Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 07/05/2006 13:44:30
Ok, I've seen a lot of questions on Belly Button Rings/Navel Piercing. So...I'll try to answer some of the most common ones! For general questions on piercings (what to look for in a studio and stuff like that) go to the top and look at the sticky PieceofToast made.

[big]Will it hurt?[/big]

Well....That depends on your pain tolerance. I have a pretty good one. I don't think getting my navel piercing hurt at all. One of my friends said it hurt like nothing else! So, don't rely on your friends. But here is a good rule of thumb, you're getting a 14 gauge needle shoved through your skin, so you're bound to feel SOMETHING. Like I said, I don't think mine hurt, all I felt was a pinch when he did the actual piercing. But after....It was a little sore.

[big]I got it! How do I take care of it?[/big]

Each piercer has their own version of after care. Mine told me to use unscented, non-dyed soap, in a bottle with a pump type dispenser to clean my piercing in the shower. I was to clean it twice a day or after getting really sweaty or dirty, like from working out. I was also told to sea salt soaks. (More on those in a few!) [hl=yellow]So, listen to your piercer when they give you the speech on aftercare.[/hl]

[big]It's a little swollen, what do I do?[/big]

Take some ibuprofen, that will help with the soreness and swelling. Some swelling is normal. So, don't panic! ;-)

[big]It's all red and there's some crusty stuff on my ring! What do I do?![/big]

Ok, Redness and some whitish/yellowish discharge is normal. The discharge is stuff called "lymph". It's dead cells and plasma. It's normal. If it's on your ring/barbell dip a q-tip in warm water and GENTLY remove the crusties. DO NOT rotate your ring with "crusties" (lymph) you can irritate your piercing and cause further injury or an infection. So, while you're in the shower is a good time to remove those crusties. Don't use a washcloth, those can have germs on them. Use a q-tip. :-) If you don't think this is normal or think you might have an Infection, call your piercer.

[big]My piercer told me it's infected, what do I do? Do I take it out?[/big]
[hl=yellow]NO!!!!!!!!!DO NOT TAKE IT OUT!!!! IT WILL CLOSE AND IT CAN CAUSE AN ABCESS[/hl] (I've seen a few of them, not from piercings but from other stuff, you DON'T want one, they're not pretty and they hurt like hell) BTW, An abcess is where the infection gets trapped under the skin. It's super-gross. So, back on topic....Go to your doctor, he/she will perscribe anti-biotics. If they tell you to take it out, don't. But...if you keep it clean and also DON'T TOUCH IT WITHOUT WASHING YOUR HANDS, you won't have any problems with infections, also provided you go to a clean place. :-D

[big]Ok, I've grown out of wanting my navel pierced, will it close if I take it out?[/big]

Chances are? Yes. You will also have a scar. Vitamin E oil can help minimize scarring. To do that, break open a vitamin E capsule, and squeeze the oil out and rub in.

[big]Should I get a ring or barbell?[/big]

Personally? I recommend a barbell, they don't get caught as easily on clothes and stuff. A lot of piercers won't pierce with barbells. Some will. They say a ring is easier to clean, while I do see their point, I had NO problems whatsoever with my barbell. It never got infected, it had the normal redness and stuff, but I did sea salt soaks and took care of it and everything was fine. :-)

[big]How do you do a sea salt soak?[/big]

Take a single use cup (like a "dixie cup") put in 8oz of WARM distilled (bottled water is perfect for this) water and then stir in 1/4 TEASPOON of NON-iodized sea salt. Do NOT use iodized, it is too harsh on your piercing. Your piercer will either give you some or you can stop by any health food store to get non iodized salt. Ok, you have your cup of salt water. Go over to the couch, invert the cup on your navel and lay down for about 15 minutes. The cup should form a vacuum and stay put on your piercing. Pretty cool huh? ;-) If it doesn't, just hold it there. After thats done, I would rinse my navel out. It's up to you. Some piercers say rinse, others don't.

[big]When can I change my jewerly?[/big]

Ask your piercer this one. Mine said not until it's healed (6-12 months).

[big]Can I dance with it in?[/big]

Listen to your body, I wouldn't recommend sliding across the floor, but just be careful you don't catch your piercing on something. So, if it hurts, stop. ;-)

[big]How much does it cost?[/big]

Well, i'm not sure, most places the normal is $30-$50. Don't shop around for the best price, so if you know a very clean shop in town, but they charge $50, but another shop charges $20, but looks a little seedy, I'd rather pay the $50. I paid $55 for mine. ($50 for the actual piercing, jewerly included, plus a $5 tip for my piercer :-d) [hl=yellow]Please, Please, PLEASE tip your artist!!! They don't make an hourly rate more than a few dollars and hour, they live off tips, TIP THEM!!!![/hl]

Ok, I think thats a round-up of the most common questions I see on this board. If you need further assistance, just ask! :-D
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Heidi2
On 07/05/2006 17:50:51
Karma! Really good post!! I already have mine, but before I got it these are just the questions I was asking :D Thanks.

