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re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By iH0p
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:14 AM
Edited by iH0p (102010) on 2006-03-26 00:39:29
... you realize.. you respond to this thread just as frequently as we do... so if you're so dedicated then why are YOU always on the computer?? once again insulting us as if you knew ANYTHING about us.

and it's BITERS cocky... disrespectful... can't think on your own or type a word without daddy's help...

re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 08:28 AM
Edited by AyDee (132795) on 2006-03-26 08:32:42
you said you'd prove through video.
and it can be a short clip, if you are nasty, a short 20 second clip should be totally enough.
im not hating, its just really hard to believe someone when they say they are the best at something without visual proof (aside from pictures, because they are still and doesnt prove anything).
if i came onto this site and said i was the best popper ever would you believe me? hell no, of course no one would believe it.
at the end of the day we will never know if you are actually good unless you put that video up.
think of it as sort of a salute for dancers. lol


besides the fact im also in CT, Stratford, CT (And Bridgeport is literally a 5 minute walk from my house) as a matter of fact...
im just lookin for people to jam with, and also lookin for people to just practice with, and no im not lookin for a teacher. but around here... i havent seen any good poppers so i mean itd be a good thing if you guys really did your thing.

BUT remember. "Your actions speak louder than your words" (and that goes for everyone).

MUCH respects to everyone.
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 10:27 AM

Much Respects to you AyDee!!!

I agree with you 100%. You made my day when I heard you are from Stratford. MysticVogue teaches at ShowBiz Dance Theatre in Stratford. I will be glad to meet with in person and prove to you in person that we are the best. We do plan on putting a video in, I just havent had the time.

I could meet you in front of the Stratford YMCA Monday night anytime that is good for you. Just tell me. Call me 924-2577 and we can work it out the time and place.

God Bless
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 10:39 AM
have you seen any good popper in stratford? i havent.

but yeah right now im up at uconn, storrs, CT, so i can meet up until im home and what not.

no offense but i dont think i would think you are the best though when i see you. not saying id do better. just that every dancer has their preferences and what might be good to one person is wack to another. BUT i will give you the benefit of the doubt...
it is kind of annoying to hear one boast about their abilities whether it is true or not yanno?
its kind of just a matter of respect for others on the site.

anyways. peace.
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:32 AM
My intensions are strictly to gather up enough students to open up a school and teach advanced popping. I have to explain why you would even want to learn from me so that's why I did in Regards to Stratford poppers I'm not from Stratford but I can tell you all the OG's from Bridgeport all live in Stratford now. It would take me ten seconds of your time to show you I am no phony bolognay. Does this mean that you will not be meeting with us, me and my daughter??? I am retired but my daughter has learned all my skills. Because I plan battle this summer I dont think it would be wise to show my advanced moves on a video right now. I will do a little something for everyone to see on there.Trust nothing we do is wacked it's the same exact thing you do, only a little more perfected. how do I know that my stuff is more perfected than one million others?? becuase I wouldn't lie to myself, and i've seen millions and millions of poppers. I really wish that you would meet with us, you won't regret it.

Peace and respects

From Elixon Tony Lopez and MysticVogue
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Ajaye
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:38 AM
"At this point even a video wouldn't do no good because any way from what I see of your comments and everyone elses you never seem to give credit where credit is due, I noticed that when everyone left comments about Omarion they didn't give him no credit for being a DANCER as well as a SINGER"

We dont hate on Omarion for the reason of hes garbage. Hes good, not the best. We just really dislike when people try to hype him up to be the greatest ever on these forums, mind you the people who do this are people who dont even know the difference between popping and locking, when we ourselves can do the same crap just as good if we wanted. He just has a choreographer to help him.

"my father says also that you guys maybe OK at dancing but total dedication you don't have at all, because they're always on the computer, and if you had total dedication you would have no time to be on the computer, you would be practicing 24-7."

Some of us have to pay bills and/or get there educations. I pop because I enjoy dancing, and I see myself as have a talent that alot dont. Im on the come up but it takes time when your trying to get back in the game. Most of the people on here are on because they love the dance. Not to prove there the best.

