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aight bet, thatz watz up AJAE
On Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:18 PM
Ma fault b, ur post wuznt very clear so sumtimez I tend 2 act first n ask questionz later. I understand tha whole thang about fundz mang, but hit ur man or whomeva u want wit ma contact 617 953 3062 or get @ me n n we can arrange a battle whether in a circle or set up (wat evaz cleva), or if itz aight wit u email wit ur contact info n I can get @ u. Ma mentality iz not about proving ma self (bin at dis 4 a min) but rather 4 tha luv uv testing ma skillz n then learning n growing. Hope all iz well bruh n tha blessings n positivity plentiful. ez

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By SpellieDev
On Tue Mar 21, 2006 03:12 AM

i have a business degree, and i manage my own successful business and career. you have absolutely nothing to say to me.

i still love you, though. :D
Got plenty say Spell Mang!(lol)
On Tue Mar 21, 2006 10:27 AM
Wuz begining 2 miss ya mang. Lemme ask u bruh wat buisness are u in? Jus wondering if ur competitors would say or think tha same thang? Got nunthin but tha upmost respekz n props 4 ne 1 who iz doin their thang, so thatz cool u run ur own buisness (we both got that in common). I also use 2 manage a retail store n took buisness courses bak when I wuz in College. U no I still I got nunthin but luv fer ya mang (gotta admit that me cheese)! wink! Itz alwayz good 2 agree 2 disagree.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Tue Mar 21, 2006 10:41 AM
Monday has come and gone. And look. No proof. How...unsurprising.
peace with you also Mr. Wiggz and much respect
By MysticVogue
On Tue Mar 21, 2006 02:49 PM
Beating you in a battle would not make me famous and I'm not looking for that kind of fame. I was 17 years old at the time I asked for the best popper from either crews, I was there to battle, somebody sent a brotha outside who everyone said was the best whether it was you or Mr.Waves whoever it was had the dopest glide i had ever seen he even put someone on his shoulders and was still gliding. I ended with a move that blew everyone away. I don't know the terminology for this move because I am old school, but it was I walked backwards in a 3D tick and then 3D ticked my glide and everyone said, "ooo he got you , he got you." After that everbody asked me if I was from the Bronx or Manhattan and when I said Bridgeport everyone said, "what the hell is that" and I said Connecticut. and that was it. But like you said it could have been Mr.Waves I didn't know names when I got in the car I aked my cousin who lived in the Bronx he said that was Mr.Wiggles and that's the way i always remembered it.

And as far as the movie Beat Street I always thought the breakers were great but I loved the poppers from L.A at that time, I hope I have not offended you with any ignorrance and I have much RESPECT for any body who been hired by Missy Elliott or Africa Bambatta because I have much love for them both.

Elixon Tony Lopez (203)-924-2577
On Tue Mar 21, 2006 02:59 PM
Edited by MRWIGGLESeb (71757) on 2006-03-21 15:07:16
Edited by MRWIGGLESeb (71757) on 2006-03-21 15:08:55 bad spelling
Hey brotha no offense takin..
that definitley was not
my glides were good, but not great, and i never did that move (puttin someone on my shoulders would have killed me, i was mad
but it sounds like it was a great battle, and i belive your story and history. "Much respect to you brotha".
there were a number of great gliders back then, it could have been Larry Love, Funky Frank, or members of the Float commitee. (all were great gliders) But either way, again, i give much respects....
I agree, Beat Street was more of a BBOY movie, and me and Fabel did'nt get to solo in the movie we were upset, we were practicin with SUGA POP, SHRIMP, and TACO before the movie, thats why we were dressed west coast style in the movie..

Not to brag or anything, but if you would have beatin me in front of the Roxy, you would have def gotten some fame out of that brotha

and god bless you

teaching any dance
By MysticVogue
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 02:21 PM

yo bro im not tryin to tell you how to live your life but there's one thing I know for sure you have to put in your dues before you claim to be good enough to teach any thing whether it's boxing, singing,or painting or what ever becuase even me after 25 tears of popping I had to go and pay someone from United Rhythm and Dance Studio in Meriden, CT $100 for one hour to teach me how to break down my moves into counts and to count in bars of 8 because now a days in any studio you want to teach they want to make sure you can count the beats to the song an that you are pretty clever at choreagrapher and when it comes to choreagraphy believe me I am a genius, but I had to hire some one to teach me to do that and that's what I call putting in your dues.

