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re: Makeup FAQ!
By Dribzz Comments: 20, member since Thu Feb 26, 2009
On Sun Aug 02, 2009 03:16 PM
thanksss GREAT post really helpful tips here the vaseline trick works rally well.
Mel x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Haesel_Dancer_xmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 933, member since Fri Jul 03, 2009
On Sun Aug 09, 2009 08:26 AM
Thank you so much, it will deffinatly come in handy. Karma :). xxx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By MelFoleymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 1065, member since Sun Jul 19, 2009
On Tue Aug 25, 2009 09:39 AM

Thanks for the advise.
Really helps! There is alot of
good infomation here :)

Melissaaa xxxx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Haesel_Dancer_xmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 933, member since Fri Jul 03, 2009
On Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:37 PM
Great post, it's really helpful.
Deserves karma! :D
Thank you.

Haesel x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By laurenwallace Comments: 23, member since Tue Mar 24, 2009
On Sun Nov 01, 2009 07:34 AM
this is a good post (: but does anyone know a good foundation?
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Lucy_Finesse Comments: 128, member since Thu Apr 02, 2009
On Mon Feb 01, 2010 07:49 AM
Stargazer Glitter Is Very Good (:
And Stargazer Blusher,
Also Glitter Spray
Lucy (: xxx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By stephandnikita Comments: 214, member since Sun Jan 24, 2010
On Sun Feb 07, 2010 02:47 PM
Thanks for the great advice, some really good tips to try out. x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Charlotte16 Comments: 252, member since Tue Feb 09, 2010
On Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:09 AM
Hi all, this is a brilliant forum and i've found lots of tips that i'm going to start trying out
Love Charlotte
re: Makeup FAQ!
By danceSTAR_member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 76, member since Wed Sep 02, 2009
On Mon May 03, 2010 09:47 AM
useful info thanks! xx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By DiscoDivaAsh1981 Comments: 9, member since Mon May 17, 2010
On Tue Jun 15, 2010 05:58 AM
Hi, can you please advise what white and black i can use for my make up... I want white at the top and black at the lids area, Thanks xx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Taximum Comments: 21, member since Sun Jun 20, 2010
On Mon Jun 21, 2010 01:31 PM
Loads of useful stuff here, thanks for the effort putting it together!
re: Makeup FAQ!
By wizzyizzy Comments: 87, member since Sun Jun 20, 2010
On Sun Jul 04, 2010 05:28 PM
loads of really great advice on here, but does anyone have any close up photos of make up ( particularly eyes) as my dd has her second comp (under 10s beginner) coming up and i would like to see how to do it? i had to rely on one of the other girls to do it last time and its not fair on them when thay have to get ready themselves. also are there any restrictions on under10 beg make up?
many thanks
re: Makeup FAQ!
By dancershannon Comments: 37, member since Sun Jul 11, 2010
On Thu Jul 15, 2010 06:35 AM
This is a good and very helpful post. Thank you. dancershannon xxx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By kaaaren Comments: 84, member since Tue Jun 03, 2003
On Thu Jul 15, 2010 01:16 PM
this post offers excellent advice especially for those new to competitions. I find that applying vaseline before dazzle dust on the eyes makes it stay on the whole day! thanks for all the great advice! karen and kirsten x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By milliewendymarshPremium member Comments: 1217, member since Fri May 28, 2010
On Thu Jul 22, 2010 02:25 AM
hi can under 8 beginners wear glitter spray or glitter on their face? i have seen some under 8 beginners with it on but wasn't sure if i could use it on my little girl.
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Kelsey98 Comments: 86, member since Wed Jul 28, 2010
On Fri Jul 30, 2010 05:34 PM
Thanks for this information. :)I am going to buy new stuff for my dancing make-up box and this really helped alot as I now know what to buy.

Kelsey x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By dancer_aimyXomember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 962, member since Wed Oct 15, 2008
On Mon Aug 09, 2010 02:44 PM
great tips thanks
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Dancefootiemum Comments: 21, member since Thu Jun 18, 2009
On Sat Sep 25, 2010 01:58 PM
Great post its really helped thankyou :)
re: Makeup FAQ!
By CiaraLaura Comments: 39, member since Fri Sep 24, 2010
On Wed Sep 29, 2010 04:36 AM
Great Advice my litttle girl is turning 4 and starting comp's. I had no idea where to start with make up! x
re: Makeup FAQ!
By DestinyAllen Comments: 30, member since Thu Jan 28, 2010
On Tue Nov 16, 2010 02:22 PM
Hi, im just learning the art of applying make up, i use MAC and Barry M. Was wondering which type of white i should buy for using on the eyes, as any eyeshadows I have got so far are not very good. Many Thanks.
re: Makeup FAQ!
By candy001 Comments: 20, member since Fri Nov 12, 2010
On Fri Nov 19, 2010 04:39 PM
thanks for the advice on make up I found it very useful
re: Makeup FAQ!
By Breeze11 Comments: 12, member since Sat Jul 11, 2009
On Fri Dec 31, 2010 06:16 AM
This is a really helpful thread...

I will definatley use some of theese tips! x :)
re: Makeup FAQ!
By cazshaz Comments: 51, member since Fri Dec 31, 2010
On Fri Jan 21, 2011 05:03 AM
Edited by cazshaz (229867) on 2011-01-21 05:04:58
Great advice, Thankyou.

We use pencil eyeshadows which are really cheap from Danglers, black and white and they really stand out. They're only about £2 each.
re: Makeup FAQ!
By CharlyJ Comments: 22, member since Tue Feb 01, 2011
On Mon Feb 14, 2011 07:35 AM
Hiya, great advice really useful information thank you :) xx
re: Makeup FAQ!
By khloeamelia Comments: 3, member since Wed Feb 23, 2011
On Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:06 AM
what makeup can beginners were?x
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