Ballet Gear in Fashion
By blazebox
On 06/16/2006 23:42:43
Ballet in fashion, it's inherent and it's everywhere. Don't take offence to how they tie their shoes or what not. Enjoy them! :)

Vogue (DE) April 2002
Festival Der Sinne
Photography by Alix Malka

CK Homme Danseur Series.
Photography by Christophe Kutner

re: Ballet Gear in Fashion
By scrambled_legs
On 06/17/2006 02:46:07
I like :) always up for people doing something creative and different - have been a big fan of Vogue's photography for some time now

thanks for posting

Claire x
re: Ballet Gear in Fashion
By mandarina
On 06/17/2006 17:22:00
cOolness!!! :] thanks for sharing
re: Ballet Gear in Fashion
By dance_grl
On 06/19/2006 06:51:55
Did anyone else look at the first photograph and think her foot looks unnaturally thin? It just seems very narrow.. maybe i have weird eyes.

Cool pictures thanks!
re: Ballet Gear in Fashion
By ContrerasMell
On 05/25/2021 07:48:00
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