Just a lil correction, If theres a competition over the summer I'll be looking out for it.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:39 AM
nah ill def meet up with you guys.
but im not one to do classes... and or take lessons really.
im more the type to practice with other poppers. you get what im saying?

its more of a comfortable environment when that happens. make ur own mistakes and learn from them type of thing.

but i cannot meet up right now. next time i am back in stratford i will call you
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:41 AM
Well, it's good to see something finally happening.

But I still gotta address the "No Dedication" post. I'm just you THINK about what you say before you say it? The only way that can POSSIBLY make sense, is if it took us HOURS to make one post. That would eat up a large chunk of the day, that it would. But guess what? It doesn't. Maybe a few minutes to look through, read, reply, that sorta stuff.

But with your defination of dedication...I'm guessing you guys must not eat, drink, sleep, work, go to school, read, write, watch movies, etc. What, do you have no hobbies? Friends? Or how about just a plain and simple LIFE? You gotta at least go to the BATHROOM, right?

Dedication isn't doing something 24/7. A better defination would of dedication would be working HARD at something. That's dedication.

And you probably have very selective reading skills if you decided to skip over anything positive about Omarion. I myself think of him as an entertainer, first and foremost. He can sing and he can dance, but it sure as hell doesn't mean he's topnotch at either. Using that to reason out why you shouldn't put up a video is weak.

It's quite simple. If you put up a video, no matter how small or short, that proves your skills DIRECTLY, then we'd have gotten over this bump in the road that you had to dump on us.

If you put up a video, and it proves that it was just hype, then I'll just chew you out (maybe) and then ignore you (probably). I can't speak for anyone else.

If you don't put up a video, then nothing is resolved.

Either way, life goes on, and most people simply just won't care about this grab for fame or notoriety.

But hey, you're only sixteen. At some point you'll grow up and realize that not everything your father says is right simply on the basis that he's your father.
You freakin weirdo
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:48 AM
Why would my father have to practice he already put in his dues. He was simply trying to give you advice that you can't become greatness without total dedication in front of that mirror. Anyways from reading your comments I have noticed that you all are just jealous of eachother, just like when you started picking on that "13 year old white girl that can pop" no matter what she said you all had something nasty to say to her, then when somebody mentioned Omarion again you all had nasty things to say, it seems like you DON'T know how to give ANYONE RESPECT. All yous do is knock everyone for what they do, yous all show EVIL in your HEART.


P.S. by the way half white girl, half Puerto Rican, 16 year old girl that can pop, so knock me for that.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By iH0p
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:49 AM
you know...

in all my time on here, you guys have never asked me for proof... i am the only one (i mean out of the older members like aydee, ajaye, trippy, invent, etc) who still hasn't put up a video.

im surprised you guys haven't accused me of being fake yet...
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:58 AM
but coppelia,
you dont boast.
and well you know invent.
um... i KNOW you dance. maybe not in popping but i know you dance, ive seen the video of your choreography.
but main thing is you dont gloat.

but mystic im not hating. if i was hating i wouldnt be meeting up with you guys sometime. im just in doubt you know?
but these arguments are futile, because once there is proof, well have nothing but respect for you if you really are good yanno?

anyways peace and respects.
Ayde with much respects
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:59 AM
No doubt I feel what you're saying we can just hang out and practice the way it's done in the streets, really looking forward to it. Call us anttime even 1 in the morning, lol.

From Elixon Much respects

P.s. in Stratford Academy of dance located on Barnumn AVE cut- off, the studio onwner's name is Debbie she knows us as Tony Lopez and Ashley Lopez.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:01 PM
barnum ave cut off huh?

i live by honeyspot road.

not too far away at all.

like literally a 2 minute drive lol
Breathe, eat, crap,sleep, popping
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:16 PM
OK you probably don't hate on Omarion but what i'm looking at is there is only but a handle full of singers out there in the industry who show a little of somehting of what we like, all the rest of the industry are all about "shake what yo mama gave you" and that is something all poppers and choreagraphers are up against most of the time when young females go to apply for a dance position its always "here put this on and shake yo thang." I've seen it with my own eyes so we should appreciate people like Usher, Omarion, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Michael Jackson, Genuine, Janet Jackson. I my self have much love for all of them and I hope we get more people like them.

