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Do you think poms is the same as dance team? (post entirely different to question but pz
By Dancecutie38
On Mon Jan 23, 2006 06:33 PM

Hello!! My name is Erin.. and boy i just want to shoat out and tell everyone.. okay, this is my first year of poms..on an allstar team..we compete..and i just want to say.. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DANCE TEAMS AND POMS!! (I'm also a very involved studio dancer myself) and just LOVEEEEEEEE the atmosphere of poms and dance teams.. and wnat to continue on with this as my carrer!!!!!!!!! I've honestly learned SO much.. and just LOVE IT ALL!!!! ITS SOO great!I have SUCH a strong passion for this!!!!!! I just know, I love what I'm doing so deeply...i seriously could picture myself doing this all my life.. I may want to be apart of the UDA staff.. (I'm mostly Bagerette now.. but I heard alot of great things about UDA) and HOPE TO go to disneyworld too!!I'm just gonna keep on working HARDDDDDDD...and i love dance teams becasue its like a "sisterhood" all sharing the same love of dance.. :) I know this will take me places..and I'm just so happy! lol
but anywayz..on that note.. :)

I need advice/tips.. "hints" exercises.. lol ANYTHING.. that would help me.. from you on certain technique stuff..AND..i also need your opinion on some songs..

*First off..technique..

For double turns..what is a way..that YOU got them.. I'm really trying too..cuz ya know..they're tricky!! :)..and I know spotting.. (as in any turn..) is vital.. but like idk how do you spot the 2nd time? Do you understand? otherwise I can restate it clearly.. because your going really fast.. also for a triple.. just a deep pile.. and I heard if you bring your arms closer go around faster? is that the correct way? GIVE ME FEEDBACK PLEASE!! lol thatd be great!

*This one's gonna be short but i just need to make something clear..for Foutees..(straight legged) its really just a matter of "pumping".. and using your arms..many people call it the "pumping turn" in fact..and obvoulsy..spotting lol..

*For an axel.. idk for some reason I'm just not getting it lol.. I mean I GOT THE TURN down.. and then you kinda like bring your foot around at the last second.. like swing it around and underneth you.. but then where I mess up is what foot is supposed to be above which? hmm.. idk im confused.. help!! lol thanks SO much..

* A " center leap".. do you cross in front.. after you shasay.. (sry can't spell! lol) and then for some reason.. I'm having trouble getting my left leg as high as my right.. (I have good air..) and I've been told just to like really concentrate on that left leg.. and idk it its just a matter of practicing harder or what!! You shouldn't think of doing a toetouch, after you shasay right??

*What's a halfrussin?? Is it just like a little toetouch.. like not FULL one?? lol that's what I'm thinking1!

*Okay, last thing to empasize! lol First of all switch left is good.. (ha its funny cuz mostly EVERYTHING on my right is the best lol..) but for my right.. ya I just can't switch it.. like all it really is.. is I'm doing a hitchkick..and thats wrong.. and my pom coach told me, to practice my switching motion.. (when I was having trouble w. my right..and I'm sure its the same deal with the left.) you go like stand at a counter or something and just switch your inside leg in and you know of any exercies.. etc to help me?
and also for regular right is great..and my left is good.. and I guess i need to practice more on that.. just continuing.. because i can't get my left as high as my right..but ya just takes time.. lol

I need to know what YOU think is the best or really awesome pom song..either for solo or group.. under these catorgories..

just FUN song lol..:
maybe one that starts off slow.. like lyrical.. that you could do slow movements too(like lyrical).. and then gets faster..:
any other you want to add becasue thats all that I can think of right now lol.. like one with a great beat, rytham..etc..
(and btw.. but has anyone heard of a song.. that would be good..and I think it starts with a ringtone at the beginning or sounds like it lol.. thanks!!

Erin!!!!!!!!!! **

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re: Do you think poms is the same as dance team? (post entirely different to question but lol...rea
On Sat Jan 28, 2006 12:22 PM
double pirouete : spot on the beat of the music, keep everything pulled up and in place.
axels turn : practice by doing 1 chaine turn with a plie, and then bring you leg up into a grande rondejombe and as it is coming around tuck it in along with you other leg and arms and spot. (sorry if thats confusing)
center leaps : I have always done chasse pas de borre leap. to get your legs even I would try this; practice pas de chat and as your in the middle of it flick you legs out. after awhile you should get and try to hold out your arms at and even length.

hope this helps.
re: Do you think poms is the same as dance team? (post entirely different to question but lol...rea
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun Jan 29, 2006 06:10 PM
I already replied to your technique questions on the jazz board, so you can look at those.

We did a really cool Rock & Roll mix for our state pom dance this year. We used a wide variety of music that ahd to do with rocking and rolling. We used: "Proud Mary" (Rollin...rollin...), "R.O.C.K in the USA", "Rollin" (By Limp Bizkit), among others. I ADORE mixes for poms. But I also love the song "Work Me Down".

Two years ago we did a song called "Reload" which was REALLY hard rock. I hated it, but you might like it. It's from the Matrix soundtrack.

One song that has been pop[ular this eyar that starts out slow, is a version of "Holdin' Out for a Hero" from the Shrek 2 soundtrack (I think).
re: Do you think poms is the same as dance team? (post entirely different to question but lol...rea
By jazzy_lady
On Sat Feb 18, 2006 01:08 PM
Oh COOL! I want to be a part of the UDA staff too. I started going to UDA camp when I was 10 years old, and I've been 3 times. It's so so so fun. I've been to UDA nationals in disneyworld 3 times too. It was such a bonding time for our team, and I totally loved it. Dance Team is my life. I study ballet in a studio and that's fun too, but Dance Team is AWESOME. For us Dance Team and Poms are the same thing, because on my school's dance team we compete in poms and hip hop. However, If you want to be on our team you have to take ballet, and we also do modern dan lyrical dance. In fact, next weekend we're performing at a gospel fest! I feel that dance team gives me so many options and opens me up to so much. I really would like to work for UDA in college. Ballet is my passion and always will be, but I love dance team too.

P.S. check out this is UDA/UCA's website and they have message boards for dance teams and dance teams only! My username is kuteekimi07.
re: Do you think poms is the same as dance team? (post entirely different to question but lol...rea
By chsdancer08
On Tue Mar 14, 2006 05:37 PM
ok so like i always wondered this too, cz well the "dance team" i am on was always called a poms team until this year when we also entered a kick division. so i think it's only a dance team when you do more than just poms. ;)


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