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Scared to go over in Front Walkover
By sparkle66
On Sat Dec 30, 2006 09:34 PM

I'm trying to teach myself to do a front walkover as I don't have the time to go to the acrobatics class at my dance school.

My handstands are shocking as I'm scared to go over. I'm in a / shape instead of a | shape.

How can I get over the fear of my legs going over so I can let them drop into a back arch?

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re: Scared to go over in Front Walkover (karma: 3)
By RileyA
On Sun Dec 31, 2006 05:25 PM
The way gymnasts and acrobats get over the fear ofdoing skills is to work up to them slowly with a number of drills to help them get used to the skill. This helps in a few ways. 1st of all it helps them get over the fear and work up to the skill, secondly it makes sure they know how to do the skill, and finally to train their body to do it correctly.

For the front walkover the secret is to make sure you have enough flexibility and strength to do the skill before you learn it. If you havent got the flexibility and strength the skill just wont work and you will get frustrated, also you may hurt yourself. But with a front walkover if you do have the flexibility and strength you will learn it easlily and it is a very safe skill to perform.

So how do you know if you have the flexibility? The secret is in the bridge (back bend, crab, there are lots of names for it). Practice your bridge by pushing up on the floor into the position and see if you have enough flexibility to do it. First of all your arms should be straight and secondly your shoulders should be at least above your hands (not behind you hands closer to your feet). If you cant straighten your arms or get your shoulders above (or preferably past) your hands you aren't flexible enough to do the skill. So you should work on your shoulder flexibility. Strech your shoulders everyday and do 5 5-10 seconds bridges everyday to increase your flexibility enough.

If you have the flexibility you need to make sure you are string enough. The secret is in your handstand, you should be able to kick up to a full handstand and hold it for a second. If you cant do this then walkovers will be ver difficult to control. To fix your handstand practise everyday as much as you can. Practise trying to hold it as long as you can. Practise against a wall aswell. To help you balance point your toes and squeeze your legs together.

Next step is to make sure you can do a full limber (sometimes called a back bend). To do this you should be able to stand up and bend back to a bridge and then stand up from a bridge. Stand with your feet a shoulder width apart and reach your arms up by your ears and keep them straighth the whole time. Reach up and bend back, dont just try to fall back. To stand up rock your body weight back over your hands and then forward over your feet, while you are going fowrward standing up by rolling yourself forward knees, then hips and keep your head back the whole time. If this is really difficult practise walking up and down a wall at first. Then try doing it with someone putting their hand on your back to help you. When you fist try it, try it to a soft surface like a mattress.

Once you have mastered these skills you should be ready for the front limber. Which is kick up to handstand, your feet fall into bridge and you stand up. This is different to a front walkover because in a front walkover you use one foot at a time.

Some secrets to the skill include.

1. Look at your hands the whole time, keep your head back right up to the end, if you try to look forward (where you are going) you will fall backwards when standing up.

2. Keep your arms straight at all times and your shoulders squeezed to the ears. If you do this you will have no chance of falling on your head.

3. When you fall into bridge try to put your feet as close to your hands as possible, it will make it much easier to stand up.

4. Ask someone to spot you through the skill, which means they put their hand on your back while you do it, it means they can help you through it by giving a little push and they can catch you if you fall. Use a spot until you are confident enough to try it on your own.

5. Practise doing it down a hill it is much easuer to stand up. But make sure your hill is not too steep because it is further for your feet to go down from the handstand.

Keep us posted on how you are going with it. Maybe we can help if you run into any other difficulties.


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