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NSync's PoP choreography is posted RIGHT HERE!! Its very good and detailed too!!
By Gina (unregistered )
On Thu Jul 26, 2001 10:51 AM

Here you go, these steps are very outlined and detailed, so they should help you! I did these myself, if you were wondering, if you need any other dances, email me at, k? TTYL!! Gina

Dirty Pop

Verse 1-

1.*Sick and tired of hearin’ all these people talk about...*

-Step out to the right on your right foot, bring right arm swinging upwards.

-Bend arm in with your hand in a fist and bring it back out again.

-Slide out to the left, bring left knee up.

-Clap once above knee, clap again below knee.

-Slide back to the right, clap twice above head.

-Cross your arms across your chest as if you were going down a water slide. Left hand on right shoulder, right hand on left shoulder.

-Uncross them so your left hand is on your left shoulder, and your right hand is on your right shoulder.

-Punch both arms out in front of you.

2.*Whats the deal with this pop life? And when is gonna fade out...*

-Repeat the steps from above.

3.*Thing you’ve got to realize what we’re doin’ is not a trend...*

-Repeat the steps from #1

4.*We’ve got the gift of melody, we’re gonna bring it till the end...*

-Repeat from #1 until you cross your arms. DON’T CROSS THEM!!

-After you clap, you’re going to step your way forward on every bass beat until JC starts singing.

5.*Doesn’t get hyped and we’ll do it to ya every time...*

-This is freestyle, bust it however you want to.


1. *Do you ever wonder why...*

- Step to the right on your right foot and kick your left leg out with your right hand on your head

- right foot goes back beside your left, lean upper body to the right while extending left arm over your


-Swing left arm and head to the left, right, left again.

2. *This music gets you high...*

-arms comes straight out at sides in a “T”

-go back down at sides

-come back up again, bring left knee up as arms go up

-Move elbows in two outward circles, clap behind back, left foot crosses in front of right.

3.*It takes you on a ride...*

-slide to the right on your right foot, right arm comes extended up over head, lean to the left.

-slide to the left on your left foot, left arm comes extended up over your head, lean to the right.

4.*Feel it when your...*

-Syncers jump, changing positions

-on “your”, arms come straight out in front of you.

5.*Body starts to rock...”

-I call this “reverse humping”. Bend your arms up in front of your face and move them up and down, all the while rockin’ those hips back and forth. Use your imagination if you don’t get it, lol!

6.*Baby you can’t stop...”

-Sweep your right arm to your right side and turn over your right shoulder, all the while stepping to the right.

-After “stop”, your right foot should be in front of your left. I don’t know exactly how to describe this, but kind of collapse your upper body so your back is hunched over.

7.*And the music’s all you’ve got...*

-Sweep your left arm to the left and stand back up again.

-Body facing the left, arms straight out in front of you

-Arms go straight out behind you, do the hunching thing again.

8.*This must be...PoP!*

-Your left foot should be ahead of your right at this point, and your right foot should be closest to the front.

-Cross your left foot in front of your right, and do your arms in the same direction, only they should be slanting as if on a slope. Don’t completely extend your left arm. The guys in Nsync do this in sort of a ripple.

-On “pop!”, bring it all together. Jump and bring your feet together, and at the same time, your arms come up and beside your head in a “field goal” position.

Verse 2:

1.*Now- why you wanna try...people can’t you see...*

-More freestyle, work that jelly!

2.*Doesn’t matter, bout’ the car I drive, or the ice around my neck...*

-I call this doing the “butterfly” with your legs. Move your knees in and out to the beat while leaning to the left.

-On “or the ice...” smoothly move your upper body to the right, keep doing the butterfly!

-On “around my neck...” move it back to the left.

3.*All that matters, is that you recognize that its just about respect...*

-Do the same as #2, only move on “thats its just about...” and “respect”

4.*Doesn’t matter, bout’ the clothes I wear, and where I go and why...*

-Do the same, but on “Doesn’t matter...” move your arms up and down as if you’re raising the roof, only keep your palms facing the floor. I think I described that right.

-Move on “where I go...” and “why...”

5.*All that matters, is that you get hyped, and we’ll do it to ya everytime...*

-More butterfly, on “all that matters...”, you’re gonna move your arms in front of you, when your left goes up, right goes down, vice versa.

-on “is that you get...”, cross your arms in front of you and move em’ out to the side

-on “hyped”, you’re gonna bring your arms up in front of you and throw your head back, kind of like the “reverse humping”. Don’t switch sides this time!

-after “hyped”, break it off and go freestyle again.


The second chorus is all freestyle, except for this one part:

*Feel it when your...*

-Drop down into a tuck on “feel”

-pop right back up on “it”

-punch left with your right arm on “when”

-punch right with your left arm on “your”

Dance Break:

1st eight count:

1-Upper body faces the left. Your left arm goes up in a stair case. Keep your upper arm straight, bend up at the elbow, and bend your wrist flat. Your right hand just comes underneath your elbow.

2-Switch it to the right, right arm in staircase, left hand beneath right elbow.

3-Turn back to the left. Your left hand comes behind your head, and your right hand goes across your stomach.

4-Switch it to the right. Right hand behind your head, left hand across your stomach.

