100 ways to feel great about you
By Rielle
On 01/29/2007 18:04:48
Ways to feel great about you and bring up your self confidence.

What is beauty? Its not something you can find in the makeup aisle or in the pages of a fashion magazine. Real beauty comes from liking yourself, from feeling strong and healthy, and from knowing what’s beautiful in everyone around you.

1.No ones smile shines exactly like yours


List five words to describe yourself. The trick- do not describe any physical features and use words other than “nice”! Some Creative words could be: Loving, Artistic, Thoughtful ,joyful….

I am….


2. Praise people for what they can do, not just for how they look. Compliment a friend today on something other than appearance.

3. This week, ask your mom or grandmother how she felt about her appearance when she was your age. What does she know now that she wishes she’d known then.

4. When you accomplish something you’re really proud of- whether it’s passing a tough test or just finished a dance recital- that’s when your most beautiful. Give yourself a pat on the back! Call a grandparent or email a friend to share the news. Celebrate with family.

5.Limit your face time. Its O.K to give yourself a once over in the mirror before you head out in the morning. it’s fine to daydream about who your becoming. But spending too much time in front of the mirror- or peeking at your reflection every window you pass-is not worth it. You’ve got better things to do!


6. Really accept a compliment. When a friend says, “you look great” don’t brush her off with “I really don’t like this shirt” Just say thanks and let the words sink in.

7. Its natural to wonder how other people see you, but remember, you’re the final judge of how you look. don’t fish for compliments. When you ask, “Do I look okay?” you’re putting your appearance out for judgment. The best way to feel pretty is to be confident!

8. Your body is a gift of great value. Treat it as though it’s the most valuable thing you have- It is!

9. Celebrate taking care of yourself. Take time today to pamper your skin with a great smelling soap or lotion. Clean and cut your fingernails.

10. Have a dancers poise. Imagine there’s a thread attached to the center of the top of your head. Now imagine someone is pulling gently on that thread to make you stand up tall and straight. Try to keep that poise all day long!


11. Even if you wake up feeling lousy, or just lazy, wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth and get dressed. Give your body respect, and you’ll get respect from the rest of the world too.

12. Write something good about a feature you sometimes don’t like.


13. List three things you like about your looks. When you’re having a bad day, focus on what you like about yourself.


14. Tired of having tinsel teeth? Look around at all your friends who have braces too. Visualize how great all your smiles will be when your braces come off!


15. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others. There’s no one out there just like you, who has grown up with your experiences and has your talents.

16. Listen to your body when you play sports. Don’t push yourself past your body’s limits, even if you’re told to toughen up. Your instincts will tell you when to stop.

17. Buy whatever size of clothing fits you most comfortably. Don’t get hung up on the number on the label. Label sizes are not consistent. A size nine from on brand might fit a 7 from another, so don’t be surprised if you fit into wide range sizes.

18. Get a good food attitude. Notice which meals make you feel healthy, strong ,a and satisfied. Did you know that your body usually feels best when you eat a meal that includes foods of different colors, tastes, textures and temperatures? Remember that food is fuel, it keeps your body moving

19. Watch your serving sizes the next time you eat out. “super sizes” are often three times more than the food you need to be healthy. When you get home, eat a piece of fruit and a veggie to supply your body with the nutrients missing from most fast food meals.

20. Skip soda pop and juice, drink water! Carry a bottle and try to drink it at least 32 ounces each day.

21. Take your time when you eat. It takes a while for your brain to get the message from your stomach that you’re full. Plus, the more slowly you chew and the more you focus on each bite, the more flavorful your food tastes.

22. Aim to be healthy not skinny. Use this checklist to notice how you treat your body. Put a checkmark next to each item which you can agree.

[b]I eat a variety of healthy foods at each meal.
I spend time everyday doing something fun
I sleep enough that I wake up refreshed in the morning.
I eat a meal every four to six hours to give my body energy.
I spend quiet time with myself each day.
I talk to others about my worries and fears.
I decide how much to eat by paying attention to whether my body feels satisfied rather then by whether serving size is on my plate.
I’m active, and I exercise, dance. Or play sports most days
I try to learn something new each day.[/b]

23. Its ok to not feel perky or peppy all the time. Sometimes you have to live with the bad feelings and just know that they’ll pass. If you feel seriously sad though, be sure to talk to an adult that cares about you.


24.When your in a bad mood, your body knows it. Think about which part of your body gets out of whack when your crabby or upset. Do you get a stomachache when you’re nervous about a test? Do you get a headache when you feel anxious? If you can recognize your body’s signals, you may be able to figure out what’s bothering you and make yourself feel better.

25. Life seems much harder when your short on sleep! The average 10-14 year old needs 9 ¾ to ten hours of sleep a night. Take a nap, even a short one can leave you feeling better.

