in controll of the
-youve seen the ground in the lavitory of a moving train
-youve mastered the art of barganing while grocery shopping
-you walk out of the grocery store every week with two pacted shopping
-you have pickled eggs in your fridge.

anyone have anything better to add?

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re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By hamfistPremium member
On Thu Jan 12, 2006 03:13 AM
I really enjoyed the posting!

But there are some of the best contortionists in the World who come from the Ukraine!

Ian (Trainer of contortionists) in New Zealand
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By jp_tantsiurystmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Thu Jan 12, 2006 07:53 AM
-when your Mom thinks that DDN is a Ukrainian dance web site and whenever you go online you're probably visiting some Ukrainian web site.

You know you're not really Ukrainian when-- you've never been to a zabava :(
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By Uki_Dancer05member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Jan 13, 2006 09:10 AM
"youve seen the ground in the lavitory of a moving train"


it's not pleasant either.

PS- Awesome post...I think almost 90% of those things apply to me...hehe being chased by a broom or rolling pin...who hasn't been?!
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By jp_tantsiurystmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Jan 13, 2006 06:44 PM
That might lead one to ask:
Were you considered an outcast or a freak or a geek or a nerd at your school?????
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By splitman
On Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:46 AM
You know you're Ukrainian when
-you prefer garlic pickles
-you have a friend who makes a keg of pickled herring
-your family car hauls manure for the garden in the back seat
-you celebrate Chistmas and New Year twice
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By babyballerina294
On Mon Jan 16, 2006 05:34 PM
You know your Ukrainian when:
You never get sunburn
You always try to save money
Everytime you turn around your parents try to teach you to cook
You don't know what perogies are
I like the one about long distance phone calls. Very true!
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By Cossak
On Tue Jan 24, 2006 05:30 PM
these are much funnier

You use any of the following...
Themz Fightin' Words!!!
1. "My Babtsya's pyrohy are better that your Babtsya's pyrohy"
2. "My Dance Ensemble is better than your Dance Ensemble"
3. Against:
Plast: "Nice Handkerchief"
Cym: "Nice Tie"
ODUM: "Who?"
4. "You call that a cross stitch?"
5. "Only nerds play accordions!"
6. "Oh, your family is from THE Ukraine, so you're Russian right?"

1. You can incorporate fried onions into every meal.
2. You can't imagine life without sour cream.
3. You claim, "Samohonka - its not just for breakfast anymore."
4. "Chut'-chut'" and "Na smak" are acceptable standards of measurement.
5. You scoff at an Americans’ mere 5 course Christmas Dinner.
6. You eat a varenyk, you feel like a varenyk.
7. Salo is always a part of your “diet”.
8. Any meal, any time: Right hand: fork/spoon Left Hand: brown bread slab

1. 2-Bed, Non-Smoking hotel room translates to 10 people and a wet towel over a fire alarm.
2. You can't find Nebraska on the map but you can describe 5 ways to get to Toronto under every possible weather condition.
3. You've ever justified skipping classes so you can road trip to a zabava half way across North America.
4. You've had to give up your shower rights to ice and beer in the tub when you make it late to a zabava.
5. Your tent for Labor Day weekend at Ellenville is bigger than your apartment/dorm room.
6. "Debutante Ball" doesn't sound at all snooty.

General Life
1. You impulsively yell "To nash!" whenever you see Jack Palance or Wayne Gretzky appear on the screen.
2. You’re TV doesn’t work, so babynya gives it a good wack.
3. Your history teacher cowers at your knowledge of Eastern European history.
4. You think that Comedy Central's, "The Daily Show," has more journalistic integrity than "60 minutes".
5. You hang your head in shame after finding out that Michael Bolton is half Ukrainian.
6. You think the power of the Internet is nothing compared to the power of the BBC (Baba Babi Skazala).
7. If you've forgotten the name of the person you drunkenly hooked up with last night, never fear.. baba will know.
8. Before you start dating someone you double check with your baba to make sure you're not related.
9. You've seen the blank expression on an American's face after you've spent the last hour and a half trying to explain what a zabava is.
10. You've ever caught yourself "air bandura-ing" to your favorite Ukrainian Folk CD.

1. You've ever hit someone with a switch of pussy willow in a fit of religious fervor.
2. If you think that Halloween is bad, try getting someone to answer the door during Kolyada season!
3. You LOVE those surprises- "I've come to bless the house" visits- by the priest.
4. Dizziness is a state of mind in the midst of incense and locked stained glass windows.

Physical Activities
1. Your local folk dance instructor is revered as a god
2. You make a fashion statement by wearing your vyshyvana sorochka to school one day.
3. You've spent 4 hours doing your hair/makeup/costume for a 5 minute polka.
4. (for guys) If you can't play soccer, ski, and tie knots by the time you are 5, you'll be left to die in the wilderness.
(for girls) For exercise you know that aerobics has nothing on the hopak
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By tsyhanka
On Tue Jan 24, 2006 09:10 PM
grrr. my family made that list up about 5 years ago and credit is never given! I have the original copy to prove it. it was originally sent as a chain mail with our names at the bottom but along the way our names were erased. A pox on those who besmirched the family name. but thanks for appreciating it.
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By ldt150
On Sat Jan 28, 2006 11:40 AM
You know you're Ukrainian when....

- The greatest motivator in your family and in life in general is GUILT!!
- Your next potential boyfriend / girlfriend has to be approved by Baba first.
- When talking to your "English" friends you forget yourself and you tell them to chekai and say nasdorovya when someone sneezes
- You belive that Ron Cahute is a musical icon (Probably applies more to the Canadians in the room here :P)
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By lissai
On Sat Jan 28, 2006 11:26 PM
^During meal times with non-Ukrainian people I keep saying 'smachnoho'.. They give me some very odd looks indeed. They already think I'm an insanely nationalistic person as it is :)
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By JThomson
On Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:54 PM
:) I love Ukrainians
There's a Ukrainian guy at my school, he's cute :)
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By ukr_dancing_doll
On Thu Feb 02, 2006 09:00 AM
haha I like this post
we have shag carpet on the walls at my cabin
and i have an afghan on my bed from my baba
and my dad once bargained for a pair of jeans at bootlegger :S
re: You Know Your Ukrainian When.......
By YoungDancer4God
On Sun Feb 12, 2006 07:40 PM
This was really funny, but I'm Ukrainian and half that stuff doesn't pertain to me, but oh well. It made me laugh anyway.


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