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For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION (karma: 8)
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On Wed May 24, 2006 09:18 AM
Made sticky by hylndlas (107168) on 2006-08-06 15:31:50 Good advice! Lets sticky this and see if it helps.
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What is 'preconception'? To put it into layman's terms, it's that stuff you do before you get pregnant to maximize not only getting pregnant, but getting pregnant and being healthy and having a healthy baby.

Some of these are things I did before I conceived my son. I was relatively healthy during the pregnancy, though it did have it's troubling moments due to a defect of my uterus that I was born with.

And it's also really run to start getting ready ahead of time if you're not exactly ready yet to conceive.


1. Start taking folate (folic acid) about 400 mcg a day.

It's being supported by the March of Dimes that folic acid supports the development of healthy spinal cords and helps to prevent neural-tube defects such as spina bifida. Nothing is ever 100%, though, but we can all try, can't we?

2. Cut out the alcohol!

Do you really need to ask why?

(Let's talk about my horrifying story of drinking almost an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE SINGLEHANDEDLY one day, not two days before I found out I was pregnant. Was it fun? YES! Did I worry about that bottle of wine through the entire pregnancy? YES.)

3. Regulate your weight.

Overweight? Lose five pounds.
Underweight? Gain five pounds.

I don't totally understand why this is so, but I lost about eight pounds and then, voila! I conceived my son. They say it makes you more fertile. Go figure.

4. Start taking a multi-vitamin.

It's good for you! Some of my friends started taking prenatals ahead of time, but I didn't. I think it worked out pretty well for them. They've got kids now, don't they?

Another thing to consider about the vitamins, those little fetuses suck up ALL your resources the first few weeks. I started losing a little hair, at first, because I just didn't have enough to give to my son. I found what I needed and started taking it and the hair stopped coming out.

Some people, it draws on their hair, some their weight and some, their teeth...

which brings us to --

5. Go to the dentist.

I was a bad girl and didn't do this. As a result, I wound up having to visit afterward and LORD! The bill! One of the things the developing fetus goes after is your calcium, and it ain't fun to lose your teeth due to pregnancy. Your dentist can find trouble spots ahead of time and help you to fix it before it's broke.

6. Drink more water. Stay hydrated, ladies!

7. Curb the caffeine.

The jury is still out on this one, but they say too much can hurt your fertility. Me? I'm just not sure. Thought I'd cover all the bases though.

Feel free to add your particular preconception preparations. Me? I've started taking my folate and vitamins and doing more than my usual excersize. Don't know if I'll conceive this year or the next, but I figured, why not start getting ready now? And it's just for fun!

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re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION (karma: 4)
By Jennamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed May 24, 2006 11:13 AM
That’s defiantly some great advice! Thanks for sharing!

Here’s some info I give to my clients at the massage clinic at my school – some from my test books, some from a book called “the mother of all pregnancy books” by Ann Douglas, some just from personal experience.
Defiantly get on that folic acid, its recommended that any female of child bearing age should take it, just in case! There is significant evidence that the recommended daily amount of folic acid will greatly reduce spinal cord defects (spina bifida, ancephaly etc).It is especially crucial in the first 7 weeks of babies development before the neural tube closes, this is why is especially important to take it prior to conception.

Exercise is recommended too, and suggested you try and obtain a HEALTHY body weight before getting pregnant. If you start too much overweight or gain too much weight you are at an increased risk of preclampysia( condition characterized by extremely high blood pressure), gestational diabetes, and requiring induced labour or c-section. You are also more likely to give birth to very large babies (ouch!), babies with neural tube defects, and babies who are at an increased risk of developing diabetes later. So its very important to exercise before and during pregnancy.

Drink lots of water! Pretty much every health care provider I have seen or spoken to during my pregnancy has said this – its good even if your not pregnant or trying too of course.

Check your meds, check anything you use. I had to stop using my face cream, so you never know!