Love }|eidi XxXx
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Megan
On 07/06/2006 23:05:26
Keep in mind, too, that a CBR or other ring can twist around to get all the dirty stuff inside your piercing just as easily as they can twist to clean them.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By PinUpGirl
On 07/27/2006 15:30:20
My piercer recommends strongly against CBR's for navel piercings. They get caught on stuff easily and nasty little germies can get caught where the ball attaches to the ring. Definitely go for a barbell if you're given a choice (I wasn't).
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Dance_4eva
On 08/09/2006 22:47:38
Thanks for all of this information ^_^ I finally got it done :D

They only told me to put anti-bacterial soap everyday or wash it w/ antil-bacterial sope or what we have here called "Dial" soap.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 08/24/2006 04:43:15
Yes, anything scented or colored. And liquid soap is just easier to use in my opinion. So I guess you could use plain, non-scented, non-colored bar soap. But I think with liquid soaps you get a much better lather. :-) PM me if you need anymore advice.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 08/30/2006 15:10:17
Depends on the anti-septic, I said soap, regular, liquid, unscented, non colored anti-bacterial soap because thats what most piercers reccomend. Most antiseptics will be way too harsh and will end up doing more harm than good, as in killing the good tissue instead of the germs, it will kill both. Call your piercer.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By iliah
On 09/29/2006 22:26:53
^Uh, NO.

No times two hundred eighty-seven to the nineteenth power.

In short, no, don't do it.

re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 09/30/2006 02:15:02
You're a dumbass if you pierce it yourself, plain and simple.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By fasion_person
On 03/28/2007 13:54:46
thanks for tips every one
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By fasion_person
On 03/28/2007 13:55:35
thanks for tips every one
when i get mine pierced i well keep all the tips in mind which will help
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Krazy_Kat
On 04/10/2007 13:12:58
Wooo!! I can get it done now! That was actualy a really good post!
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Kellith
On 08/08/2007 22:11:45
This was a great post! I'm with you on the pain level. When he pierced mine, I didn't actually know that he did it...I thought he was just readjusting the clamp! My sister and my friend though said it hurt like no other! I'm glad I have a good pain tolerance.
For those of you who get an infection, it WILL clear up! You have to baby it. I got an infection after about 2 months, but don't take out the ring (even if it's a barbell).
My piercer recommended Dial Liquid Soap and it's worked wonders. Just use a Q-tip and make sure you baby it while it's still tender.

re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 12/07/2007 18:38:59
Call your piercer.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By fdancer111
On 03/24/2008 14:28:53
hi. i am planning to get my belly button pierced this wednesday the 26th. but i don't know if i should get it done now because i have a dance competition coming up on april 5th and 6th. should i wait till after because i am afraid that it would not heal in time before my competition. but another catch is i have another competition on the 26th and 27th. i don't want to have to wait till after that competition. would it be okay to get it now or after my first competition?
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Wicked_Elphaba
On 03/24/2008 15:19:19
I would wait until after your competitions. A navel piercing doesn't actually heal until 4-6 months after you get it done.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By sxc_kates
On 10/10/2008 05:42:23
great info didnt feel mine either xxx
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By AshztnGrl
On 07/07/2009 21:00:48
Thank you so much. I have been wanting to get my naval pierced for a long time. The information was quite helpful!!!!
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By x_Nic_x
On 08/08/2009 04:53:44
Great sticky :) I'm going to get mine done soon, and I'm really excited/nervous! I think it'll be ok though, I've got quite a high pain tolerance and I didn't have much of a pain problem with my ears (my only other piercing). Thanks for posting the info, it's good to know we've got somewhere like DDN to turn to for even something as small but as important as piercing aftercare :)
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By emolind
On 08/25/2009 03:00:22
When I got my navel piercing it did not hurt at all. But I think it's because everyone told me it hurt like nothing else! So I was prepared for an incredible pain.I was very surprised when it was not bad at all.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By x_Nic_x
On 08/30/2009 13:44:39
I finally got it done and it barely hurt at all. I have a thread about it, but I still have an unanswered question - how do you know if your piercing has healed? On the sheet I was given it said it could take anything from 2 weeks to 1 year to heal (depending on the person), but how can I know when it's safe to change the jewellery? I don't think it could be anything visible - I only had it done 2 days ago and it hasn't bled or pussed at all. It actually looks like a healed piercing (although it's obviously not) so I don't know when it's safe to change the jewellery or take it out.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By Kekoa
On 08/30/2009 22:10:49
To be on the safe side, I waited 6 months. It was sore when I changed it, so I left that jewelry in for another few months. Then I was fine. It's better to wait. Navels don't get a lot of blood flow, so it takes a long time to heal.
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By sky_dancer_2010
On 09/03/2009 00:12:17
Thanks for the great post! I just got mine done a few days ago nd it really helped, because my peircer wasn't very clear on what happened afterward because they were sooooo busy...she told me how to clean it and thats about it!
re: Navel Piercing FAQ's
By dancing12chick
On 12/05/2009 14:32:05
Really great post! I have had mine pierced for several years now and before getting mine done I was very nervous and wondering all of these questions! But really the best thing to do is if you do have questions ask your piercer and they should be willing to answer them for you!

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