26. Need to brighten your mood? If its daytime, open a window and let in some fresh air and sunlight. It it’s nighttime, put on a clean pair of pajamas and curl up with a favorite book, movie or CD.

27. Play cuddle or talk with your pet. If you don’t have a pet of your own, play with a neighbors or friends pet.


28. Feeling stressed? Take a warm shower. Imagine the water washing away your worries.

29.Learn deep breathing. Your breath connects all parts of you, your body, mind and spirit. Breathing from your belly instead of your chest can be very relaxing.

Try this deep breathing exercise: Lie on your back and place a paperback book just below your navel. When you inhale, think of the breath traveling through your chest and deep into your belly. As you inhale, think of the breath traveling through your chest and deep into your belly. As you inhale, say to yourself “in” and notice the book rises slightly. As you exhale softly say “out” and notice the book lowers. Try not to force the book up and down. Enjoy the relaxation between breaths, and if your mind wanders, bring it back to focus on the rhythm of your words and your breathing.

30. Create your own peace rituals. When you’re angry or stressed out, take three long, slow, deep breaths. Write in your journal. Turn on your favorite music. Find ways to clam your spirit, and return to those practices whenever you feel anxious.

31. When your having a bad day, ask for help. Tell a close friend if you feeling sad. Let mom know if you’re worried about your English paper. Ask dad for a hug. The support of a friend or family member can feel like a blanket around your shoulders.


32. Try yoga. The stretching and mediation involved in yoga can help you feel peaceful and powerful. Here’s a great pose to do when do when you legs are tired from dancing or standing all day long. Start eith your shoes off.Ideas are below:

1. Fold a blanket into a rectangle about two feet wide and several inches thick. Place the blanket about six inches away from the wall with the short end facing the wall.

2. Sit with the right side of your body against a wall. Exhale and, with a smooth movement, swing your legs up, swivel your rear end toward the wall and your back toward the blanket, and gently lower your head resting on the wall and your knees slightly bent. Your feet and legs should be relaxed.

3. Lie there for one to five minutes and relax. Feel the sensation of the blood flowing toward your heart.

4. To come out of the pose, bend your knees and slowly push back off the blanket. Then roll onto your right side and rest for about 30 seconds. Notice how alive you legs feel.

33. Its normal to feel mad sometimes, but it is important to handle your anger in a healthy way. When you’re home stewing about a fight with a friend, take a minute and picture yourself talking calmly with her Practice saying “ I feel mad when you_______” and fill in the reason. When you’ve settled down, talk to your friend for real. Remember stay calm and focus on the issue. It’s not fair to bring up problems from yesterday, last week, or last year.

34. Ask a friend to be your Pep-talk-partner(PTP). A PTP is someone you can call when your down or when your spirits need a boost. As a partner, of course, you’ll do the same for your friend when she needs help.

35. Try this with your PTP: Write down three things you like about yourself and three things you like about you and three things you like about your friend. Have her do the same thing and compare. Did she like the same things about you that you did? What did you learn about yourself and each other?

36. Make your space beautiful. Clean your room. Organize. It’s hard to be peaceful when your surrounded by chaos. A clam, orderly room can make you feel better about yourself. Plus you’ll be able to find the clothes you want, and they won’t be rolled up in a wad under your bed!

37. Hang artwork you’ve made yourself on the closet door or a bulletin board.


38. Make a happy corner- a place to display birthday cards, notes from grandma, valentines from friends, or anything else that reminds you how many people care about you.

39. Make sure that the photo collection in your room includes a picture of yourself that you really like.

40. Once you’ve created a peaceful place for yourself and filled it with dreams, you can use it as a place to relax. When your upset or confused, your room can be a calming space where you can sort things out.

41.Eating new kinds of food is fun, and good for you. The greater the variety of foods you eat, the greater the variety of nutrients you give your body. The next time someone in your family goes grocery shopping, go along and look for new foods in each aisle. What new food might you like to try? Ask your parents if you can buy one item you’ve never tried before.

42. If your friends talk about going on a diet, change the subject. Show them there are more interesting things to talk about.

43. Feelings come and go like the tide of the ocean. The best way to change your mood is to send positive attention to your body.


44. Dream big. Set goals. Be good at something, then get better at it! Be proud of yourself. Teach others, and never, ever stop learning.

45.Its easy to get feelings of physical hunger mixed up with feelings of boredom, anxiety, loneliness, or excitement. When you think you’re hungry, ask yourself, “what am I hungry for? Food only satisfies only physical hunger. If you’re actually craving a big hug or a break from studying, that’s heart hunger. Instead of eating, go snuggle with your dog or set aside your homework for ten minutes to play a quick game of cards with a close friend.

46.Start a dream list. Find a pretty notebook and write down places you’d like to visit, experiences you’d like to have, people you’d like to meet, and skills you would like to learn. A dream list is a great start to creating a life filled with fun, adventure, and interesting experiences. Put a box next to each item on your list so you can check it off when it happens.