5-Bring your right hand up and over your head and let it meet your left.

6-Hook your right knee in

7-Hunch your back and let your arms hang stiffly

8-Sweep your body in a “u” shape to the left.

2nd eight count:

1&2- you should be facing the left. Roll your shoulders back and let your back follow. Take two steps back.

3&4-on 3, left arm comes up. Upper arm straight, bent at elbow. Follow with right arm.On 4, jump together, cross hands over heart.

5-On the 2nd “dirty” face the right. Your right knee comes up, as does your right hand. Make it look there is a string between your right hand an your right knee. Your hand is controlling your knee.

6-Bring them both down, but stay on your left foot and shift over to the left. Bring your hand and knee back up again.

7-Twist your wrist around twice.

8-Bring your wrist up, tilting your head back as it does so. Remember the string in your knee, so your knee comes up too.

3rd eight count:

1-step forward on your right foot, exaggerate it with your arms.

2-step forward with your left foot, exaggerate that too.

3-half turn over your left shoulder, so you’re now facing the opposite direction with your right foot in front.

4-step back with your right foot.

5&- whip your left arm out to the left, right arm out to the right.

6&7-reach your arms up over your head on six, bring them down, right back up on 7 in a half “t” close to your chest.

8-move your arms and head sharply and quickly to the left and right.

4th eight count:

1 through 3- the guys change positions here, they walk with sort of a “strut” into different positions. I normally just walk from one side of my room to the other, LOL.

4-Ok, jump into place with your feet about shoulder-width apart

5&- I call this a “seesaw”. On 5, simultaneously punch your left arm up at a slant, and your right arm down at a slant. On the downbeat (&), punch your right arm up, left arm down.

6&-On 6, punch your arms out to the sides. On the downbeat, circle your arms outward,

7-Keep your elbows to your sides, hands up as if you’re asking something.

8-Point forward, keeping your elbows to your sides. Look to the left.

5th eight count-

1- slide forward, look forward.

2- drop down to a tuck, face the left.

3 through 6- hehehe!! Floor humping. If you don’t know how to do it, I suggest you don’t try!!

7, 8- stay in your little floor position, but stop humping! lol! Look forward, lipsynch if you want to.

6th eight count-

1- come back into the tuck

2- stand back up

3&4- On 3, turn your upper body to the right. Bend your arm putting your right fist close to your forehead. At the same time, your left arm is straight out on the other side. On the downbeat (&), bend and cross both arms in front of you. On 4, bring both bent arms back to the side, almost like you’re flexing your muscles.

5 through 8- they change positions again. Arms are the same, hunch back, and they either scoot forward or back.

7th eight count-

1 through 3- work your arms in really small circles, all the while bouncing lightly on your left foot.

4- strike pose like your about to play the guitar.

5-6- play the pretend guitar.

7,8- bring your arms up to the sides of your head.

8th eight count-

1 through 4- its freestyle, but not really. Move your body in like, a robotic but easy type of style. Each guy does his own thing.

5 through 8- Throw your entire upper body into this one. Everything from the waist up goes in a counter-clockwise circle. On 8, drop to the front, arms stiff, but hanging.

On the three beats after that, the guys pop up in a ripple style.


1.*Do you ever wonder why...*

-Make it like you’re undressing, so to speak. Put both fists up to your heart, and work your fists down your arms.

2.*This music gets you high...*

-Work your left fist down your right arm.

3.*It takes you on a ride...*

-Work your right fist down your left arm.

4.*Feel it when you’re...*

-Pump your fist above your head (similar to Bye Bye Bye). and do whatever you want with your body.

5.*Body starts to rock...this must be, PoP!*

-Rock the freestyle.


-See first chorus, its the same.

-At the very end, keep your arms up in the “field goal”, and work those spirit fingers!! Do whatever you want with that last beat. I like to do something with my hips. Whatever floats your boat.

8 Replies to NSync's PoP choreography is posted RIGHT HERE!! Its very good and detailed too!!

By HotBoyin_It
On Tue Jan 22, 2002 12:22 PM
Wow. This was the most amazing steop-by-step instructions i've found. Thank you SO much Gina.
re: NSync's PoP choreography is posted RIGHT HERE!! Its very good and detailed too!!
On Thu Jan 24, 2002 05:16 PM
Well, this is 1/2 way right. MOST of the stuff is right but there are some mistakes. I went to a convention last fall and one of our teachers was the guy that choregraphs for N*SYNC, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and a bunch of other people. He taught us about 1/3 of the Dirty Pop have most of the stuff right but some of the aren't even close.
re: NSync's PoP choreography is posted RIGHT HERE!! Its very good and detailed too!!
By fiber
On Wed Feb 06, 2002 02:51 AM
Are you thinking of Wade J. Robson?
Dirty Pop
By Timberlake
On Tue Feb 26, 2002 05:53 PM
Ok, On the last beat of Pop, I watched the Atlantis Concert, and they actually Fall on their Left Knee. just so ya Know
By Peepers
On Tue Apr 02, 2002 08:53 PM
Its pretty good but did u use the Concert moves or the music video moves cuz i know both and it sounds like a mixture. . .

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