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STAR FARMING (karma: 4)
By DANCEPAC Comments: 1317, member since Sat Jan 12, 2002
On Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:14 AM
Made sticky by linh (3) on 2003-01-19 15:43:14
Edited by balletgurl (11968) on 2003-11-18 22:56:48 moved to admin
Made unsticky by imadanseur (79325) on 2010-08-21 08:35:41

Just a quick note, I've noticed ALOT of star farming on this forum. . . I don't mean to be the wet blanket, but here on its not looked at very highly!

Please make sure your posts have some substance and intrest to it, if you want to talk to someone directly, PM them - or use ICQ, MSN, AOL, MESSENGER!

Don't waste the forum space with nonsense!

Please stop the Star Farming - - - -

Here is some information about stars if you are unaware:

Stars are awarded based on the number of comments you post:
awarded after 50 comments
awarded after 250 comments
awarded after 500 comments
awarded after 1000 comments
awarded after 5000 comments

You're all set to start collecting stars! Just participate by posting comments.

Tip: Spamming or flooding a forum with senseless comments solely to obtain more stars is highly frowned upon! This is called star farming and may result in a ban and a loss of your stars. Informative or humorous comments are appreciated by all.

Thank you

46 Replies to STAR FARMING

By DanceForCraic Comments: 2840, member since Sun Apr 07, 2002
On Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:19 AM
Thanks so much! This star farming is getting incredibly annoying. What's the big deal if you have a star or not anyway??? I don't get it, it's just a star people.
By STEPHANIE3 Comments: 10519, member since Sat Jan 18, 2003
On Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:54 AM
hiya am steph,i have not got a star yet but i'm trying to get 1
luv stephxxxx
By DANCEPAC Comments: 1317, member since Sat Jan 12, 2002
On Sun Jan 19, 2003 12:42 PM
By linhPremium member Comments: 2688, member since Sun Mar 07, 1999
On Sun Jan 19, 2003 03:46 PM
Please do not star farm. I've already removed comments/stars and banned two people for abusing their posting privileges by star farming. Thanks for posting this, Joey. I've made it sticky.

By freakyvibes Comments: 303, member since Mon Jan 06, 2003
On Sun Feb 09, 2003 04:38 AM
yeh ure rite but puttin on comments is fun and i dnt think most ppl di it 2 gain stars x x x
By DANCEPAC Comments: 1317, member since Sat Jan 12, 2002
On Sun Feb 09, 2003 01:07 PM
Freaky Vibes,
I'd like to agree with you that most people don't do it to gain stars, but certain people who post on the disco boards - they know who they are because they had temporary bans - did do just that, post to get stars.

Star Farming seems to happen more on the disco forums than anywhere else, its a sorry fact - but still a fact.

People, like myself, enjoy the Hot! forum - and when people post nonsense it makes the Hot! board redundant.

By Lea_dance Comments: 504, member since Thu Feb 13, 2003
On Mon Feb 17, 2003 09:17 AM
ur totally right. were here to share photos and gossip about dancing, right? lv lea
By miss_yum_yum Comments: 416, member since Mon Dec 09, 2002
On Tue Feb 18, 2003 07:42 AM
UR right, I am a parent to a Disco dancer, and there is a lot of star farming on the Disco board "WHICH MAKES THE REST OF US LOOK BAD" so please stop it.

I have people posting messages saying they are intrested in a suit for sale"pls sent photo" I send them a PM and they still post saying where is the pic's, if they read their PM they would know!!! Classic case of "Disco Star Farming"

Star Farming
By Glissade Comments: 41, member since Wed Feb 26, 2003
On Sat Mar 01, 2003 04:53 AM
Why have stars anyway? Surely it should be your opinions that matter.
By Kelly2003member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1603, member since Sun Jan 12, 2003
On Thu Mar 06, 2003 03:26 PM
Edited by Kelly2003 (54029) on 2003-03-06 15:27:23 colour text! didnt type it properly

This comment is my last comment 4 2 stars but I havent star farmed 4 it! I have stated opinions and put my views across on all the 250 posts I have sent! I have earned mine! Seems appropriate huh?? lol

But even saying that I dnt come on here purely 4 stars! I do it cuz I enjoy talking to people who have the same interests and people who all dance!

