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should have said this earlier
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Feb 09, 2007 04:15 PM
So i supposed i should have prefaced this earlier:

I never claimed that this was hardcore from the streets hip hop...and i never said i was a break dancer/street dancer/ghetto. And what one person considers hip hop, is not what everyone else considers hip hop. You watch any rap video, and what is it?...girls shaking their butts. It comes along with the music, and alot of the time, thats what the music is about...girls shaking it.

and Hip Hop is definitely sexy. So, to all you haters...I would consider my dances jazz funk/hip hop...and for thoes of you who don't enjoy pop/music video type dancing that I would most definitely consider a form of hip hop, then don't watch. We're freaking white girls from Cornell University...what were you expecting, ghetto chicks from the streets? please...hah.
your ignorance
By Happy_Dancing1
On Sat Feb 17, 2007 08:34 AM
Removed by imadanseur (79325) on 2007-02-20 06:08:08 We do not allow netspeak on this website. All words need to be spelled out. u, b4, coz, etc. are not real words. We do have this rule stated underneath the posting box when you post.
your reply offended me so much i had to let u know. Firstly hiphop is not about race u as a white girl TRYING (allbeit very hard) to do it should know that and if u do think it is about race then leave it to the ones who u think know how.I know some black, white pink and blue people who will kick ass at hip hop your comments just really defeat your argument hip hop dancing originated from depravation because it was a way for the youth of that day to exprees themselves but i has developed from that into a well respected form of art and u show u have no respect 4 the art and no knowledge of it by thinking what you see surburbia whatchinng mtv base thinking ur ruffing it aint hip hop luv its bum shaking any1 can do that as my learned friend jade tried to tell you but u are too blinded by ur ignorance. secondaly sinced you have no real perception of where the getto is or what its like i suggest you keep your offencive comments to your self you dont have to be from the streets to dane but since you think you do i suggest you keep your little ass quiet and do something you do know about. do ur reasearch any1 can shake their ass maybe not well but any1 can do it hip hop is about emothion its about struggle it came from the music which ill have u know is not what u see on mtv base thats rap any1 who knows anything abouyt hip hop music or dancing will know that its meaning has been lost try listening to commons song i used to love her its about hip hop lossing its real meaning and see if u can relate to the dance. Hip hop is s much more than that look at the video for by a tribe called quest, every day people no booty shaking watch the film breaking and breaking 2 and you will see real passion about hip hop( the acting is quite bad so be prepared lol. if you want to be passionate about hip hop then learn about it coz its not what u think it ia atall i know to a certain degree it is down to perception but thats when your dancing between two styles like contemp- ballet but at the moment u are no where near hip hop and ur ignorence will prevent that. Dont keep relating hip hop to poor people its offensive and it prevents the art from being respected so learn about your trade and be the best dancer you can be an dont let the fact that your white stop u from kicking ass in the hip hop scene just know what its is fisrt i think thats what were all saying no 1 with any sense would say any different. Look at me i'm 20 didnt came from a single parent home, am black trainig to be a lawyer but would kick your ass in a hip hop battle lol and am also classically trained and have one killer arabesque not to mention my devlopees so my last thought to u is challange stereotypes dont conform to them and use dance to break down boundries and know what ur talking about next time b4 u post a thread like that baby. Lots of love keep dancing coz u are not talentless and dont be mad at what i said coz its not about hatin but educating coz knowledge is power. Happpy dancing MWAH xx
you're a lawyer? hahaha
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Feb 19, 2007 04:07 AM
1. If you're training to be a lawyer, I think you might want to go to school first considering there was not one grammatical sentance in your argument as well as almost every word spelled incorrectly.

2. The reason I use the term "white girls from Cornell University" (ps. there are black girls in the dance) I mean we have NO idea what the "passion for hip hop" or "real struggle" or whatever you're trying to pull on me is about. If you watch any of the lame dance videos that you reccommended me to watch, its the same story. Girls and Boys in low places, "rising above" and dancing they're little hearts out, and using hip hop as a positive force to get into college. haha, LAME.

