Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By not4show
On 01/13/2006 18:01:49
I left a post yesterday about Al Gilberts Tap Technique. Does anyone use his material, and if so, can you share with my what you like/ dislike about it. Thank you for your thoughtS!
re: Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By bisousbisou
On 01/13/2006 20:30:58
I only use the pre school CD. After the age of 5, I do my own thing as I feel tap has evolved a great deal since back in the 70's when Al wrote that syllabus. Its a bit limiting.

However if tap is not your forte, and you need an organized method of teaching , you might want to look into it.
Al Gilbert's Tap
By WstCstDanceFX
On 01/14/2006 11:32:12
I use his warm ups for my baby classes (3-5yrs), and I have a ballet CD too that has really cute, short length dance songs for recitals and such. He includes two versions of the song: one with his voice, the other just instrumental. His voice forces the kids to really listen to his cues. But, I agree with a previous posting, his syllabus (written years ago) doesn't match what kids are learning these days. For any beginner class, it's a good tool.
Al Gilbert
By melpowell
On 01/14/2006 14:41:32
We have always used al Gilbert at the barre. I agree that it seems out dated but the basic technique that he teaches is very important for all dancers to acquire. I think that knowing the fundamentals is important no matter what style of tap you choose to do!
re: Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By DelilahDance
On 01/15/2006 09:58:07
I am a big Al Gilbert fan. I use him all they way up to grade 5. after that I do my own thing. He really pounds the tap sounds in your head, even now when I do a step. . .I always think of the little song that went with it. All my tappers make the proper sounds and I don't think I could have done it without him. They did come out with some more "modern" music that goes with the excersises. . .but I think it sounds horrible. I like the original piano. It's a sylibis that you have to stick to, if you don't it will make the students hate it, and seem worthless. I have developed some excellent tappers from his work. But use it properly, and make sure you know all the combinations before you play the cd in class.
Al Gilberts Tap
By not4show
On 01/15/2006 15:18:39
Thank you all for your input! I like to do my own choreography, but I am interested in having a consistent curriculum so I don't have to reinvent everything from year to year, that is why I am interested in this curriculum.
Al Gilberts Tap
By not4show
On 01/15/2006 15:27:47
Thank you for your feedback. Do your students enjoy this tap program? I know that there are a lot of different opinions about using an older curriculum. I run a small program that is very conservative. We don't call the program Christian, but it is based on Christian values, so we stick to the more classic styles of dance. I thought that Al Gilberts program sounded like a good technique teaching tool, that would be conservative as well. Would you agree?
re: Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By Zeenbug
On 01/25/2006 07:31:08
I was raised on purely Al Gilbert by my mom but that was back in the 80's. We've both evolved as teachers since then but still use his stuff for the Baby's - they have some new stuff. As for my older classes, I use it more as a guideline (along w/ Debbie Dee & stuff I get from conventions) or when I'm at a road block - his stuff for level 7 is pretty hard at times! Actually, the Al Gilbert Tap Dictionary was very helpful when I took my DMA exams!
re: Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By not4show
On 01/27/2006 11:41:26
I have a preschool tap program that has voice over on it. At first I didn't want the parents to hear it because I thought they would think that I couldn't teach without have someone telling me what to do.

From a teaching standpoint, a lot of students are auditory learners, and hearing a consistent voice will help them remember the steps. I do say the steps to my students, but with the voice over I am free to make corrections or tie a preschoolers shoe without interrupting the exercise.
Think beyond...
By DoubleBass
On 01/31/2006 12:55:38

I will let you know that I was raised on Al Gilbert. And I think I turned out alright. LOL! Seriously, though... Al Gilbert is just what YOU make of it. If you only listen to the records/cd's and take them verbatim, then your kids will never be better than the album they're currently listening to in class. (Which will make it very difficult for them to learn from other people when they grow up!)

Point is, you must take what Al Gilbert has laid out for you and put your own spin on it. If you don't like his music, fine. Play something else. Last I checked, we can shuffle to almost anything. The idea is to give the kids a good BASE of steps/combinations/patterns/technique.

Just like any "self-help" book or teaching theory, they are open for interpretation and won't work unless you do so. Ultimately, you need to give your kids a solid foundation and I say "YAY!" to Al Gilbert and what he's laid out. However, I say "NAY!" to not thinking beyond the albums and applying your own knowledge and studies. Good luck!

- Mike :)
You may think
By jesesgrl
On 03/06/2006 22:58:19
Just wondering about the Al Gilbert piece you mentioned "You May Think". Can you tell me which album I can find that on? thanks.
Land of Sweet taps
By jesesgrl
On 03/06/2006 23:37:08
You mentioned that you move your kids to Land of Sweet taps after Al Gilbert. I have only seen this on vhs. Is the music sold somewhere? thanks
re: Does anyone use Al Gilberts Tap
By rubytapper
On 03/12/2006 16:20:16
I have used Al Gilbert's graded barre for years. To "mix" it up a little, we do the barre every other week so the kids don't get bored and do a "free style" warmup in the center. It really helps them learn the fundamentals. As far as his "routines"--I use the CD's for the songs/vocals, but make up my own dances.

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