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Totally out of it :(
By Jumpmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri May 12, 2006 08:31 PM

Hi, I need some inspiration.
The last few weeks haven't really been that hot during skating. I mean, I'm progressing somewhat in spins and even in my footwork, i'm getting a bit better. My jumps are horribly inconsistent and varies from really 'feeling it' one week, to 'not getting it at all' the next.

I've felt like stopping skating before, but that feeling's lasted max about 3-4 days, and the next time i get on the ice i feel great all over again. But this time, I'm seriously wondering WHY i'm skating. I'm pretty old for a skater, 22 and I'm definately not gonna get anywhere in terms of international competition unless i switch to ice dancing. Even then there is a serious lack of guys where I am, and I would really miss spinning, jumping and even the singles skating lots. There are two competitions this month, but im not doing either. Mainly because I though I'd be overseas (then plans got all messed up, and in the end I WILL be overseas after all) and that I swore I'd never compete in this level again (I've yet to pass my next test).

Also, It's so so so expensive. I'm not earning, and just using my parents money for this (ARGH!) It's about $200/5 lessons (USD $130?) and including practice sessions, it come up to about US$100 a month thereabouts and if i have more than one lesson a week.. the cost goes up and up and up.
When I start work, I'll have hardly any time to skate, I'll be really lucky if i can go once in a fornight.

please help? :( sorry about the long long post. just feeling abit out of it.


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re: Totally out of it :(
By sk8starmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat May 13, 2006 08:45 PM
Hey Jump

Skating is a tough sport, and at times it's frustrating...believe me I know the feeling, I used to fall and burst into tears and lie to my coach that I hurt my knee...she could always tell I was frustrated.

It seems to me that you care about skating, and I think that if you are getting extremely frustrated, maybe you should take a week or two off to clear your mind. It tends to help and generally your jumps/spins will go back to where they were before you got frustrated.

Sometimes when you think too much about what your doing it makes them harder, so just take a deep breath and just let it flow when you're out there.

Remember skating is supposed to be fun, just go out there and skate from the heart, it doesn't really matter if you can't land all the jumps. What really matters is that you enjoy what you're doing and that you find happiness in your accomplishments!

Chin Up and this will pass :D

re: Totally out of it :(
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On Mon May 15, 2006 07:56 AM
Thanks alot for your encouragement sk8star, nice to hear from you. Guess I'm just wondering WHY i'm skating, after just doing it for so long and having fun as well as pushing really hard (sometimes ;)

Anyway I'll see what this week brings, though I'm not so sure it's a good idea going for a lesson with a sorethroat and ear-ache.

Skate Happily ..
re: Totally out of it :(
By SunshinePointemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon May 15, 2006 08:20 AM
Story of my life - or at least my skating life.

Going through a similar thing right now. Trying to get the motivation to even get to the rink is tough. Money is tight, ambition is waning, and I often ask myself why go through all this for something that is just a hobby.

Well...I wish I had an answer for you, and for myself. The only thing I know is that skating does make me happy. It also frustrates the hell out of me. Sometimes the frustration wins out, other times - and more often - the happiness wins. What I try to do during these times is just "reset". Go with your feeling for skating at the time - don't force yourself to skate if you don't want to, try going skating at a public session "just for fun", maybe take a break from lessons but not from skating...there are a lot of options, but I think the key is to shake up the routine. I'm going to try to get back to my old habits this week actually because for the past month or so I haven't been "on my game" so to speak and it definitely shows in my sporadic lessons. I just need to get out there and have some fun and remember that we're doing this because we love it.

And we hate it.

And then we love it again.

Skating is a love-hate relationship, but its important to make sure that the love wins out all the time. If it doesn't, it could be time to reevaluate the hobby. But if you ask yourself "do I love this" and the answer is yes, then you're just in a slump and you will pull yourself out of it :)

By the by - and I know you know this - you can compete as an adult and have a very nice career as a coach so just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities available for you in the skating world :)
re: Totally out of it :(
By Irishqueen
On Wed May 17, 2006 01:05 PM
I think any skater would understand what you're going through. We've all been there.
When I would get really down, my coach would always tell me to kind of stop and smell the roses or the hockey locker rooms as she so beautifully put it :)
So, what we'd do is spend the entire lesson working on the moves I really liked. If I was doing freestyle we'd spend the time on laybacks and my foot work sequences. If it was ice dance, we'd spend the time on the paso, my favorite dance. We'd work to make the move/dance as beautiful and expressive as possible. Sometimes, just forgetting about "progressing" and concentrating on making the things I loved more beautiful would remind me why I loved skating and that sometimes you've just gotta skate because you love it.
I was blessed with a really great coach who just knew when I wasnt feeling very "on". I'm sure that if you just told your coach the problem he/she might have a solution like mine did...Im sure he or she has been through the same thing. If not you could ask if you could concentrate on a few moves that you love.
You could also try going to a public skate and just doing the things you love or just skating around really fast and feeling the breeze.
And when all else fails, wearing your prettiest skating dress to practice might help you feel more pretty and graceful on the ice even if youre falling on your butt...always helped me :)
Anyway, hope things get better...if not, theres nothing wrong with realizing that other things in your life make you happier and that you need to move on.
Good luck!
re: Totally out of it :(
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On Thu May 18, 2006 01:17 AM
Thanks so much, all of you! Sunshine pointe - it's nice to know other people feel like this too.. especially some 'adults'. those at my rink just seem to go on skating, day after day, some progressing, some not.
Thanks for all the support. Been off skating for about 2 weeks now, the first was because my coach was busy, and this week I have this sore throat which is horrid.
I guess you're right IrishQueen, I will work on the things that I know i can do, so that they get better, and work on the things that i'm inconsistent in, so that they get better too.
Thing is, I'm not that close to my coach now. I used to have a fabby coach who would totally understand when I was sick and stuff. But this one (this coach), well, is abit dense at times (SORRY Coach!!). I had to tell him about 3 times during a lesson that I couldn't do anymore camels because my head was spinning (flu/dehydrated) and lo and behold, he said, 'alright, not a problem. next time just tell me when you're sick. shall we do some flying camels?' and no, he wasn't joking.
Still, it is great to hear all your advice. Maybe things will be looking better for me next week, after this virus gets lost and i get back to the rink.

thank you thank you. :D
re: Totally out of it :(
By twirlerbabe48
On Thu May 18, 2006 08:44 PM
I guess in the end there is only one question to be asked. "Do you love it with all your heart and does it make you happy?"


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