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Step Afrika!
By bun_head Comments: 102, member since Fri Sep 16, 2005
On Tue Mar 07, 2006 06:51 PM

Hey all, I was fortunate enough to get to watch a performance by Step Afrika. It was THE MOST amazing thing I have ever seen! I was totally blown away by them. I think they are the only contemporary dance company who practices stepping. If any of you have the opportunity to watch these guys, GO!! Especially if you've never seen a real step performance before. They were funny and entertaining, they were so cool!! The only stepping I'd seen before was in the movie Drumline so I wasn't super familiar with it. It was seriously the coolesting thing I'd ever seen though! And it's not like I don't see cool stuff....I was a collegiate cheerleader so we did lots of tumbling and stunting (no stepping though) and I've also done silk work like they do in the circus, but stepping takes the cake! I absolutely loved it!! Unfortunately my college doesn't have any stepping sororities or fraternities!! Ok, I'm done gushing now...replies welcome!