3. We don't care that we're not classified as hip hop, or whatever street hip hop you think it is. Point is, you dont' have any right to tell me what "hip hop is". If my version of hip hop is the pussycat dolls, then its my version of hip hop. It's my interpretation. And with you saying "mtv videos are not hip hop", well then what would you consider it? Pop, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, girls shaking their asses...fine...I really could care less. I'm NOT ABOUT the hip hop from the heart, meaning of life, from the streets bull crap. I'm from Long Island (the closest "ghetto" is brentwood...hah) and I'm dancing because I love to dance, not so that I can have some illiterate girl tell me I'm not hip hop enough for her.

4. Sorry if I offended you by saying I'm a white girl who doesn't dance your "real hip hop"...last time I checked...I don't.

xoxo Keep dancing how you do, and I'll keep dancing how I do. Again, I'm all for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism...not classification...thanks
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By glitterfairyPremium member
On Mon Feb 19, 2007 04:56 AM
Edited by glitterfairy (42646) on 2007-02-19 05:06:14 adding on
Critique on first video: (yeah, going through them now :))

I have no doubt these girls are strong and dedicated to practice (timing and group unison is good) but I'm concerned that there's too much grinding and tricks in the routine, and not enough actual dancing... (a lot of it looked like it was also froma jazz routine? The difference is in the stance... hiphop is usually a lot more 'down') you mentioned earlier that you see a lot of bootyshaking in 'hiphip' videos, but does this mean it's actual hiphop? I think you know the answer to this one... ;) Like Kate Moss poledancing to a White Stripes video. Is that an accurate representation of 'rock' dance? lol. Sometimes grinding is just grinding... for example I teach hiphop to ages 6-12, and I am NOT teaching them how to shake their booties yet because a) it's not age appropriate, and b) there's lots of other things in hiphop I can teach them. For the record, and not entirely directed at the OP, I believe it's possible to do an entire hiphop routine without shaking my derriere ;)

On a side note there was a lot of repetition in this routine :/ I don't know whether there was a time restriction on choreography/learning choreography, but as a teacher myself I prefer not to repeat more than twice, and not at all if the students are old enough/advanced enough to be able to pick up non-repetitive choreography.

Critique on second video: Call me a prude but I still felt there was too much 'grinding' and not enough dancing... it actually came across as if the girls were concentrating more on looking sexy than anything else. Almost everything I saw looked like something from the pussycat dolls (who are not recognised as hiphop dancers - in fact they are burlesque dancers who front for The Viper Room!)

On a completely unrelated end note - have you ever done Samba dance? I noticed you used two songs that had Brazilian-esque rhythms... I love songs like that, and Samba (a brazilian dance form) is totally awesome and I think you'll love it :)
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Feb 19, 2007 07:18 AM
As far as repetition goes, it was my first routine choreographed, so as far as time restriction and idea wise, there was alot of repetition. I've tried to eliminate that as my choreography goes on.

and YES! I have samba danced, I love reggaeton music! I was in a bit of a phase at the time with that music, and I agree that with younger hip hop students less bootyshaking should occur. However, we're 20 so, alot of the time the dance is meant to look sexier and be for that purpose. But I agree, the stance is usually much lower.

My last dance actually was to PCD which is on my other post, so yeah it is more burlesque jazz funk sort of dance. However, it is certainly not what I call jazz, and it has some hip hop influence, so I classify it as a mix. I post it on both boards.

Thanks SO MUCH for constructive and educated critiscm! I'll take your suggestions for my next dance!
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Feb 19, 2007 09:09 AM
Hey I found this from someone who most def. knows what he's talking about on the hip hop board:

'Hip-hop (studio)- Studio hip-hop, is NOT considered (among true hip-hop heads) real hip-hop. Hip-hop, in its early years, was rather sexist and homophobic. So, the ballet dancers that could not make it in ballet that tried hip-hop and were shunned there, came together and created their own style of dance that they could pawn off to the dance world as hip-hop. When the video era came about, it was THESE dancers that were making it into videos (by means of producers that knew NOTHING about hip-hop).

