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Choreography to NSync's
By Gina (unregistered )
On Sat Jul 28, 2001 02:55 PM

Hey all, I finished the moves to I Want You Back. If you guys emailed me wanting them, I'm sorry I got so many that I lost track. I posted it here for all of you. Its not as detailed as Pop only because its a little harder. The harder the choreography, the tougher it is to explain. Here ya go.

I Want You Back

1. *You’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I ever needed, so tell me what to do now, cause, I-I-I-I-I- I want you back...*

-Just stand with your back facing the audience, if you’re in a group, designate which “I” you turn around on. If its just you, turn whenever you want.

2. *Instrumental*, first eight count

-1, jump out with your right foot in front of your left

-on the downbeat, turn left, keep your feet the same

-2, turn back to the front

-3 and 4, bring your arms up and over on the sides of your head

-5, your arms go out to the diagonals, your left arm goes up, your right goes down

-6, right arm goes up, left comes down, make it look like your punching each time.

-7, quickly circle your right hand around your head

-8, put your right arm straight out in front of you.

3. *Instrumental*, second eight count

-1, jump up and kick your right leg straight out in front of you, crossing your arms just above your leg.

-2, land with your right foot crossed over your left

-3, full turn

-4, bring your arms up in front of your head, your head goes back as your arms do.

-5, put your arms out like you’re asking “what?!” and cheat your body to the left.

-6, put your arms out like you’re asking “what?!” and cheat your body to the right.

-7, re-adjust your footing so your right foot is in front of your left again.

-8, ask “what?!” to the front, but work those hips!!

4.*..Its hard to say I’m sorry...*

-you’re actually going to start dancing two counts before Justin comes in. If you do it in eight counts, Justin comes in on 4, you start dancing on 1.

-Put all of your weight on your right foot and lean to the right, your left arm will be slanted down and your right arm will be slanted upwards. Your left leg comes off of the ground.

-Switch. lean to the left with all your weight on your left foot. Right arm down, left arm up. Right leg comes off the ground.

-Move it back to your right foot, but pump it twice. This is when Justin comes in. You’ll go right, left, right, right, got it?

-would you believe thats only the first four counts? Ok, the next four are the same, except for one thing. Now, instead of going Right, Left, Right, Right, you’re gonna go Left, Right, Left, Left. k? You should be done with this whole sequence by the end of “sorry”. Hard I know, but you’ll get it!!

6.*...its hard to make the things I did undone...*

-You’re going to turn your body to the left, and your going to slide back and forth. Each slide is two counts.

7.*...A lesson I’ve learned to well for sure...*

-Once again, you start four counts before Justin. You’re gonna punch out with both arms, bouncing on one foot in one direction, and then bouncing the other foot in the other direction.

-punch out, bounce over to your right foot (1,2)

-punch out, bounce over to your left foot (3,4)

-punch out, bounce over to your right foot (5,6)

-punch out, bounce over to your left foot (7,8)

-you do this until “for”. On for, hold your left arm out to your left side with your hand up, as if you’re stopping something. Dance your way in that direction until the “aahs” are over. Then turn around to face the right.

8.*...So don’t hang up the phone now...*

-Basically all you’re doing here is humping, thank you very much. If you don’t know how to do that, you shouldn’t be doing this dance!! You’re gonna come in four counts before Justin, be aware of that.

9.*...I’m trying to figure out just what to do...*

-You come in four counts before Justin everytime in this song, unless I say otherwise!

-On every even count, one knee will come up as if you’re walking, just exaggerate it as you inch forward. So its one, STEP, three, STEP, five, STEP, seven, STEP, got it?

-the three dots after “do” are the start of the new eight count.

-On one, you’re gonna jump

-Two, kick, but don’t half-ass it. Throw your whole body into it. Believe me, you’ll be surprised at how great it looks.

10.*...I’m goin’ crazy without you...*

-this time you and Justin come in on “I’m”. Yay!!!

