Does anyone know...
By Simona_A
On 04/03/2006 13:16:54
I saw some video with scenes from the bowling party after the Deriugina Cup 2006. Does anyone know who the girls are, as I can't identify them?
It's so interesting to see these rhytmic gymnasts also outside floor, having party and fun, relaxing also, they look so nice.
And btw: Anna Besonova dancing in video called "Funny Besonova" is looking great and it's so nice to see her having a good time and fun by dancing!
On 04/04/2006 02:16:16
Ok, you can see several gymnasts there... Berfin Sutcu (TUR), Irina Kikkas (EST), Marina Kisluhina (LAT), Anastasiya Tanurkova (MDA), Tjasa Seme (SLO), Anahí Sosa (ARG), etc, etc. Plus some photographers like Sing Lo, Tom Theobald, Dirk Zimmermann, Esther Teijeira, Tomek (POL)...

The first game was won by me (hehe!) followed onbly 4 points behind by Marina Kisluhina, but the second one was absolutely dominated by Irina Kikkas.

And yes, usually it's very nice to get to know the other facde of RSG, without make-up and leotards.

re: Does anyone know...
By ShadesOfRaj
On 04/23/2006 13:16:02
Did you enjoy the company of Natsia Tanurcova? :D
re: Does anyone know...
On 04/25/2006 02:47:51
Certainly, why not? She's a very nice girl... I don't get the point to the question but the answer is yes, of course.
re: Does anyone know...
By ShadesOfRaj
On 04/26/2006 10:12:06
that nice, I was just asking... Moldovan gymnasts need suooprting...

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