Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?
By illusiongirl
On 03/25/2006 08:01:42
What do you think so far? Who is your favourite gymnast? Which leotards do you like best? What do you think of the other countries?

Please share your opinions here!

Lv illsion
(Odette Richard all the way!!)
I have been watching
By aaan
On 03/26/2006 05:04:09
I liked the malasian gymnast not mant routines shown on free to air TV in australia
re: Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?
By tackyl
On 03/26/2006 19:15:49
Anyone with the video clips? Would really want to watch them too!
re: Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?
By Cuteashlie
On 04/06/2006 12:40:14
i wish we would get to watch over on this part of the world lol.. do you know if there will be any clips around?
Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Melboure?
By ArielThomas
On 04/10/2006 22:30:30
hi i am a malaysian.I can tell u more about the malaysian girls.Durratun was Malaysia's best Malaysia she is very famose.i like Crytal doing Ribbon.I met Durratun.She is a very friendly girl like Crytal and Siew Malaysia the malaysian International girls are train by russains and they train from morning to night.well,for more thing send a e-mail for more things.

Ariel Thomas
Kimberly Mason
By minime9417
On 04/19/2006 19:40:47
I am a friend of her sister.
I can tell you a bit about her.
She so should have won!
games 2006
By aaan
On 04/22/2006 06:29:59
thanks for the photos it is interesting how hard the gymnasts train their standard is getting up yhere how old are the gymnasts thanks aaan
re: Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?
By aus_rg_girl
On 04/25/2006 08:18:49
my friend taped everything off foxtell and i borrowd the tape, they showed most off the girls i think. there was alot of talent and i rekon that the malaysian girl should have won instead of orlando (sorry to orlando fans)or kim she was also really good! i also liked the girl from cyprus not sure of her name though. did anyone see the idian girls? had to feel sorry for them but i guess they're getting the sport started because of Delhi in 2010.

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