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A Survey about Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes and Practice-wear... Please help!
By xSupastarxmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Jan 29, 2006 08:27 AM
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Hey everyone!

I'm taking a gap year from July, and really want to do something useful. I've always really been into Textiles, and have been designing costumes for YEARRRS! So I figured I'd like to start making them. So, please answer my survey!

1. How old are you
2. Are you female or male?
3. Do you usually have your costume designed especially for you?
4. How much is the most you would pay for a costume?
5. How much on average do you pay for costumes?
6. How long would you keep a costume for?
7. Do you mind wearing second-hand costumes?
8. Do you ever self-decorate your costume?
9. Would you only buy a costume from a renowned designer?
10. Do you usually go for a style/colour and stick to it with the rest of your costumes?
11. Do you see the same people and judges at each competition, or are they always different?
12. What do you usually wear for practice?
13. Do you have a partner, or perform as a team?
14. Do you prefer leotard costumes or unitard costumes (all-in-one catsuits)?

Thanks a bunch in advance!!! ;)

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re: A Survey about Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes and Practice-wear... Please help!
By illusiongirl
On Sun Jan 29, 2006 09:21 AM
Great idea! Well, here are my answers!

1. 14
2. Female
3. Yes
4. R1500(sorry, dont know how much that is in other currencies)
5. Between R500-R1000
6. Depends how special it is I guess, some of my costumes I will keep forever lol!
7. Yes, second hand leos are just plain GROSS!
8. Someimes but not often
9. No
10. No, I like a variation
11. Yeah, they're usually the same
12. Hotpants/ 3/4 pants and a top usually
13. I compete individually and in a group
14. Well, scene as I do rhythmic I prefere the leotards with the skirt things :)

Cool that was fun, hope it helped! Good luck with all your costume making :)

Lv illusion
re: A Survey about Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes and Practice-wear... Please help!
By Proud_Mama
On Sun Jan 29, 2006 10:46 PM
Ok my daughter is providing her answers for this one since she's the gymnast. :)

1. 10
2. Female
3. This is my first competition year, so we got someone else's design made to measure for our team, but i'm definitely into getting a one-of-a-kind and I can't wait!!
4. Mom said she doesn't know, we paid $200 (u.s. dollars) for the one I have now though.
5. Probably anywhere from $100 and up is usually the rate.
6. Well the one i have now, I'm keeping FOREVER because it's my first! But if it were really special to me, then I might end up with a closet full of leos! whoa :)
7. Second hand eww gross, no way. However, if I liked it SOOOO much, then I'd at least think about it. Maybe.
8. Not yet, but I don't know that I would, I mean that's what I'm paying someone else for. Although my mom just said she would. LOL
9. No, I think if i loved the leo enough to buy it in the first place, then it wouldn't matter who made it for me.
10. I personally like to be different. I don't like to wear the same kind of thing over and over. So I would probably go with different styles and colors for each one.
11. Well I've only been to 2 competitions (this is my first year competing) and they were different.
12. A tank-tard. I don't know if that's what it's called, like a catsuit, but with tank straps and shorts instead of the whole leg. That or, a leo that I get from dance wear shops.
13. I'm part of a team, but we compete individually.
14. I love them all, but right now i have a leo with a skirt. It's sooo pretty!

**this was fun thanks!!** * and thanx mom for letting me do it!! *
re: A Survey about Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes and Practice-wear... Please help!
By newrhymom
On Thu Feb 02, 2006 09:36 AM
I am a mom but I I will answer for my daughter.

1. She is 9 years old.
2. Female
3. Most of the them are designed for her.
4. At the most $300. I am not sure on this one, I guess it would depend on the design of the costume.
5. $100-$300
6. As long as it fits, but if my daughter and I really loved the costume, I would keep it for her.
7. She does not mind at all. Her favorite one right now is one we have bought used!
8. Always! I have become a stone expert!
9. It would depend, may be if she goes particpates in upper levels.
10. No, I like them all to be unique.
11. The local ones are the same, but the ones out of state are different (sometimes the same).
12. She normally wears horts and a cami top. Sometimes tights if it is cold.
13. She competes ndivually, although group would be fun.
14. She perfers leotards with skirts, she does not like unitards at all.
re: A Survey about Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes and Practice-wear... Please help! (karma: 1)
By AnjieAngel
On Fri Feb 03, 2006 06:32 AM
1. 19
2. Female
3. Yes
4. I'm so lousy when it comes to converting NOK to USD. I'll try Euro instead. But maximum about 300-400 Euros, maybe?
5. 100 Euros
6. As long as it fits, and goes with my routine, but not longer than 2-3 years.
7. Not really, it's not like you walk around wearing them all day anyway. And I presume that the person before me has been wearing proper undergarment when she wore the costume.
8. I've both sewn and self-decorated my costumes.
9. No
10. I like variation, but I have to go for darker colours and not too much details, and they have to cover my stomach unless it's a unitard or a leotard without skirt.
11. See the same people and judges, yes.
12. Hotpants (sometimes over a 3/4 leg) or just the 3/4 leg and a t-shirt/top.
13. I'm an individual. Used to be in group as a junior, though.
14. I prefer unitards and leotards without skirts, because you can put more details on the costume without it looking messy(not for the unitards though), but I usually go with skirt, it feels more comfortable.


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