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Changing partners
By cntryldy52 Comments: 24, member since Sat Mar 11, 2006
On Wed Oct 25, 2006 08:07 AM
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I'm fairly new to ballroom dancing and I have been told that dancing with other men/women is a good idea instead of dancing with my husband/wife all the time. We are not comfortable with doing this, since we enjoy dancing with each other and nobody else. They have a dance mixer at the dance club we belong to and a lot of people keep trying to get us to get up and join the mixer. I want to be a good dancer, but only with my husband

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re: Changing partners
By dancefreak1991 Comments: 331, member since Fri Jun 02, 2006
On Fri Oct 27, 2006 05:44 AM
Maybe the people at your dance club are trying to help you so if there is a time where you have to dance with someone else, you can and you are not so used to your husband as your partner.

I'd give it a go, only once maybe to start with and see how you both feel.

Faye x
re: Changing partners
By virginia2606 Comments: 20, member since Wed Oct 25, 2006
On Mon Oct 30, 2006 08:00 PM
i am married and started dancing with my hasband 5 years ago...he is a good dancer but he stoped after a couple i dance with whoever i want to....i get rather board knowing exactly what my my husband can do and i thrive on being able to follow any mans lead...i recently started argentine tango where you have to be intune with your partner and i love it...wish my hubs would do it but i feel i am much better partner with him and with others for dancing with alot of men
Changing partners
By cntryldy52 Comments: 24, member since Sat Mar 11, 2006
On Mon Oct 30, 2006 08:20 PM
I don't know, this seems to be the rule of thumb - to dance with other people to be a good dancer. Maybe we aren't cut out to do this if we need to change partners and not stay with each other. We did take some lessons where my husband needed to dance with other women, since the women outnumber the men. He did so, but was not comfortable with doing it. ;)