Photos From my gymnastics display (warning it's photo heavy)
By dixietess
On 03/10/2006 03:47:58
Hi, these are some photos from my last year's end of year display that i have ripped off the dvd, sorry for the poor quality. The theme this year was 'TV'. Just to let you all know, our displays are VERY laid back.. you just kind of do what you want, the kids train harder for the competitions.

[b]My Fame group:[/b] I choreographed this piece, to fame (because there used to be a tv series based on it:P) they youngest girl is 8 and the oldest was 12.

Forward walkover:

Straddle lift:

Midway through a backflip(BHS):

Just before the end position:

some split leaps:

Some partner work:

And the other side:

Dive rolls/forward rolls through formation:

Another straddle lift:

Some little thing:

Midway during a ring leap: (hard to capture at everyone's right moment)

The little kids:

One girl during a change leap:

at the start:

[b] The senior girls:[/b]

The girl on the beam is halfway through a change leap:

[b] The level 3 girls [/b]: (they did x-files)

So yeah thats it really... those are the groups that i take for ballet once a week, but i only choreographed one of their displays, because i was actually overseas for the time leading up to and during the display.

Hope you enjoy
re: Photos From my gymnastics display (warning it's photo heavy)
By Kirsty_P
On 03/10/2006 05:44:22
Wow! There so awesome, there all taken at the right time. Lovely split leaps and ring leap
re: Photos From my gymnastics display (warning it's photo heavy)
By tumblebug
On 03/10/2006 09:05:37
Those are really great pictures. Lots of unique poses. Thanks for sharing!

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