What I really want to say!
By dancengroovegirl
On 11/30/2006 21:32:08
I know their was a post like this recently but couldn't find it.

To all the parents who have yet to just realized costume deposit is due today:

Yes it's 11/30 you have known that the $60 costume deposit was due today since you registered for classes. Your child has been in class this week. It has been in the newsletter that came out at the beg of the month then again 3 times in the one I gave you this week. It has been on our website all month and right in your face the second you walk in the door to drop off your daughter. Yes you can bring it by the studio I teach till 9 pm every Thursday- I've been doing it all year and you have known this. I am also at the studio starting at 1 on Thursdays you also know this as these are the great times to drop off tuition and/or come talk to me in person. YOU HAVE KNOWN THIS ALL YEAR. It's on the website, in each newsletter, on the buliteen board and I must say it at least once a week to other parents if you listen. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO KEEP ASKING ME WHEN I WILL BE AT THE STUDIO IT IS THE SAME DAYS AND TIMES EACH WEEK NOTHING CHANGES I DO THIS FOR YOU IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AND KEEP ASKING ME I WILL JUST ARRIVE 15 MIN BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS AND LEAVE AFTER THE SECOND CLASS I CAN BE DOING OTHER THINGS INSTEAD OF SITTING AT THE STUDIO.

Sorry that was long and had a bunch of different things in it but thats what i want to scream at the 15 parents who called/emailed today.
re: What I really want to say!
By pasdebourretendu
On 12/01/2006 23:35:40
okay, now I'm getting karma happy.
This is pretty funny.
balletstar - I completely think that is true!!! No matter what the newsletter says, they ask every question that is already answered in it!
Lakisha - Why can't they wear the ballet costume in the hip hop dance? It would save money! HAHAHAhahahaha
Oh thats good stuff.
re: What I really want to say!
By trfrancis
On 12/03/2006 15:51:09
My other favorite, and it can apply to tuition or costumes, is when I charge a late fee to a parent and they say -- but Susan wasn't in class for the past couple of weeks.

Okay that may be true, but you knew from day one when you registered what the due date is. It doesn't matter if you are on vacation or not in class, the bill is due when it's due or else there is a late fee. You don't tell the mortgate company of your house that you were on vacation for two weeks, therefore you weren't able to pay the mortgage or the price should be prorated to exclude the two weeks you were on vacation? The studio bills have to be paid, too.

In college, tuition and fees must be paid whether or not you are in class. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM PARENTS?

Okay that's my vent for today.
re: What I really want to say!
By tumblebug
On 12/05/2006 22:24:09
OMG, I'm so glad I'm not the only one lol.

I was renting the studio Friday night (where I do the cheer program) to do Private Lessons for 3&1/2 hours. The studio office hours are Mon-Fri 4-8pm. Clearly stated everywhere, including on the front door. Apparently the studio policy is costume deposits are due by the end of November. Friday was Dec. 1st. I can't even begin to count how many people walked in on my private lesson and asked where the secretary was. I explained to them that I was just there renting to do private lessons. Then they get pissed off and say "Well today is the last day I can pay without a late fee." I'm thinking, um today is Dec. 1st? Hello??? SEVERAL parents made that exact same statement. I just don't get it. I told them there is a drop box for payments, so then of course, the million dollar question, "Will I get a late fee if I put it in there?" I just tell them I don't know. My answer that I am thinking in my head is "No, you will not get late fee for putting it in the drop box, but you will get a late fee because it is DECEMBER 1st."

re: What I really want to say!
By buckeye2
On 12/11/2006 19:42:59
Today was my costume payment due date. So naturally I have, oh probably 50% of the studio that still owes! I'm tired of chasing down parents. They've got one extra week to get it in. I've had a handful approach me about lack of funds but they have made arrangments to make payments and have followed through with them so far. Then I have one who waits until today to tell me she can't pay until Jan.

So this is the year I get mean. I'm sending in orders on the day I wanted to and if they're not paid, they're not getting ordered. I usually have a second order go out in Jan. with the few who have added classes or just joined, so that will be their second chance. Then, when their kids come home crying because of the rest of the class got to try on their costume, but theirs wasn't in yet, they can deal with it. And when they only have like a week to make alterations, or get stuck with a costume that doesn't fit, then maybe next year they'll pay on time.
re: What I really want to say!
By livetodance26
On 01/19/2007 05:18:16
Ok so we had our annual end of year concert in November - Australian summer...I had had a girl join the studio this year who had never danced before she is 14...She wanted to take ballet and so started taking ballet classes...She only did ballet no other classes at all...The uniform for the class is a black leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet pumps...So I organise the costumes for the concert and send out countless newsletters explaining to the parents that the ballet class need to wear their pink tights and pink ballet pumps from their uniform with their costumes...So the mother of this girl who has never taken any other class other than ballet comes in to the studio a week before the dress rehearsal and is like so what shoes does my dd have to wear in the concert?...I was like sorry??? and she repeats what shoes does she need to wear?...To which at the time I politely respond to her oh she needs to wear her ballet pumps...
What I wanted to say to her was oh sorry did someone forget to tell you she needs tap shoes - we are painting them purple with pink spots and then she can tap dance in the middle of the ballet item while everyone else does ballet around her LOL!...
While I do understand that this family was new to dancing and this was their first concert I still could not believe this question I mean come on common sense people!!!
re: What I really want to say!
By PeachyGarden
On 08/22/2007 14:53:45
how about the....
Ring.... ring...
Hello? (Me)
is there class today?