Being good at performing is not the same as being good at choregraphy.

From, Elixon Tony Lopez

P.S I agree with you about being careful about putting certain moves on the Tutorial, and your right I would always hold back how much I would show.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By iH0p
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 02:42 PM
Edited by iH0p (102010) on 2006-03-22 15:40:49
im gonna ask this again because you still haven't answered me:

WHEN or WHERE did invent EVER claim he was great?? you don't have to be the best to teach. in order to teach someone you only need to know a little more than them, just enough to teach them SOMETHING... ANYTHING. did invent charge anyone for the video clips you saw??? how much do you charge for one of your classes hm? what do you think invent gains from this?

i dont understand you. you come on here claiminng your that good and then you don't do anything on here to help anyone. and now you're telling us all not to listen to invent.

and you don't need to have a PHD in anything to give tips or advice. people who wanna take the advice can take it. people who don't think invent is good enough or a credible source to teach them anything can ignore him. people who like his style can learn from him. people who don't can STILL learn something from him. you can't tell me he doesn't have any technique. and you can't tell me he's not good at breaking things down for others to understand.

why do you need to get down on people who get out there and take the time to do something for other people. and then expect us to just respect you when you've given us nothing to respect

im not trying to hold a grudge, but you're still being a complete @$$. im glad you at least showed mr. wiggles and 3D some respect. but how bout the rest of us eh?

i mean you say you only joined this forum because you saw one of invent's video clips and thought it was so corny and i guess you felt the need to come on here and tell us all that. that's a great reason to join a forum...

im embarrassed for all the teachers out there if you're gonna claim to be one of them. an embarrassment to the older generation too in my opinion...

still have to put in your dues
By MysticVogue
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 04:30 PM
Edited by MysticVogue (153754) on 2006-03-22 16:31:56

Yes anyone can teach someone who doesn't know anything but you all claim to know more than enough so wouldn't it take someone with more expierence to give you a little more than what you know. any ways I got nothing against Invent as long as he's tutoring beginers and as far as my daughter MysticVogue she is damn good for only 16 years old, remember Muhamed Ali also bragged and know he's known as the greatest that ever lived. Also as far as us posting any thing we are not full members yet so we're not allowed to.

I promised as soon as we are full members we will post a couple of things. If you see me as a bad guy then that's ok but that doesn't make you good you just know how to hide and you need people like me so you can point your fn finger and say dats da bad guy THE LAST TIME YOU'RE GONNA SEE A MF LIKE ME.let me tell you.

from Elixon Tony Lopez
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Invent
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 05:07 PM
Here's my stance on things Elixon...

I enjoy educating people who don't know CRAP about this dance. You know... like the people who will watch you and say "Oh... that's like that Usher dancing..."
You know that annoys you too when someone says that...
I educate those who either don't know anything, or what to learn something I know.
Can I teach YOU something???
Probably not.
Did I ever say I could??? No.

I don't market my teachings to poppers. I market my teachings to NON-poppers and beginning poppers. People who CAN learn from me.
Like you said, you had to take a class to learn HOW to teach. People know, I already KNOW HOW TO TEACH.

I provide people with a foundation to learn this dance. I don't claim to be any kind of master... and on 364 of 365 days of the year, you will catch me saying to myself "Man... I suck right now..."
But I believe I have a solid foundation, and I am helping other poppers or wanna be poppers build their foundations, so then, teachers like yourself, Elixon, will have an easier time teaching your students.
Who would you rather teach??? Someone who knows nothing about this dance... none of the terminology, none of the techniques and are unable to understand what it is you are trying to get them to do...

Of would you rather teach someone that can already understand the dance, and will easily pick up what you are teaching them???

Think of me as the little league coach...
I teach the kids the foundamentals and plant the seed for their talent...
You accept them on the big league level and teach them what it takes to succeed in the major leagues.

If you can't respect what I do... then I'm sorry. Perhaps I just won't bother to refer any people your way when I know I can't show them anymore...

I put in my dues also by learning how to put things in 8 counts.
Only difference is I taught myself.
Here's something you don't know about me...
I'm a musician. I've been one for the last 13 years of my life...I know how to manipulate rhythm, and I can visually put together a dance movement with the beat. Turning something into an 8 count is easy. Turning your body into a rhythm machine, is difficult.

