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I started a dance team..any suggestions
By tapperz
On Sun Mar 19, 2006 12:04 AM

My high school hasn't had a dance team for about 7 years, so I started one up. We are only considered a club right now and we are self funded. The team is made up of 10 girls all but two have had studio competition experience. Right now I'm coaching the team...I'm only a high school sophomore. I've been searching everywhere for a coach, but i cant find one. We are doing fine with out an adult coach..I'm pretty blunt when somthing looks bad, but its so stressful...between homework, practice at the studio, dance team practice, warm-up plans, and choreography, I'm so stressed out. Does anyone have any ideas for where i could ask for a coach. Also fundraising ideas, and we would like to attend a workshop this summer the whole team any suggestions about that. lol annnnnnd what to do for try-outs this summer, what we do next IS SO MUCH TO DO!! any help is greatly appreciated!! thanks a tooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

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re: I started a dance team..any suggestions
By DancerGirl_08
On Wed Mar 22, 2006 04:54 PM
Wow...first of all kudos to you for starting up a dance team, they can be really great for increasing girls's confidence and self-esteem!

Now...since you're being a "stand in coach" why not try finding an "assistant stand in coach", kind of like a co-captain. That way you wouldn't have to do everything your self - there would be someone else to share the stress with. But I would defidently suggest trying to get a coach soon (I'm a sophmore too, and I can absolutely not imagine running the dance team I'm on, so kudos to you for that also)

You did mention that some of the girls attend a studio, you could see if the owner/manager/whoever teaches there would be intersted in coaching, or else see if she knows anyone who might like to do it. Otherwise, you said your school hasn't had a dance team in 7 years, try finding out who was on the squad then, and contact them to see if they would be interested.

Fundraising is a pretty broad topic, just about anything goes. You can stick with the basic car wash theme, or do something more origninal like have a special supper (put up signs all over advertising your "Spaghetti Supper" {just an example}, have the girls sell tickets, then have them help make the food and serve it to the people that come).

Hope I helped!
fund raising
By chsdancer08
On Fri Mar 24, 2006 03:30 PM
i cant really help u out on much of the other stuff, but for fundraising at my school we do car washes mixed in with a brat fry/hamburgers. it makes gr8 money!
re: I started a dance team..any suggestions
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Mar 25, 2006 07:40 PM
I'll try and hit each point on its own. I'm by no means an expert, but I've been on dance teams for 3 eyars and dancing for 12.

1.Finding a Coach
Talk to studios for sure. Also what about a mother with dance experience? Even if she's not actively dancing, having an adult is going to help in so many ways. She can act as a liasion between the school and the team, create more contacts, and since dance is a physical activity, it's vital to have an adult around for emergencies. Plus, if you guys go to any compeitions, camps, whatever, you pretty much HAVE to have an adult "sponsor". Another option would be to talk to a local college for dance majors or talk to college students who you knew at your studio. They might be willing to donate some time for experience.

2. Fundraising
Car washes are always great. Our dance team ordered stuff (like Mardi Gras beads in school colors, those foam number one fingers, mini megaphones, pompoms in our shcool colors) from a company called Oriental Trading Company. It's dirt cheap to order. We set up a table at football and basketball games and sold the items to fans. We got a lot of cash that way. Fundraising is essential, not only for money, but for exposure. Having a table at a football game is going to attract people and generate interest in your program. Selling tubs of cookie dough usually works well too. Classic Cookie Dough is what we usually use and they are great to work with.

2. Workshops
Where do you live? I live in the Midwest United States and in the past I've been to both UDA and Just For Kix. Both are excellent, professionally run programs. UDA is a much more hard core and compeitive, whereas JFK has a more relaxed (But still excellent. In fact, I've found that our dances from JFK were much better) environment. JFK operates mainly in the Midwest as far as I know, but I'm sure UDA is pretty much nationwide. However, I'm not sure about expenses. Usually you live onsite and so it's around $300 a person. However, camps are fantastic because you learn dances there that are "ready to perform" and you can take them back for basketball games. If camps are too expensive, look for dance conventions in your area. I've been to several as a dance studio and it's usually like a full day for like $100 or so dollars and you learn dances in many styles, do technique work. It's very fun.

4. Tryouts
First of all, will you be allowed to have tryouts, since your status is a club? You may want to check on that. If it has to be open, maybe you could have a permforming team, and a group of girls who just want to LEARN. Generally, our tryouts are set up on a clinic schedule. Auditions are on a Friday and the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before are clinics. They usually last for about 2 hours each. We work on technique (And show girls the way we do turns and leaps and on the squad) and learn a minute to 1.5 minutes routine. Usually not all of the clinics are required, it's more like "Come to at least 2 out of the three". Then on the tryout day, we get numbers that determine what order to try out in.
It is a must to have objective judges. Draw up a scoresheet ahead of time and get three judges from studios, dance majors from college, to judge. You shouldn't have anything to do with that.

5. Costumes and Music
Get catalogs from dance companies and look through them. You can find REALLY cheap costumes in them. Our dance team is getting a gorgeous lyrical dress for only $30. It's great! Onnline dance discount shops also offer great deals of costume pieces.
A staple for costumes, is a pair of unioform black jazz pants. They are so versatile and when you need a costume, that way, you'll only need to find a top. You can easily find cute sparkly halters from dance catalogs at a fiarly inexpensive price. Or everyone can wear a pretty rhinestones leotard under the pants. Also, if dance catalogs or online isn't an optioon, go to Target or Old Navy and have everyone buy matching tank tops to go with the pants. As far as dance shoes go, a pair of jazz gore boots is probably going to be the most versatile, although depending on your styles of dance AND the surface you will perform on, you may want to look at other options.

For music...really anything goes. Hip hop works well for people withut danec experience because there doesn't HAVE to be technical elements in it. But jazz (espeically broadway) is very crowd appealing. Where do you perform at? You ahve to consider your audience. At my 95% white high school, hiphop is not crowd pleasing, espeically for the parents. What percentage of the people at basketball games are parents, grandparents, or young kids? A lot. So upbeat, classy songs work well.

If you ahve any questions or need more help, feel free to PM me.


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