(me)Yes there is regular class today

Ok so 4:30 tap jazz class is being held today.

Yes (me)

re: What I really want to say!
By DanceRevOS
On 03/07/2010 02:03:39
so the parent wants the teacher to give them hugs and kisses? but doesn't want to touch them in class? what a contradiction!
re: What I really want to say!
By CSSRocks
On 09/05/2011 16:12:17
I posted this on the other board but It feels so good to post twice! love this - Thank you for starting - i know it's not the right thing to say but oooo does it feel good! Miss Never Writes Anything Down , yes, tickets sales started last week, NO it's not MY fault its yours for not writing it down when i mentioned it the first class, sent home a tree of papers, emailed a thousand times and it was posted in the front door! Short of a baloonagram or morse code, how else should i get the information to you! Miss THE-RULE-DON'T-APPLY-TO-ME, get out of my office! You are not special, you cannot enter through the back door, you cannot stay in the classroom while we teach and NO you cannot buy tickets before everyone else does to get the front row - STAND IN LINE LIKE VERYONE ELSE! Yes i know you help volunteer but that doesn't make you suddenly stage manager. go home and cut something out get out of my face! Miss The-World-Revolves-Around-Me-And-My-5-year-old, I'm sorry i cannot change the entire schedule because you have another engagment and it's too far for you to drive. No i cannot give your child a solo for the 5th time especially when I've specifically asked the parents NOT TO ASK FOR SOLOS, and I'm sorry the competition was at 6pm which is too late for your child that needs her beauty rest (and may i agree with you there!) and lastly, NO i cannot call StarQuest and ask them to change the catagories. REALLY?
re: What I really want to say!
By CSSRocks
On 09/05/2011 16:19:39
Adrenaline Dance I love you, I love your story and I love how cool and collected you were with Miss Dipshithead. I am so hot headed sometimes, thanks for the lesson on how to deal with Dipshitheads. I am still laughing. You rock girl Tracey
re: What I really want to say!
By BunlessinSeattle
On 09/06/2011 09:10:10
That's great that your daughter was accepted into the 5th grade accelerated program. I always knew that she had it in her. From the first day in creative movement I knew that she wasn't the out of control 'blonde' child that you said she was. I knew that all she needed was structure and discipline. I also know that the only place that she gets it is at the ballet studio. So, with your taking her out of dance to focus on schooling this year? I hate to predict it, but it will be a colossal failure. Her schooling will suffer, but you won't see it as not having dance in her life. No, instead you will continue to cut more and more things out because in your mind all she needs to do is focus more in school. Good luck with that. Sorry, kid.
re: What I really want to say!
By Dances4Life
On 04/30/2013 12:32:08
Dear Parent, I gave you options for your daughter after you signed up for T-ball where all games were on the same night as her dance classes. I actually went out of my way to make sure we could fit her in on a different night for classes. You paid for a new costume. Now you changed your mind and want a refund for the additional costume that you are no longer using. Yes, I understand that you should get a refund but I am frustrated with your "I want to come this day, no wait....this day instead" and for texting me about a refund instead of contacting the office during office hours. 8AM is not office hours. I will be sure to not make exceptions for you ever again. -SO. I'm sorry if that rant doesn't make sense. It's been a long week already.
re: What I really want to say!
By thedancestar
On 04/30/2013 14:00:55
I had a teacher tell the students that if their parents said it was ok that we would order special shoes for recital after I had already told her we were not asking parents to do that. so then one of the moms asks me about it last week. I tell her no we are not ordering the special shoes and that she will need to purchase the ones the rest of the girls already have. This week she asks my mom (office mgr) "Is there no way we can order the other shoes" Mom tells her no we are not asking all the parents to purchase the other shoes. I then go into the lobby and she asks me "Is there no way we can order the other shoes??" Seriously how many times must you be told NO NO NO!!!!!
re: What I really want to say!
By pasdebourretendu
On 01/07/2015 07:29:08
I've spent a lot of time in the dance facebook groups lately, since I posted something and after a week or so had no response here - so I posted there and had responses immediately. I decide today to return to check it out and see if people are actually helping people again. I have access to the owners board, but no longer have access to the teachers board. What? I'm the sole instructor at my studio currently. I guess my vent is that I'm remembering why I left :(
re: What I really want to say!
By Sumayah
On 01/07/2015 09:55:44
The teacher board is completely open. The only part of the board that's not is the private section and that requires payment to join. I checked your account and you have not made payment to join the teachers private board. However, all the rest of that board is free and open to all teachers.

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