The end result of all this, is what you see as MOST dancing in music videos: pirrouettes, pencil turns, fluid/languid arm movements, borrowed names for movements and no different styles, and the requirement of ballet as a background (due to much ballet influence).'

SO there you have it, I'm offically NOT real hip hop (as ive been trying to tell you) according to INVENT, I am studio hip now when i post, i will write, 'this is not REAL hip is studio hip hop'

I' m back!!!!!
By Nicole19
On Fri Mar 16, 2007 05:39 PM
Ok so now that you are calling this choreography "Hip Hop" , is it fair now to judge it according to Hip Hop standard?.... well I'm going to anyway.

Your piece for "Culo" on a whole definitely incorporated authentic hip hop movements, but is still not HIP HOP!. I'll go with something smart that another reader replied.., this is "Studio Hip Hop", which is not bad, it's just not true. Your routine lacked a continum of rhythmic flow.. your team was on the beat, there was just no FLOW, and your transitions were choppy. You don't stop dancing when you change formation, you must dance your transitions.

Your routine also lacks the gritty and raw emotion that makes Hip HOP what it's what I love most about Hip HOP. The raw, edgy, soul felt emotion!! I don't care how bent your knees are, or how many booty shakes you throw in, without soul, IT JUST AIN'T HIP HOP!!

I still mean what I said before, do something, or dance something to shut me up!!!!

I am first generation Hip Hop born to a family of " breakers and shakers", hip hop is not something I learned from some corny dance studio, Hip Hop is in my blood, it's part of my culture! When I was growing up you could not take Hip Hop at the local dance studio.

All of this fake hip hop out there is what motivated me towards teaching Hip Hop in the first standard in hip hop is HIGH, as it should be. If you don't really want the truth, then don't ask for it!
I can't help it, your ignorance is baffling!
By Nicole19
On Fri Mar 16, 2007 06:06 PM
You are sooooo the problem with Hip Hop right now! Hip Hop can be sexy, it is not by nature SEXY. There are plenty of hip hop/R&B videos that do not feature ass shaking!! You are so Ignorant!

As a Hip Hop teacher I am quite proficient at choreography that does not include shaking your ass. You should come watch my senior HIP HOP group, ages 13-14yrs, dance entitled "come to me" compete on April 1, 2007 at Sachem North High School Sachem, NY. Then you will see what real Hip Hop is, without the booty shaking, or that watered down dance school crap! All of my students are white girls, none of which are from the ghetto, but they all can dance true to what hip hop is.

You don't have to be from the ghetto to dance with soul and edge! Justin Timberlake is not from the ghetto and he does hip hop dance well.

You had the audacity to criticize the tone of my critiques, made towards your group, that you entitled " Hip Hop Videos...check out my choreography"

If I could personally prevent you from ever speaking about or representing anything hip hop, I WOULD. Get a grip, stay from hip hop and stop posting in public....and if you can't handle the heat, then stay off the internet.
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By glitterfairyPremium member
On Sat Mar 17, 2007 07:35 AM
Starsumday wrote:

My last dance actually was to PCD which is on my other post, so yeah it is more burlesque jazz funk sort of dance. However, it is certainly not what I call jazz, and it has some hip hop influence, so I classify it as a mix. I post it on both boards.

Alas, 'influence' doesn't quite mean 'definition'. I'd happily call what the pussycat dolls do as 'jazz', although it's definately Commercial Jazz/Funk.