I dnt see the point in these people who star farm!

Loadza luv Kelly xxxx
By Lea_dance Comments: 504, member since Thu Feb 13, 2003
On Thu Mar 27, 2003 12:18 PM
anyway, too many stars clutter a name! just joking!
STAR FARMING (karma: 1)
By Disco_Chickmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 4014, member since Wed Feb 05, 2003
On Thu Mar 27, 2003 04:29 PM
I agree with you's whats the point ? what is the difference from having no stars to have 4?? it doesnt make you any better person.
i post when i feel i want to express my opinion not because i want stars to be honest i didnt even know how you got them or nuttin lol!
luv n stuff lindsey xxx :) :) :)
By Shaz Comments: 35, member since Sat Mar 08, 2003
On Sat Mar 29, 2003 10:34 AM
hi i havent got a star yet either but i am trying really hard to get one. luv shaz
By Sean_McIlroymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 2191, member since Mon Feb 17, 2003
On Thu Apr 24, 2003 02:12 PM
i see ur point. its v annoying when u read an interesting post, and its just people saying hiya - and all that stuff to eachother !!!!
By starisaz Comments: 2851, member since Wed Jul 31, 2002
On Fri Apr 25, 2003 08:41 AM
i totally agree! good point thanxs 4 the info on stars!!
love sarah x.x.x.x
By DevilishDiva Comments: 5188, member since Sun Feb 23, 2003
On Sat May 31, 2003 02:45 PM

i'm cany new here and i didnt know a thing bout these stars! i've worked out that u earn them n they go on the end of ur name thingy! am i rit? othawise i've jus made myself luk like a rit plonk! lol! but can i ask.... wot do they actually do? or is it jus 2 make ur name all prettiful n snazzy?!

luv lynz
By IDdancer Comments: 1163, member since Fri Apr 25, 2003
On Sat May 31, 2003 05:46 PM
i dont get what star farming is!
By DANCEPAC Comments: 1317, member since Sat Jan 12, 2002
On Mon Jun 02, 2003 01:59 AM
Star Farming is when people post just to get stars.

- One Word replies
- Muliple (similar) replies
- Flooding the forums with the same question, over and over
- Starting new threads, when a reply should be added to an existing thread

By IDdancer Comments: 1163, member since Fri Apr 25, 2003
On Tue Jun 03, 2003 02:35 PM
Oh right thanks. now i understand! i think its abit sad to be honest! after all its only a few stars after your dont make u ne better than the next person!
By littlecutie Comments: 149, member since Tue May 27, 2003
On Thu Jun 05, 2003 02:26 PM
Hi ya
Not got any yet but trying 2 luv jess i think i have only posted bout 25 ! woops :D
By ID_laydee Comments: 935, member since Tue Apr 29, 2003
On Fri Jun 06, 2003 09:20 AM
i agree cassie but it is their website and it is right that they make the rules!! And we should stick to them! But the more stars you get the prettier ur name looks!haha :)
By IDdancer Comments: 1163, member since Fri Apr 25, 2003
On Fri Jun 06, 2003 12:18 PM
no i mean star farming is sad. not the stars next to your name. i agree that they are very pretty! but people should earn them and not waste messages getting them!
star farming
By stephi Comments: 62, member since Tue Jun 17, 2003
On Tue Jun 17, 2003 02:12 PM
you are totally right. i have just started to use the sight and i didnt even know what the stars were all about until now. i cant believe that people would block forums with nonsense just to get a silly little star next to their name. its just sad

keep dancing hard and playing harder

By nearlyfamous Comments: 268, member since Tue Jul 08, 2003
On Sun Jul 20, 2003 02:36 PM
I didnt even know a thing about these stars and I dont care I only come on here 2 see wats happening in the "dance world"
I think that u were spot on!!!!
LOads of luv XXJTXX
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