Its also important no to wait until your pregnancy to start eating healthy. Note that you don’t need to up your calorie intake yet, unless you are underweight and it has been dr. recommended. Three very important things to look for in your diet (or supplement); FOLIC ACID, CALCIUM, and IRON, all very important during pregnancy, so its good to have an adequate store before hand.
One book that I read had a list of things for dads-to-be to do while trying to conceive or getting ready to do so:

- avoid injuries to the genital area (although im pretty sure they all do that anyways lol)this can hamper the development and transport of sperm and cause ejaculation or hormone problems
-don’t expose genitals to excessive heat (so i guess the hot tub is kinda out for optimal results)
-avoid exposure to toxic or radioactive material (which yu should really be doing anyways)
-achieve a healthy weight (too much can mean an increase of estrogen which causes problems with communication between the pituitary and testes)
-get the dr.s okay about herbal medicine, some are associated with damaging sperm (st. johns wort, ginko biloba, and eccenacia)

Yeah I think us ladies have a bit more to do on the list then our male counterparts (but then again when do we not :))


Not much needs to be said about smoking – but some highlights are:
- smoking makes you less fertile
- smoking interfered with absorption of vit
- disrupts the flow of oxygen to the baby
- smoking increase chance of birth defects (esp. cleft palate/lip)
- can harm even the baby’s lungs
- increases your risk of delivering prematurely
- can even be FATAL to the developing baby
- you are more likely to experiences placental abnormalities and bleeding among other pregnancy complications
- smoking has been linked to childhood behavioural problems in some studies
- smoking can negatively effect breast feeding


Unfortunately most experts agree that caffeine can expose the baby to significant risks. This is suggested that the risks come into play if there is 150 mg of caffeine per day or more (im not sure about this, but I think you get more than that in an can of coke or iced tea). None the less there is still not a recommended “safe” amount of daily intake for caffeine, so its best just to kick the habit for the next little while.

I know its much easier said than done, but keeping down stress levels is very important. Being super stressed can make conceiving difficult and really screw around with your periods and ovulation (as we have probably all experienced before). Its also suggested that extremely high levels of stress can lead to an increased chance of birth defects. So, take a weekend off, grab a nice book and a comfy chair and try your best to “chill”.

It’s a great idea to go get a check up at the doctor to get a clean bill of health. Let him or her know it’s a preconception visit! Your dr. will:
-talk with you about your plans to conceive, and answer any questions you may have, they will also give you some healthy pointers
-ask questions about your lifestyle and recommend any changes
-conduct a general physical to determine if you have any undiscovered health issues which could be a concern
-review your list of medications and let you know which ones are safe to continue
-they’ll probably do a breast exam and pelvic exam, along with a pap, and discuss your sexual health history
-they will likely send you for blood work to check for anemia and sexually transmitted diseases, and a urine test to check for problems with your kidneys, and UTIs etc
-a rubella test (german measles), which can be deadly to a fetus (STAY AWAY from anyone who potentially has german measles!! VERY IMPORTANT
-if you don’t already have one, your dr. may be able to give you a referral to an ob/gyn or midwife

All in all – if your trying to conceive its good to go see the doc if your able, they will let you know all the details and answer any questions.

P.s. I’ll second you on the dentist thing for sure! My teeth have always been bad due to poor enamel, but since ive been pregnant its been much worse. I’ve got a toothache, so im looking forward to a nice cavity-filling visit soon.
re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION
By JendrexPremium member
On Wed Oct 11, 2006 07:24 PM
Thanks for all the great Advice!! My husband and I are going to start trying around the holidays! I am already taking the pre-natal vitamins, and dropping a few extra pounds. Has anyone taught throughout thier entire pregnancy? I currently moved to Florida and looking to teach but, just curious if anyone has taught thru full term???
re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION
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On Tue Nov 14, 2006 07:19 AM
i was told by my child psychology teacher that having the baby daddy take a nice dose of vitamin c everyday helps prevent a bunch of cancers.
re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION
By reginag
On Mon Jun 29, 2009 02:40 AM
It's so important to be extra careful when pregnant. Especially being aware of what you eat.
dallas ob gyn
re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION
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On Sat Jan 29, 2011 08:00 PM
This has all been really great and helpful advice! Thanks for posting it! My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant, and these tips are very useful.
re: For all who would like to try soon, let's talk about PRECONCEPTION
By gioland
On Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:14 AM
CinammonGirl wrote:

3. Regulate your weight.

Overweight? Lose five pounds.
Underweight? Gain five pounds.


Easy. Fat influences the production of hormones, particularly estrogens. It makes sense for the body to start a pregnancy in optimal physical conditions.

CinammonGirl wrote:

4. Start taking a multi-vitamin.

Careful here. Recent research has shown that folate supplement of ~1000mcg, taken for long periods, is associated with an increased risk for some cancers. Check your folate supplements and your multi-vitamin so that the total amount does not exceed 1000mcg, and only keep this level strictly during the prenatal period. Otherwise, 400mcg/day is enough.


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