-you’re actually gonna work the freestyle until “you”

-on “you”, face the left and point your right arm out. Point your finger, and shuffle on your feet. Basically, you’re bobbing up and down and pointing.


1.*You’re all I ever wanted...”

-come in as the same time as the guys.

-bring your right hand up from behind your head and bring it down. You’re pointing, don’t forget that.

-This move is a whole separate eight count. On “wanted”, bring your right hand across from left to right. Your legs? Remember the butterfly from Dirty Pop? Do that, only slower. Keep it goin’ from the beginning to here. Just going across will take you four counts. Finish out that eight count by doing it again.

2.*You’re all I ever needed, yeah...*

- “You’re all I ever” is just the butterfly. Keep rockin’ that.

- Starting with “needed”, its another every other count thing. You’re gonna pose, rebound, pose again.

Pose, two, Pose, four, pose, six, pose, eight. Got it?

3.*So tell me what to do now, when I want- you- back.”

-Seven and eight of the count above will take you right to “so tell me what to”. Keep doin’ the pose/rebound thing until then, k?

-Its freestyle for the rest. Only on “you”, point to the front.

The next few eight counts are an acrobatic type of stunt. Its a flip thing thats impossible to explain. I’m not even gonna try.

Second Verse:

1.*Baby I remember, the way you used to look at me and say...”

-This is sort of a ring around the rosy sort of thing. You have an option here: you can be JC, and just stand there and sing, or you can be the other four, who circle around him.

-On “say”, you’re just gonna slide forward.

2.*Promises never last forever...*

-This part is very hard to explain. Work with me here, k?

-On “promises”, bend your right arm, spin everything from the elbow up in two quick circles. Then you’re just gonna wham it down at your side. As you wham it, you’re left arm is gonna come out horizontally.

-On “never”, you’re gonna take your right foot and do the “inside, outside” thing with your ankle and your left hand.

-After that, finish the lyric by bringing your left hand down in front of you, and body roll with your left hand above your head.

3. “I told you not to worry, I said that everything would be alright...”

-Ok, “I told you not to worry” is freestyle, the boys change positions.

-Here it depends on if you’re JC or Chris, or Justin, Joey, and Lance. If your JC and Chris, JC is gonna be in front, Chris will be in back. Basically you just hit the beat. JC leans right, Chris leans left. Chris leans right, JC leans left.

4. “I didn’t know then that you were right...”


2nd Chorus:

1. “You’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I ever needed.”

- “You’re all I ever wanted” is the same as the first chorus.

- You’re going to do all of this on “needed”. Ok, bring both arms in and your right foot up. Right foot goes down, arms go out. Arms come back in and your left foot comes up. Your arms go back out to a “T”, circle them in and jump so your legs are bent and apart. Circle your arms back in and jump back together.

2. “So tell me what to do now, when I want, you, back.”

- on “do”, bring both arms up and over your head, down to your right hip, and over to your left. Do it twice.

- Freestyle the rest.

Dance Break:

-This is nearly impossible to explain. What I suggest on this part, since I can’t explain it, is to download a performance of this song off of Kazaa, or watch it if you’ve taped it. Watch this part over and over. Its difficult.

1. “You’re the one I want, you’re the one I need, tell me what can I do...”

-Slowly lean right throughout “You’re the one I want.”

-Slowly lean left throughout, “You’re the one I need.”

-stay left on “Tell me what can I do.”

-the next part echoes this, just jump up and down and be really spunky.

3rd Chorus:


4th (Last) Chorus:

-If you’re in a group, designate positions. You should put yourselves in a “v” so that the person who is the point is in the front. You’re all going to jump your ways to the center. When you’re in the middle, the person in the very back jumps high to be seen over everybody else. Work your way to the other side.

-Finish it like the first chorus.

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cherography videos???
By cheerdancer11
On Sun Dec 23, 2001 05:17 PM
hey ur doing alot of work coping those moves good job! i was wondering what some good choreograpy videos are i know theres 1 that shows nsync moves but i dont know what its called! Thanks have a nice holiday!

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