47. Be proud when your good at something.
If you do a great back walkover, more power to you! what’s the difference between being proud and bragging? Its all about timing.

If you want to show your friends your skill, pick an appropriate moment to do so, not during class or when people are focused on something else. When you’re hanging out sometime, first ask your friends if they want to see what you’ve mastered. Then give it all you’ve got. Make sure you compliment other people on what they do well, too.


48. Can you juggle, shuffle cards, or swing a bat like nobody’s business? Teach your friend, mother or sister one of your special skills. It feels good to be an expert! Be patient and give your friends a lot of encouragement. Remember what it was like when you were first learning?

49. Challenge yourself. Do you play an instrument? Play a song that’s more difficult than usual or learn a tune by ear, no sheet music allowed. Do you like to run? Run a little farther than you usually go. Raise the bar for yourself- than leap to it!

Identify your “cheer squad”

Your personal cheer squad is made up of people who support, encourage, and want what’s best for you. Write down the names of three of your friends and describe how each has helped you. Then write each one a note, send her an email, or give her a call to thank her for something she has helped you with.


50. Laugh till your stomach hurts

51. List five things your good at, whether its math or making up jokes. If you feel down about yourself, check out this list.


52. If standing up for yourself is hard to do, ask your mom to look into a self defense course that’s appropriate for girls your age. You’ll be amazed at how learning to defend yourself against someone twice your size will make your confidence soar.

53. Move it and groove it. Get out of breath. Dance, shoot hoops. Throw a Frisbee. Have fun!

54. Turn off the TV and go play! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work, it can be social time for you and your friends. Grab your best friend and go in-line skating. Walk to the park to swing. Play a CD and dance. You defiantly feel better than if you’d stayed stuck to the sofa.

55. List at least five physical things your body does well as such as, skip, kick a soccer ball, etc.

56. Make a meal something special. Create traditions to make the moments memorable. Set the table. Have a parent light a candle for the table. Enjoy talking to family members and enjoy your food.


57.It’s normal to be klutzy at times. Slow down a little don’t call yourself names. And if you trip or mess up in gym class, laugh at yourself and try again.

58. Try something new! Don’t avoid trying a new activity just because your not good at it. How do you think you get good? By doing it over and over again.

If you want to do anything well, you have to be willing to do it poorly at the beginning. This week, try one thing you’re been afraid to do because you might flop.

59. Find a role model for your favorite sport, whether its dancing, tennis, running or gymnastics. Look for someone a relative, neighbor, friend who shares your interest. Ask for advice. Learn, then try it out.

60. Feeling mad? Sweat it out. Exercise is a great way to get rid of anger.

61. Make a CD with all of your favorite songs and invite a friend over for sleepover.

62. Dance. If your brother laughs at you, keep dancing.


63. Fashion can be fun if you don’t worry about what people think. Choose clothes that express who you are and what you like.

64. http://girlpower.gov/girlarea/bodywise/fitness/eatrightquiz.asp

65. Wear clothes that make you feel good. You know which shirt makes you feel self conscious and which pants make you squirm. Talk to your mom and ask if you can donate your old clothes to charity.

66. Wear your favorite color. If you feel great in it, you confidence will show.

67. If someone teases you about your clothes you wear, shrug it off and say “Oh well. What matters is that I like them”.

68. Wearing tiny t-shirts and itty bitty shorts may get you attention, but people might not see the real you. Choose clothes that help you present the inner girl you want the world to see.

69. Do you need eyeglasses? When you pick out frames with your parents, take along a friend whose opinion you trust. Second opinions help!


70. Try something new with your hair. Brush your hair, braid it, twist it, experiment! You can express yourself through your appearance, and no one way is right. They’re all you.

71. Getting your hair cut at a salon? If you don’t know what kind of cut you want, schedule extra time to talk with the stylist. If the stylist has time to listen, understand, and help you find new ideas, chances are better that you’ll like what you get. Even if you end up not liking your hairstyle, remember, hair grows.

72. When you get your hair cut, ask the hair stylist how much time it would take to fix your hair. Don’t get a style that requires more time to do than you have to give!

73. Develop your own style. Experiment with clothing what makes you feel best. Some days you may feel sparkly and fancy, other days you won’t.

74. This week, visit a clothing store with a friend and pick out five outfits in colors and styles that you’d never consider wearing. Then have fun trying them on!


Don’t be surprised if something you thought would look awful actually looks pretty good. Have a laugh at the outfits you don’t like.

75. People aren’t looking at you or talking about you nearly as much as you think they are.

76. Think of a person you admire. When you have a difficult decision to make and aren’t sure which choice is right, ask yourself what your role model would do.

