Commonwealth Games 2006
By gymmer_91
On 04/05/2006 07:43:49
does anyone have videos or pics of the commonwealth games 2006?
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By PaoLaBeaR
On 04/13/2006 07:01:40
try looking on they might have them there
(go into message boards and then click on pictures and videos)
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By DragonFly
On 04/14/2006 03:33:03
I actually went to the RG at commonwealth games! it was wonderful

one of the countries (dont want to say who because it might offend people) but they just were not very good! I know it's about trying your best but they just didnt appear to be ready for international compeititon, they came last in everything by a lot.... and showed close to no flexibility or skills :(

Anyone else know who im talking about and want to add their bit? It's sad that some gymnasts just dont have the coaching that we do in other countries
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By DragonFly
On 04/14/2006 06:46:44
Yes I don't even do RG, but i know quite a lot about it and honeslty could say i thought i have much better flexibility and jumps than that particular nation did.

I looked up their results from World champs 05 (the ones that where also held in Melbourne) and they also scored very badly there! Maybe they are aware they are not up to standard, but they are top of their country and needed a challenge.

As I said before though, it's more so the coaches than the gymnasts. I'm sure if they had access to better coaches then they might perform better. It's also difficult, because in gymnastics, dancing, or whatever other sport you do you need someone to look up to, and if they are top of their nation, then they have unfortnatley have no one local to look up too. Hopefully the sport will develop in their country though and the standard will imrpove. Good on them for giving it a go :) And yes omg the Malasyians were just stunning! beautiful gymnasts!!!!

The South Africans were good, I was at the team finals and they didn't medal, but they did well. I remember thinking that I liked their costumes lol. Why do you ask, is that where you are from?
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By DragonFly
On 04/19/2006 04:30:53
Hey, sorry I don't really remember each induviduals costumes...i just remember i liked them as a nation, lol.

And yes I agree they did get the scores they deserved, but if there is no competition left in their country, then they're going to have to do overseas comps! I hope they do well in the future
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By petit_cygne_noir
On 04/30/2006 05:22:56
I also know which country you're talking about. It seemed to me that the girls may also be quite new to the sport? I know they didn't have the level of skill the others did, but there were some basic errors that spoke of inexperience, like not pointing their toes.

Anyway, good on them for giving it a go.
re: Commonwealth Games 2006
By ShadesOfRaj
On 05/16/2006 17:09:09
I dont understand message form Dragon Fly... I watched Commonwealth Games and South African gymnasts were beautiful (especially Odette Richard). Their flexibility is on the same level and even better than general other nations who was in competition. If you have better leaps and flex and you dont even do RG, how are you not world champion???

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