PS- I hope you know, there's no hard feelings. I am not one to sit there and hype myself before I show anyone anything. If someone tells you they are the greatest basketball player ever... you're not going to believe them until you see them beat michael jordan one on one.
I will tell you flat out right now. I KNOW I am NOT the best. And I know I WON'T be the best. But I do what I have to do, and I put my work in. Peaz...
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By iH0p
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 06:55 PM
Edited by iH0p (102010) on 2006-03-22 19:04:59
mmm Mr. Elixon... i think you mixed us up for yourself. NOT ONE of us have said we know more than enough... that was your daughter. and YOU were the one hyping yourself up. you didn't hear any of us saying we're damn good or masterful or impressive to everyone and anyone..

the reason why we come onto this board is to learn from one another and from people willing to help us. and if people on here want to put up videos of what they got asking for critique, or videos of what they can share with others.. i dont see that as a sign of unpaid dues or arrogance..

but when people start making dozens of posts about how wonderful they are without any reguards to anyone else.. i'd say THAT would be a sign.

and i don't think you need to be a full member to put up a video. if you've noticed people on here use hosts like and then put the link in a post. simple as that.

and another thing, i may not be from your time... but i was under the impression that during your time.. people learned THE BASICS from one another off the street and then developed their own style and technique... you don't just stick with one teacher and keep paying him to teach you choreography in 8 counts your whole life.. you take the foundations and you watch different poppers good and not so good. famous and not so famous... you study how they move and what you like about it or dont like about it.. and then you take your observations and you go and do your own thing.

i still fail to see why you need to be able to beat mr. wiggles or have learned from you, in order to teach others.


P.S. i don't see you as the bad guy and im not trying to hide from you. as much as i try and give all OGs their due respect, i just can't help but say:
sir, you really, really need to grow up. i'll cut your daughter some slack because she's only 16. but you sir, yes, you need to grow up.
back to the beginning
By MysticVogue
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 07:29 PM

Two things number 1 I agree about what you said about ways of learning, believe it or not I have good feelings towards people who have popping in their life and some kind of weird way I feel like I know them or am related to them in some way when I first came on this site. I thought this site was to seek out talent scouts or employment and when it comes to people like that I do brag that's my style. When I realized what this site was about it was too late and every one attacked me and MysticVogue. Since I am bipolar I can go from being friendly to being real nasty in a matter of seconds. I won't get any help for that because when I am at my high point I excel in anything extremely fast, the down side is when I am at my lowest, I can't handle the simple things. But this problem that I have has made me really great and unique at many things not just dancing.Believe me as I was reading the stuff you wrote earlier I was agreeing with what you were saying, but then the nasty side took over. Unlike most people my reason for getting into dancing was not nice.

My pops was an alcoholic and use to fight a lot around the house so I use to go to myself in my room and get into music to forget about what was going on around me. So, dancing to me was a way to escape a lot of the problems in the ghetto. Another thing that I want to tell you is, when we first came on this site you did not give us the benefit of the doubt.

From Elixon
Tony Lopez
Itz good seeing u brotherz communicate
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 09:30 PM
One thang 2 remember ladies n gentlemen iz that talking 2 sum1 on line iz waaay different than talking 2 em in person. All tha katz that post on here would get along n laugh @ all this cuz truthfully itz not that serious, wat iz serious iz our luv n passion 4 tha dance. I wish I could get tha chance to meet all uv ya'll 4 realz cuz we could battle n get our laughz on afterwerdz. Az a matter a fact if ne uv yall wanna get @ a rican get @ me 617 953 3062, thatz 4 ne body who wantz 2 battle or jus kick it or d all tha above (lol), but if ne any uv ya'll prank me ima get grumpy n stick a carrot in ur nipple. ez

Almos 4 got ELIXON
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 09:34 PM
called u bak n left u 2 messages on both them numberz. Ima b out town 4 tha weekend, but get @ mang whenevaz cleva.

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By CrispyCreme
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 09:41 PM
Hey 3D. It's ya girl from City Lights. Ha ha the quiet one battling it out this past Saturday at the slaughter house. Funny shit. Hope all is well, hope to see ya soon. Peace.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 11:19 PM
Edited by TrippyJing (112526) on 2006-03-22 23:56:20
<i>Couldn't post for the last few days, so I'm just gonna get all this off my chest in one combined post. Everything that follows is nothing more than a delayed reaction to all the posts in this and the other topic MysticVogue started. Being a delayed reaction, some of it may not apply anymore.</i>


Let me ask you this. How many strangers would you give the benefit of the doubt to that you meet online? Especially if the first thing out of the mouths is constant boasting? None, I'd bet.

