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Definition of a battle!!!
By NayMarie6
On Tue Oct 17, 2006 07:44 PM

The following was posted in May by Invent... I thought it was so genius and true that I had to post it again!!! So here it is:

Definition of a battle!!!
By Invent Comments: 1669, member since Wed Jan 14, 2004

On Sun May 22, 2005 07:14 PM

Made sticky by MIClogger (28613) on 2005-05-22 19:58:24

It is abundantly clear that the definition of a battle is needed.

A battle (in hip-hop)- is when two (or it can be more) opponents, either MC's, DJs or dancers, go against one another to determine who is the best (or better of the two).

Battles can happen spontaneously in a cypher, they can be planned, or they can occur for an event (a tournement style event).

ESPECIALLY in dance, there are rules to battling like, no touching, no biting (copying moves), and there shouldnt be routines (unless otherwise specified).

The topic of fantasy battles (like celebrity vs. celebrity) should never really be discussed only because no one really knows what the two can bring to the table (and the fact that most of their dancing is choreographed, you can only really decide on who is the better of the two at following choreography). In theend it is pointless and mere opinion on who would win.

One last note- particularly in dance battles... when it's supposed to be a popping battle, you should be POPPING... no bboying, no party dancing...etc... It goes the same for any other type of battle... mixing of styles should not take place.

Any one else feel free to add any comments.

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re: Definition of a battle!!!
By KrUmP_4_DeTrOiT
On Thu Nov 16, 2006 07:00 PM
That hits the hammer right on the nail.
battles @ dances
By dancingbabe7
On Sat Dec 02, 2006 07:52 PM
k so i have this girl and im not going to name names but we r having a battle at our school dance and she apperently does not know the rules. i seriously could implant them in to her brain but she dont get them she says shes not going by the rules and i wanna just wip her and have two pro judges there cuz she would so not win !!
dancingbabe7 :P


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