Irina Tchachina.....retired??
By castlesintheair
On 05/21/2006 20:31:35
i'm quite new here. i just wanna ask something. Has Irina Tchachina retired? i'm from Malaysia and here i don't get news from European countries especially Russia n for RSG in particular.
i've visited her official site, but it's in russian. i saw a picture where ira's holding flower and sort of a trophy, what's that? Moreover,the english version is not up to date, so i have no access to any latest news about her.
Ira's my favourite gymnast!! Though she didn't get gold in Olympics, i know she's the best! There's just something different in her routines. The way she expresses herself, that just showed her passion in RG, and i'm always impressed by her performance! When she's performing, it's not just throwing n catching the apparatus, i can see spirit in her performances, so graceful, so elegant!!(these are just my personal opinion,you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to)
Please help me if anyone of you know the latest news about ira..Please kindly post your message here or send private message to me..Thank you very much=)
re: Irina Tchachina.....retired??
By castlesintheair
On 05/23/2006 17:56:52
thx GymLover!! n nice pic you've got=)

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