Eight-counts are for routines. Are you teaching others how to pop. or are you teaching routines?

And the contradictions...the contradictions! There's all this talk about not being nice and not being humble and being all nasty and pragmatic to get the jobs, yadda yadda yadda. Then there's the whole "I don't want the fame from beating Wiggles." When MysticVogue gave us a phone number to call, she gave two different numbers.

And so much crap could've been cleared up had you decided to double-check the facts. For instance, the non-existant victory over Wiggles. Your daughter heard it from you, and you heard it from a cousin. No real confirmed facts, just a chain of hearsay that lasted for two decades. TWO DECADES. Then there's the whole "thinking this site was for talent scouts and employment" thing. You'd think someone would try reading the damn instructions or the FAQ...or maybe even some of the existing topics to make sure. Hell, there's even a section up there called "JOBS."

And you and your daughter can't exactly play the victim when you provoked the attacks. How did you you do so, one might ask? Why, by being braggarts, of course. For every Muhammad Ali, there's a thousand losers that brag and get knocked out in the first minute. And speaking of your daughter...

If you were looking on this site for employment options, why is it that it's your DAUGHTER'S account, and that she was only advertising herself? And why is it that she doesn't come out straight and say that her teacher was also her father? Why does she tell us to look your name up, but not tell us where? Hell, your name doesn't show up anywhere, and that still wouldn't mean anything. She could be taught by the best popper in the world, and that wouldn't mean anything either. Your daughter is arrogant and self-righteous, you might be as well, and it's as simple as that.

Why is it that she promises proof, but doesn't come through with it? Why is it that you show up to talk in her place? Why is it that you two don't like us waiting on our opinions on you, even though you two automatically assume that we know nothing of what popping can be? You acted like we only know Turbo, Usher, Wiggles, and whatever shit we see on TV. You acted as though we only battled on computers, and that we're just jealous. Well, screw you. How hypocritical can you possibly get? If you have common sense, USE IT. Being bipolar doesn't explain away the lack of common sense. Ever been lectured by somebody who started lecturing simply because they assumed you don't know what they're talking about? Ever get pissed because you DID know?

And you're talking shit about us not setting up battles. Oh yeah, we're OBVIOUSLY afraid because we don't want to FLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY for ONE BATTLE.

Knowledge does not necessarily equate to skill. You only need knowledge to teach, so one does not even have to be all that good to teach. I can compare it to boxing: does the guy teaching you to box have to be a boxing champion? NO. He just has to be a good coach.

As things are, even if you both turn out to be great dancers, at being decent social human beings...well, let me put it this'd both do horrible. You'd barely scratch the lowest percentile. This stems from my belief that you'd see a person's true personality when you don't meet see them face-to-face. Character is what you do when no one's looking.


<i>And so my rant is done.</i>
By MysticVogue
On Thu Mar 23, 2006 01:27 PM
To all who want proof you can go on
that's for all of you who keep complaining that I show no proof of what I have done.Erica Lee is a proffesional singer from Connecticut some of the pics you see I am the one with the blonde hair and green eyes. The two guys that are in the pic are Artie and Legit and that is the Diamante Show from Manhattan, New York. You can even send her a message and she will answer any questions you want.

oo by the way my dad says I hope you got what you wanted to day off your chest and he hopes you feel better now. He was trying to be cool but you still continue to be rude.

From MysticVogue
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Thu Mar 23, 2006 02:32 PM
Edited by TrippyJing (112526) on 2006-03-23 14:46:09
And you two were rude as hell before. So? Remember, if you guys weren't so damned rude yourselves, you wouldn't have gotten such a backlash.

And your proof is where? All I see are pictures. We were asking for proof of your skill. We want to see if you're as good as you really say you are. We don't want to see pictures of you at a show which we've never heard of and don't care about. That says nothing of your skill. It says that you made the cut, it doesn't say that you're exceptional. Use common sense.

