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knowledge versus senses
By damon_k
On Wed Jan 18, 2006 08:41 PM

Hi guys,

I am going to make a bit more effort this year to get back into studying dance. But I need a few sparks to get me intrigued and keen to get interested....

so... howabout we have some of you wonderful people ask some really indepth questions about dance so we can discuss them as a group as is the general intention of this forum...well except for socialising.

Here goes.... please don't just read this and throw it in the technical hoohaa draw. Take a few minutes to analyse yourself and your approach to dance and learn more about you through these kind of questions.
Expand your world so to speak..

When it comes to dance, what do you think of the intricate balance between knowledge and inner natural urges/expressed feelings/movements?, where is it? and what can you do to improve that balance within yourself towards dance? Also how can you help others to see how they could improve?.. (Remember dance is very personal and it is carefully linked to our mind state).


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re: knowledge versus senses
By Invent
On Wed Jan 18, 2006 08:58 PM
I think meditation is key.

It can be sitting meditation... or even meditating during dance.

The key to this is when it is done... do not try to understand what your meditation brings you... but just allow it to strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit. Simply let the connection happen... and just ride it!!!

This sense of nirvana can be obtained from closing your eyes and feeling your body when you are going through foundation exercises... or just closing them to allow your mind to concentrate more on the music while getting down.

Your knowledge can only take you so far...
With only that all you can do is repeat foundation... be a soldier of dance... just do as you are trained... no thinking involved.

However... if you allow your senses to take over... then you can be more in tune with all that is around you.

Think about it this way... you have 5 senses. Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing, and Smelling. The only one's you use when dancing are hearing, and seeing. Remove sight... you have only hearing left. That means only 1/5 of your senses are working... that's A LOT of mind power that is not being used... use that other 4/5 to FEEL AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND IT'S MOVEMENTS. That will put you on a spiritual plane with your dancing that can make you so much better than you can ever imagine.

If you don't believe me...
Try it. Even there in you rooms... put on some music... dance a bit. Then... close your eyes... feel the music...
let go...




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