77. If you feel like complaining about a situation, first think, is there anything a I can do to make things better? For example, if tempers flare one morning when everyone’s rushing off to school and work, get yourself ready and then quietly see if you can help your little sister. Help solve the problem instead of contributing to the chaos.

78. Have you been hurt by words? Remember this, people who insult others usually do it to make themselves feel powerful. Know what the means? They’re probably insecure. They are the ones who lack confidence, so try not to bend to the pressure to return their jabs with an insult.

79. Break up a big goal into small steps. Baby steps+practicepracticepractice= accomplishment.

80. Reality Check, Every day TV, movies, and magazines bombard you with their ideas of what a beautiful girl is supposed to look like. It’s a runaway train of unrealistic images! Put on the brakes and jump off now. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


81. The next time your at the mall take a look at all the different bodies out there. Notice how few people are built like willowy, rail thin models.

82. it’s a celebrity’s job to look a certain way. Did you know that singers, actresses, and models devote a good portion of their lives to their appearance? Most stars don’t wake up looking like they step out of teen people. They hire hairstylist and makeup artist to fuss with their faces. They pay trainers to help them exercise for hours a day. They hire wardrobe stylists to choose and fit their clothes. Photographers or cameramen may work all day to get that one photo where every hair is just the way they want it. That’s the “causal” image you see in print or on screen.

83. Don’t believe everything you see. Even after a celebrity’s photo is taken, the work isn’t done. High- tech experts use computers to touch up your favorite stars’ images. They can change the shape of someone’s body, get rid of pimples, make teeth whiter, and work all kinds of make-believe magic.

84. Challenge what you see. If you don’t like how girls are portrayed in a TV show, movie or magazine, let the people in charge know! On the internet, you can find addresses for every television, network, movie studio and magazine around. Write and tell the people in charge how you feel.

85.Recognize stereotypes for what they are- uninformed judgments. Not all people with glasses are nerds. Not all blondes are “dumb”. What other stereotypes do you see out there?

86. Words are mighty, mighty things. The words you say to others- and to yourself, have incredible power. Choose them wisely as you would choose your friends.

87. Notice how many times a day you say something that helps or encourages someone, including yourself. Pay attention today. How many times did you encourage someone? Try to increase that number tomorrow.

88. Speak up. If a family member makes you feel bad about how you look, let that person know. Does your mom call you nicknames like short stuff or chubby cheeks, that makes you feel self conscious? Sit down with her and calmly explain why you don’t like the nickname, and ask her to stop using it kindly.

89. Cruelty is always wrong. If someone- a bully, or your big sister insults you, and you’re tempted to come back with mean words or an insult, remember that being intentionally cruel is always bad news. But that’s not saying you should take the abuse. If someone is mean or tries to hurt you, speak up for yourself. Say Stop it! Don’t keep it a secret either. Talk to a teacher or a parent and let one of them help you come up with ways to handle the problem.

90. If your envious of a friend, don’t let your feelings go wild. Try acknowledging them in a compliment. When you express your admiration, your envy usually fades away.

91. When a friend is better at something than you are at something, ask yourself what she’s been willing to do that you have not. She may be a natural, but most likely she’s a great free throw shooter because she practices everyday, even when it’s not basketball season. You may choose to do other things with your time. Refer to number 79.

92. Say goodbye to extremes

Such as “I never…”or I always….” And the big one, “I cant….”. When you make a mistake, don’t say “I never do that right” or “I always mess up. Chances are your goof was a one time mistake. Tell yourself that next time, you’ll know what to do.

93. Learn to speak your mind, even if you disagree with other people. Agreeing just to please someone means you’re not being true to yourself. Don’t worry that you’re being impolite, you can disagree without being rude. Try words such as “I see your point, but I think….”. Your ideas matter.

94. The golden rule, Treat people the way you want to be treated. Follow it!

95. Follow the reverse Golden rule too, Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

96. Get a journal and write about these topics and some of your own:

1. Three good things that happened to me today
2. The nicest thing anyone ever said to me
3. Five things I’m grateful for
4. A time I faced a tough situation and succeeded.


97. Did you ever notice that when you criticize others, you end up feeling bad yourself? Insulting others insults you own spirit. Don’t go there!

98. Be creative! Do a drawing for the street fair, learn to play and instrument, or make jewelry. Creativity makes your spirits soar.

99. Imagine a friend or cousin came up to you and said “I hate the way I look!”, what advice would you give her?
Remember that advice when your feeling down.

100. Finding beauty in those around you gives you a more beautiful spirit. You should believe in all of these.

[b]1. I feel good about myself
2. I am strong
3. I take care of my body
4. I try new things
5. I express my feelings
6. I am silly sometimes
7. I make mistakes, and that’s okay
8. I can change
9. I like being 100 percent me.[/b]

Cited Sources

Real Beauty Book by Therese Kauchak and some I added of my own.
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