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Dance Team Captain
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On Fri Feb 17, 2006 08:02 PM

What qualities do you expect a dance team captain to demonstrate? What makes them a good captain?

For both coaches (as in "What would you look for in choosing a dance team captain?") and team members ("What makes you respect a captain or want someone to be captain?")

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re: Dance Team Captain
By KicksElitePoms
On Tue Feb 21, 2006 03:48 PM
Someone humble about their position who wouldn't abuse it.

A person with great leadership.

Someone energetic and outgoing.

Someone who tries her best to get along with everyone not only as a team member, but as a friend and a sister.

A role model- dance wise and person wise.
re: Dance Team Captain
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On Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:58 PM
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Here in our area the dancers (high school drill team)just went through their tryouts for the 2006 - 2007 season. They were required to learn a team military rountine and a jazz routine. They were then judged by three traveling judges on their routine. Dancers enter the audition area in groups of 4, and perform together. The judges may ask you to preform the routine a number of times.

Dancers are also judged on across the floor exercises, turns, leaps and kicks.

For those trying out for the President (Captian) position - they are required to choregraph three-30 second routines. One routine has to be military, one a jazz, and the third is up to the indvidual dancer, could be lyrical, modern, hip hop, etc. The judges select one dance from your three choregraphed routines, and they have you teach that one routine to the out going President. They judge how well you teach. I'd be looking for timing, counts, proper use of terms, clarity, etc.

Those trying out for President also go through an interview process. The interview process can have questions like; where have you taught before, what are your leadership skills, why should we pick you as our 1st place for this position. They might also question you about ethical things like discipline and how you deal with it, and what your responsiblities are to your coach in different situations. How do you deal with gossip? Personally I would ask questions like, what are your goals for this team. How do you feel about the indivdual goals of your team members. They might ask you about fundraisers, team bonding, clothing, etc.

After tryouts, numbers (not names) are posted on the front door of the high school with those who have been selected for the next years team. President position - they receive a call.
It's not a popularity contest - there is too much work involved to think that is the way it will go. You must have someone who is knowledgable about many different aspects of dance. Sometimes you have to raise your voice - and maybe even piss off your best friend. No favorites.

I hope this was benificial.
re: Dance Team Captain
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On Tue Mar 28, 2006 05:54 PM
I'm the captain so I don't know if you would want my input on this. But befoe the coach announced to the team who the captain was they decided how they picked the captain. Some of the things she said were:

-the passion put into it
-dedication to the team
-ability to choreograph
-sisterly to every member
-uses correct dance terms (such as fouette, not "turny thing with kicks and stuff")
and well you get the idea.


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