<i>Blonde hair, green eyes? What the hell? I'm not about to look through those small-ass picture for someone with green eyes. If you're gonna describe yourself, try something else.</i>
Common sense
By MysticVogue
On Thu Mar 23, 2006 04:35 PM
No one who sucks at popping off the street is going to jump on somebody's stage and perform for them. This is what you dummies don't get you dont have to see somebody do their thing if they have a record of being hired constantly that speaks for itself you fool, why do you think we were trying to show you how many schools hired us and how many opening acts we've done, that's the thing about LITTLE KIDS who DONT know anything. You cant figure out just by the things that a person has done professionaly that this alone must mean they are great!!

When a person gets old do they still have to perform to proof themself?? the answer is NO the record shows that he or she at one time was superb at what ever it is that they did. So why do you keep talking about show me your skills, show me your skills haven't I already explained I am not your typical good street dancer?? I am one of a kind extraordinary individual who's done SOOO much shit. Do you think if I wasn't I would have just came on this site and started bragging for nothing???

From, Elixon Tony Lopez
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Invent
On Thu Mar 23, 2006 05:38 PM

It's like a rooster telling wild sheep its a sheparding dog... when the sheep have never seen a sheparding dog before...

Which is smarter and why??? A Waterbuffalo/Wildebeast, or a Killer Whale???

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By shaggyPopsy
On Fri Mar 24, 2006 02:29 AM
a killer whale?? ... hahahaha,
look i dont really know what you guyz are discussing i just felt the need to reply, i believe that teaching iz hardest, the best funk dancer in NZ , say, may be the best but iz really bad at teaching (no offense) , but someone whos not az great could teach way better!! hahaha that actually had no relevance to anything!!

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Fri Mar 24, 2006 08:25 AM
Either you have a father/daughter split personality, or you both just can't read. Note that I am replying to the the DAUGHTER'S post. Not you, Elixon.

<i>"Do you think if I wasn't I would have just came on this site and started bragging for nothing???"</i>

Like I said, for every Muhammad Ali there are a thousand losers who get knocked out in the first round. All the bragging really tells people is that you exist, and that you brag. In fact, not even the first one. It's the internet. It's easy for someone to impersonate somebody else. And trusting in hearsay was what got you into the 20-year "Wiggles" mistake, wasn't it?

And being in alot of shows and on a alot of stages doesn't necessarily equate to skills. It just means that you've been in alot of shows and on a alot of stages.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By iH0p
On Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:34 AM
i've been on in a lot of shows and a lot of stages :D

but uh... i dont like to brag or nothing...

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Ajaye
On Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:13 PM
Just to let you know MysticVogue. I am on the come up and IM RIGHT OFF THE STREET. I went 3 year out of a studio learning funk. Went to 2 weeks of hiphop Choreography classes to get my game back up and I am doing backup dancing with some of Atlanta flyest choreographers in miami next week. Before that I didnt a music video for a an artist named Spirit and clearly im not the best. but I have sence and I know what Im doing.

Point being, yes you can just come right off the street and get a gig if your good. Im clearly not the best but Im good enough to be in videos and I get stuff done. And another proven point, Talk is cheap just dont respond to us, put a video up of you dancing and we'll all shut up if your good. rather than calling all of us LITTLE KIDS and FOOLS when we clearly are just trying to understand where your CHILDISH ACTIONS are coming from. Im 18 and I have no intensions on attacking you. I just want you to prove your point by means of video. cuz it seems that the only way for you to prove your point is video. Cuz Nobody on here believes you or respects your character. You come off as concieted and very childish by your manor of explaining yourself. Or at least in my eyes. If your so good show me, end of story. Next time your in ATL hit me up so I can come see a show or somethin. Stop stating who you work witha dn how many shows you did without a lil humble notion or a video. Chill out and just give the people what they want.

And I will be posting myself, I aint no hypocrite.
By MysticVogue
On Sat Mar 25, 2006 08:28 PM
At this point even a video wouldn't do no good because any way from what I see of your comments and everyone elses you never seem to give credit where credit is due, I noticed that when everyone left comments about Omarion they didn't give him no credit for being a DANCER as well as a SINGER my father says also that you guys maybe OK at dancing but total dedication you don't have at all, because they're always on the computer, and if you had total dedication you would have no time to be on the computer, you would be practicing 24-7. When summer vacation comes we will be looking for the best popper in New England, so please when you know who the best poopper in New England is tell him that Elixon will be looking to battle.

About the video, we're not looking for BITTERS to bite our stuff!

From MysticVogue
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