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To YOU! Dancer_Dreamer17 !
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On Wed Dec 25, 2002 09:27 AM
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Hey! My name is Lauren (dance_girl242) and I got you for that secret nutcracker thingy. I am 3 years old and I dance ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and ukrainian. I also couldent live with out dance.

I read your profile here and it said you loves dance, so I gave you this poster that says "Born to Dance" and with the attitude I learnt from your profile its suites yu PERFECTILY!

Here are some ADORABLE quotes I found on the internet and I thought I would share then with you:

~Of Leap, jump, twirl.... Get the Pointe???? Then DANCE!!!!
~Of course I have an ATTITUDE, I'm a dancer!
~Support the arts. Hug a dancer!
~"Dance to Live or Live to Dance?"

Here are some facts I also picked up of the internet:

Did you know...
...that the oldest ballet stil being performed is The Whims of Cupid and the Ballet Master? It was choreographed in 1786 for the Royal Danish Ballet
...that modern dancer Martha Graham created almost 200 dances in her Lifetime and continued to perform until she was in her 70's?

Here are some of my favorite pitures (click the link becasue I could figure out how to put them in here) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well that is my present to you! I really hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!

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