anna bessonova
By Atonia
On 02/16/2006 23:48:59
some of my fav 's pics of her
re: anna bessonova
By RGSuperfan
On 02/18/2006 03:15:38
Yeah Anna is glowing and subtile , I really love her
re: anna bessonova
By DancingBeaner
On 02/18/2006 18:18:47
Thanks Antonia! :)
Anna is my favourite rhythmic gymnast, and you have some great pictures of her!
re: anna bessonova
By cookiezncreme
On 02/20/2006 20:07:04
This is not Anna, this is Galina Shirkina, also of the Ukraine team. Anna had this leotard (and a similar routine). But if you look at the legs, it is definitely Galina. I think this is from San Francisco Invitational.
anna bessonova
By ArielThomas
On 02/21/2006 18:53:25
thanks for the pic very nice she is my favourite rg gymnast.
re: anna bessonova
By Tchaikovskychick
On 04/12/2006 11:48:09
Dang, she's mighty flexible! And that guy is freakishly flexible by both girl and guy standards

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