From Elixon
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Invent
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:32 PM
Mystic- This post is a reply to what you said to iH0p... so on this one... I wanna hear from you.. not your dad...

Here's a phrase I HOPE you know... because it's almost a cliche...

"Respect is earned, not given."

If you give complete respect to everybody that comes through your life, regardless of what they have or have not done... then you are going to get trampled on. That's how people lose lots of money invested, and that's how their wives end up in hotel rooms with richer guys...

In the case of this dance... we all know that talk doesn't mean jack crap if you can't show the skills to match.
You claim to be street right?? You hsould know about that.

As of right now... we haven't seen you. So in one way, you are right:
We can't judge you.

But then that also means that we don't have to show you the respect you come in here demanding. Why? Because we have no basis to show you respect on.

Me... I do respect all people as people. But when they show poor attitude like you did the second you got on this forum... they lost my respect for them just as a human being, and now they have to start from zero.

In the case of the "13 year old girl that can pop".
Did you realize that she was talking about booty popping???

As trippy said... he is an entertainer. His dancing is ok... his singing is not so great. If you say you "call things as you see them..." then you would say that Omarion isn't the best, and doesnt deserve that sort of title.

As for you... I haven't seen you. So I can't make a fair judgement as to whether or not you are good. I REALLY don't care how many people you've danced with... how many studios you've taught at... whatever... why??? Because to me... the bigger the numbers means one of two things:

Every asks for you...
You have such a poor attitude that despite your skills, after dealing with you people don't continue working with you.

Are you as great as you claim?? I doubt it.
Can you be as great or greater than you claim you are now? It's possible.
Are you the best? No.
Can you be the best? Yes.

Flat out... your ego gets too in the way of your life.
When you have students... do you tell them that you're the best and there's no way they will ever be better than you??

I bet you do.

No one wants to deal with a teacher that's condescending and always hyping themselves up...
If you wanna try something that'll help get results... try hyping your students up in class...

And as a favor to everyone... until you can actually SHOW us some of you dancing or I hear from AyDee how good you really are...
Keep mine and iH0p's names out your mouth, and we will keep your's and your father's out of ours.

For once you're right
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 01:42 PM
Everything you said was well thought out I can't even argue with you because for once you have said something intelligent. I promise I won't say one more word until you have seen us, I have to say us because although my father does not pop any more he is still the one that can demostrate the "3D Tic" at the highest level. That is one technique that if you see on camera you would say it's camera tricks so we are willing to traverl either North as far as Mass or South as far as New Jersey for now until the summer. It would be good if someone you know came to check us out in person, wether in a battle or a friendly session, so for now I won't say another word about how good we are but please send someone.

From MysticVogue

P.S. I hope my students get better than me that is what a good teacher is supposed to do and I don't ever discourage my students.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 03:48 PM
Edited by TrippyJing (112526) on 2006-03-26 15:53:10
"That is one technique that if you see on camera you would say it's camera tricks"

Once again, an assumption and an excuse. I can for certain tell you that I will never think you capable of doing such a thing. You and your father's online conduct makes it clear to me that you guys aren't savvy.

For instance, you can just have SOMEONE ELSE in the frame moving to show that it's not special effects. Common sense people.

I still can't imagine what would differentiate a 3D Tick from...Ticking. This could just be terminology differences, but it seriously sounds like you just tacked on an industry buzzword at the beginning and called it something new.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By AyDee
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 03:48 PM
well you are welcome to session up here at storrs CT on mondays.

we usually have a big turn out on monday nites at 9 pm. til 11 pm.
Jus an FYI on vocab
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 05:19 PM
This iz wat I learned from POPPIN TACO N BOPPING ANDRE themselvez in person on tha ANIMATION HITTTING STYLEZ

3D ANIMATION (wuz tha original n complete name dating bak from BOPPIN ANDRE)- Vibrating ur HITZ fast kinda like making ur armz n body like a machine gun, sped up BANG BANG BANG (giving it a cartoon frame by frame effect). TACO, DRE, FLATTOP, N SHRIMP r good examples uv mastery uv this style.

