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where are they all?
By medancenow
On Thu Feb 16, 2006 03:39 AM

heloo. um, Im just wondering whats been happening cos I havent follwed up anything in rhythics for a while, i used to do elite junior but I quit cos I was made ,, sadly. but yeh, im kindof confused cos I thought alina kabaeva retired but youre all saying shes still competing lol. how is she doing and stuff if she is? have most of those russians and ukranians that were in the 2000 olymics retired cos i loved them so muchh. like umm julia raskina aand yeh the rest lol. mm, and what about the elina person umm. vetrichenko ,, I knew her lol she trained with us for some reason I hav noo idea why, just when russians came they usually came to us. yah.. anywaay how are they all and like who are the main new people. waaa i wanna do rhythmics so much again but yeh. id be like way too big for it now lol. and i only wanna do elite..

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By GymLovermember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Feb 16, 2006 05:51 AM
Is it possible to use less slang words? It's kind of difficult to read.

-Kabaeva: has retired, tried to come back for last worlds wasn't selected by Viner (trains under another coach). I don't know if she is still training at this very moment

-Tchachina: has just recently retired and is focussing on her fitness plan she wants to set up a fitness centre in Moscow (or that was the initial plan two years ago at least).

-Barsoukova: retired in 2000. Is figure skating now, or was figure skating. She sometimes visits the gym in Moscow to work out a bit (made a photosession there with Olga Belova)

-Belova: retired around 2002. Thought she wasn't good enough to compete anymore with all the new kids on the block. Started coaching in Moscow

-Raskina: works for Cirque du Soleil now. Had a serious injury and tried to come back but that idea was soon gone.

-Vitrichenko: moved to Spain coaches there with her mother I think. Has her own tournament in Spain as well. (The Vitry Cup)

-Yerofeeva: retired just before the Olympics in Athens, works for Cirque du Soleil now. Has had serious back problems which were part of the reason for her retirement.

The "new" big names:

-Anna Bessonova for Ukraine: looked already promissing in 2000. Improved her leaps seriously. Ballerina style with enormous strength

-Natalia Godunko for Ukraine: the weird one of the pack. She's very modern in everything has a style of her own and again fabulous strength in her legs which seems to be a Ukrainian secret.

-Galina Shyrkina & Marina Boyko: two younger gymnasts who are searching their way into seniors now.

-Olga Kapranova for Russia: barbie doll nothing more nothing less. Very flexible no expression difficult elements but sometimes just a tad bit lazy and again no expressive qualities. imo boring to watch but Viners new favorite

-Vera Sessina for Russia: at the moment number two in Russia but is probably going to be passed by better gymnasts as Svetlana Puntintseva (who improved a lot in 2 years) or Marina Spekth (one of the more unique gymnasts with a lot of strength and wonderful split balances and pivots).

-Inna Zhukova for Belarus: is maturing fast now. Very clean gymnast with beautiful lines and risky elements.

-Svetlana Rudalova for Belarus: switched from Ukraine to Belarus (as did Elena Tkachenko who didn't last long in Belarus and works as a model now, did AGG for some time or still does AGG don't know). I don't know if Sveta still trains now it's been quiet around her for some months now.

-Valeriya Kurylskaya: A younger Belarussian gymnast again with the beautiful lines you can expect from a Belarussian. I really like her. It also has been quiet around her for some time now.

-Liubov Charkashyna for Belarus: haven't seen too much of her yet as she hasn't competed that much internationally. She has been to LA Lights this year though so probably will see her more in 2006.

-Simona Peycheva for Bulgaria: superfast gymnast, not as clean but daring routines and always fun to watch

-Elizabeth Paisieva for Bulgaria: perhaps a bit more flexible than Simona and maybe stronger. I've always loved her routines. Has very flexible knees!

-Aliya Yussupova for Kazachstan: trains in Novgorod with the Russians. Probably one of the best gymnasts in the world today. Ultraflexible with long lines. Has improved A LOT in the past 3 years.

-Katya Pizetsky for Israel: originally from Ukraine she is quite unique. Has serious flexible hips and shoulders and does cool stuff with her flexibility. Esp in galas I like her best.

-Domenica Cervenkova for Czech Republic: you'd think she's like 1.80m but in fact she's only around 1.65m has very thin and superlong legs. Still young and very fun to watch. Esp her ball is always lovely.

-Almudena Cid: yes she is still around. She even lost some weight this year. Of course a unique gymnast with an own style designs her own leotards and ribbons as well. Don't know for how long she thinks she can still compete but as long as she is here she can make a point for all the others retiring at age 20.

Who have you missed:
-Zarina Gizikova (younger sister of Inessa & Aziruchs) Viner never liked her and she even got seriously mad at Zarina in public which was really ugly to see. She had a leg problem since she was born, never fully understood what but it did caused her pain in pirouettes. Nevertheless I loved her pivots and she was the brightest sunshine I've ever seen always smiling and having fun.

-Lyaissan Utyasheva: probably one of the most promising gymnasts around 2002 (during the doping scandal of Kabaeva/Tchachina). Broke both her feet though and doctors at first thought she was all faking it until they discovered the broken bones. Walked around on crutches for like a year. Tried to come back perhaps she's still training but I don't know if she will reach her old level again. Unique gymnast though with a good inside in choreography.

-Dinara Guimatova: first for Russia now competes for Azerbeijdjan. I think her time has passed. She had a wonderful penchée pirouette. Got injured just before Athens 2004 and was replaced by teammate Anna Gurbanova who also first competed for Russia.

-Nathalie Fauquette for France: imo a classical ballerina gymnast. I could watch her routines any day. After Eva Serrano no french gymnast really made it to the top anymore. Nathalie has been placed in group this year which has been the most stupidist choice ever made imo as she doesn't belong in a group.

-Lisa Inguildeeva: still competes but was shining mostly around 2003-2004. Perhaps she has some health problems regarding her weight don't know. she has beautiful cossack pivots and fouetté pirouettes.

-Jenny Colino for Spain: think she is still competing but not sure. Very small gymnast superfast but bad turnout she actually turns in instead of out.

-Evmorphia Dona: retired around 2002 came back in group not so long ago.

A nation you do want to watch is China. Different style of rhythmics imo but very interesting and with the Beijing games coming soon they probably want to make a good impression.
re: where are they all?
By smellykaT
On Fri Feb 17, 2006 03:19 PM
Edited by smellykaT (139314) on 2006-02-17 15:20:33
^ Woah, that was great GymLover.

Thanks for that TON of information on the gymnasts. I liked reading your opinions--very knowledgable and in-depth.

Thanks again.


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