And try not to take this too personally, but 'studio hiphop' is kinda looked down upon in the same way that non-dancers 'dancing' in pointe shoes is :/ I wouldn't neccessarily parade the 'studio hiphop' (also known colloquially as 'wannabe hiphop' and 'faux-hop') word around!
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Mar 17, 2007 11:51 AM
dear nicole19,

did you not read the post where I say, "this is not real hip hop...this is studio hip hop?"

I don't claim to be the "gritty hip hop" that has raw emotion that you feel. I would LOVE to see your troupe perform in from smithtown (but im in london right now and i dont return until the 12th)

I COMPLETELY respect real raw hip hop with emotion and i would love to see the classes you teach! I love to learn new styles and adapt and take classes...and I think "real" hip hop is absoltely amazing, but its not my forte.

I do studio hip hop because its what i know how to do...and glitterfairy mentioned that it's not really looked highly upon...which i understand. But it is the style that defines the choreography that I have done. And as far as ass shaking goes...i didn't say it defines hip hop or that a dance needs it...i just said that there is evidence of it in the hip hop genre, and hey...i like to do it...and...its most certainly a part of commercial jazz/studio hip, in that respect, it goes into my dances.

I respect what you call real hip hop...i dont think my dances ARE real hip hop...i think its' studio hip hop...and i think that it can still be better...and thanks for the constructive criticsm you gave...i will try to put more flow into my dances.
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By dancinbubblesmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:34 AM
I absolutely loved Culo. They were amazing!
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By LilaButJaymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:16 AM
Going back a few months..I never said you claimed to be from the streets did I? Being white has nothing to do with it either. I am white as they come. I'm talking light hair and green eyes kind of white. You don't have to be black or anything else to dance hiphop!

"We're freaking white girls from Cornell University...what were you expecting, ghetto chicks from the streets? please...hah."

I personally found that insulting. What does being white have to do with being from the streets? Absolutely nothing. There's nothing wrong with studio hiphop either..whatever floats your boat - I mean..I take studio hiphop classes just cos I have fun with it. It's most definitly not where I learned to dance - God no I learned from watching and trying people I knew who could dance. I wouldn't post videos of it and say THIS IS MY HIPHOP CHOREAGRAPHY!!! I'm not from the streets - erm - well to say I have enough money these days. I haven't always been from a well off family though and if you wanna say I'm not street or ghetto because of the fact that I'm white and planning on going to university. That's stupid. Try telling that to the kids from SSP...

Also, in my studio hiphop classes...guess what? We don't gyrate. It's not that hard to dance for 3 minutes without shaking it.
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By Starsumdaymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Apr 19, 2007 09:05 AM
Edited by Starsumday (64761) on 2007-04-19 09:07:33
sorry to insult, I DO believe people take political correctness too seriously. However, I'm not here to insult anyone by any means...and people are fine to voice what upsets them and what insults them...didn't mean it like that...

As far as "from the streets", i don't mean it in the way of "poor people from the streets,", i mean it in the style of dancing...we're not street dancers, we're studio dancers...and regardless of whether it is "PC" or not to call studio hip hop "hip hop", it's what I do, and I post it on this board for thoes who do enjoy watching that type of choregraphy. People have commented that we're lacking the "gritty" street ubran flavor of hip hop, which I understand. However, maybe not being from a gritty area, and understanding the culture, is the problem there...we can't relate, therefore we can't have that emotion in our dancing?

So enjoy it for what it is, and feel free to constructively criticize! I'm all for improvement!
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By Breezy07
On Thu Apr 19, 2007 01:12 PM
i liked the first one a lot!!! that routine was really really good
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By I_WANT_POINTEmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Apr 28, 2007 08:45 PM
Removed by glitterfairy (42646) on 2007-04-28 20:49:51 netspeak
wow!!! both of those videos were grat. i especially likd culo. that is one of my favorite songs. lol keep cheoreographing!!
re: HIP HOP VIDEOS...check out my choreography!
By dancer4evaxXx
On Sun May 20, 2007 06:12 AM
heyas i love your hip hop costumes there real funky and retro like hahahah xx
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