TICKING- Moving n HITTING either light or hard in a ticking rythm (like tha second hand ona clock)

STROBE-IN Moving n Stopping (more wit a lighter Hit or DimeStop) in a blinking rythm (like a strobe light going blink blink blink), tha moving n stopping iz more spread out while tha TICKING iz closer.

CLAYMATION/SINBADDING- iz where it all tha stylez above come from ,if ne uv ya'll watch CLASH OF THE TITANS, SINBAD, JASON N THA ARGONAUTS, EYE OF THE TIGER, ANY DINOROMA when u peep out tha creatures the all ANIMATE, TICK, STROBE, DIMESTOP, N HIT in a ANIMATRONIK way. A good way 2 develope good CLAYMATION tekneek iz SNAKING/COBRA wit ANIMATION N TICKING. BOPPING ANDRE N TACO r sick wit it n if ne uv ya'll meet these brotherz ask em n u will c fer yoselvez.

BOPPING ANDRE will b at tha event, his iz tha pioneer uv tha these stylez n iz A TRUE MASTER, I'm letting ya'll no right now dude iz SICK WIT IT! Come 2 tha event in April in Boston n c 4 urself in person.

Tha only thing that seperatez ANIMATION, TICKING, DIMESTOPPIN, STROBE-IN, CLAYMATION/SINBADDING iz tha timing n rythm (or speed z).

Hope this helps 4 a better understanding.

Almos 4got
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 05:22 PM

By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 07:10 PM
3D thanks for that info ,I did not know about some of those guys.I am also one of those masters of that technique which you described with the second hand on the clock. In my days we called it the "3D tic" I am able to glide with it, hope to meet you up in Boston soon.I'll be trying to call you again Monday morning.

Much Respects

From Elixon Tony Lopez

P.S. We promised Invent that we would not brag about us any more until after they see a video of us.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By TrippyJing
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 07:53 PM
Ah. So it IS just ticking.
re: MysticVogue..Masterfull Popping Instructor. Impressive to anyone even old school poppers
By Invent
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 08:09 PM
Well Tony...
I was just stating my opinion on why you guys shouldn't brag. (You are OG... which kinda gives you a right... but not your daughter...)

But how can you claim also to be the best, when you know even know who some of the best are???

See where I'm at on all this???

Word is... Boppin Andre was flat out one of THE BADDEST battlers back in the day...

He's most certainly one of the most skilled poppers EVER.

I wish I were going to theevent in Boston...

more then just ticking
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 08:20 PM
IM going to describe wat i do then you tell what the hell you call it. THe ticks i do are very small very hard with out shaking very stiff not fast but not too slow. I have been told by who ever wachts that it looks like a film going in slowmotion and it sometimes makes peoples eyes get blury, my favoeite time was one time a couple of guys had just smoked some weed and i wanted to freak them out and since i know wat it does to people normaly i knew what it would do to them while they were weeded they both said nah dude stop that sh&@ your buging me out what the hell is that so i pretended not be doing anything abnormal at all i said you must be on some heavy sh&@. Then i went home and laugh like crazy. Yo this ain't braging cuz im going to keep my promise until you see a video, this tick that i do is not what you saw turbo do in breaking slightly different because if you do it too fast you wont get the same affect and it helps when you can do it with your whole body unstead of just your hands and legs. This is the move that i used at the Klein Momoral in front of Africa Bambatta

Elixon Lopez (203)924-2577
About Boppin Andre
By MysticVogue
On Sun Mar 26, 2006 08:49 PM
You got me curious because itwould be a nice thing to see someone do the same tick i do beleive i would enjoy watching it,i like to watch good popping skills on all the video i seen on the computer latly i liked one dude i saw popping kindaof with a fast style i think he was chinese or korean his name is Nam Hyun joon i like his style ican also tut like that he had some tut moves that were good, i have a lot of those kinds of tuts. I would say that alot of the battles i've seen so far the guys start off strong then they die out it could be because they run out of moves maybe when i advise new popers i alway suggest they practice for one hour with out repeating the same move twice and practice to more then one style of music.

Elixon Tony Lopez
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