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Ira Tchatchina now skating!!!
By Peachy82
On Mon Dec 18, 2006 07:33 AM

I've found this on Youtube...enjoy!
It seems a lot of gymnasts dedicate to figure skating after leaving RG!

Ira on ice . . .

Barsoukova on ice . . .

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Stars on Ice
By eozdural
On Sat Dec 23, 2006 01:01 AM
Thanks for the links...

This winter a couple of Russian TV channels have made shows
where famous people skate. Irina Chashina and Yulia Barsyukova skated in different TV Channels shows. The one I was watching on TV every saturday is the program on ORT with Barsyukova. Chashina was on the program on Rossiya which I never watched until I saw your link.

The idea behind the program (in the program they call it a project) is that they pair one skater with one "entertainer" and all week they practice a routine and on Saturday nights they have a competition between the pairs. On ORT (which I was watching) they had mainly actors and actresses paired with figure skaters, but they also had a saxofonist and Barsyukova paired with figure skaters. The ORT Program was called 'stars on ice' and it was an unbelievable success. Everyone all over the former Soviet Union tuned in to watch them every Saturday night. The real reasons behind the program's success (in my opinion) were the clever choice of pairs, the presenters and judges, and the genius choreographer Ilya Averbukh (figure skaters and fans will probably have heard of him). Ilya came up with completely different and entertaining programs for each pair which everyone could enjoy watching and which suited each pair perfectly. Many of the programs were based on scenes from films or musicals. They also had costume designers making the costumes which were really incredible. You did not have to be a fan of figure skating to enjoy it. Irina Slutskaya and Evgeny Plyushenko were the presenters and they did a great job. The Judges changed from week to week and were usually famous entertainers, but Vladimir Zhirinovsky (difficult to describe him for people who are not familiar with Russian politics, but he is a famous politician) and Gennady Zyuganov (head of the communist party) even appeared once each (but not together). The 'head' judge was a famous trainer, but I have forgotten her name, she and Averbukh kept the importance of the major theme, figure skating, throughout the show.

A note on the skaters in the program is also important, ORT seemed to have gathered all of the major Russian skaters from the last few years. The full lineup from the ORT show is below:
Ekaterina Gusyeva (Actress) & Roman Kostomarov
Oksana Pushkina (presenter) & Aleksei Yagudin
Yulia Barsyukova & Anton Sikharuladze
Elena Berezhnaya & Aleksandr Nosyk
Maria Kiceleva & Maksim Marinin
Ingeborga Dapkunaite (actress - she was in mission impossible) & Aleksandr Zhulin
Tatiana Totmyanina & Aleksei Pimanov
Elena Zakharova & Denis Bazdyrev
Anna Bolshova & Aleksei Tikhonov
Anna Semenovich & Vyacheslav Razbegayev
Irina Lobacheva & Valeriy Syutkin
Tatiana Navka & Marat Basharov

Yulia Barsyukova and her partner were knocked out in the early weeks but came back for some gala performances at the end. I felt that she did not have a great fit with her original partner and she did better with a different skater in the gala show at the end. Her original partner was more passionate and he had a great gala show with an actress who fit him a bit better.

The link with Yulia Barsyukova skating is not from this program, it is from 2000 when she combined skating with gymnastics.

I hadn't seen any of Irina Chashina's skating because they didn't show that TV Channel where I am. Someone has kindly uploaded all of her programs into Youtube and i watched it all today.

What is surprising and impressive about Irina Chashina is that she had never skated before the program, and you can see that in her first episode where she first gets on the ice. She also mentions it in one of her interviews. It shows what a talented and driven individual she is that she managed it so well. The presenters were trying to understand how she could learn to skate so well so quickly and asked her if her gymnastics helped. She said that the muscles she uses in skating are completely different to the muscles in gymnastics and her flexibility did not help either, she said, because she had to compensate for her flexibility by holding herself more strongly. I thought everyone from Omsk skated, because they have such long winters and a big river in the middle of the city, but I guess Chashina was too busy training for rhythmic gymnastics.
re: Ira Tchatchina now skating!!!
By dancestarlet87
On Wed Jan 17, 2007 07:04 PM
I have watched Ira and I thought she did very well! Thanks for the link!

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