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sunday on the rocks
By funkyflower01 Comments: 206, member since Tue Oct 10, 2006
On Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:12 AM

heya for my exam drama piece i am consdiering doing a play called sunday on the rocks i was wandering if anyone has heard of it or has any opions on it. thanks xXx

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re: sunday on the rocks
By neal Comments: 794, member since Wed Oct 19, 2005
On Mon Mar 12, 2007 11:33 AM
Have you received any guidelines on how to present "exam" drama pieces? Subject matter? Content?

Sunday on the Rocks is basically about four young working women who share a house. They are facing problems in their lives having to do with men. They deal with the issues of abortion, sexual freedom, harrassment, abuse, etc.

Sunday on the Rocks has a lot of "talking" in it between characters. My concern would be how to keep the dialogue from going stale. It would need to move along at a quick pace since there's different elements to it -- drama, comedy, fear, suffering, self-righteousness and so on. If the dialogue moves too slow, the pace becomes too heavy and dull.

Another point in dealing with a lot of dialogue is that it becomes even more critical to make each character believable. It is only when they are believeable that the audience can have a connection with them. In your case, the examiners/adjudicators. On that note, I would suggest keeping the flow as natural and smooth as possible. Avoid getting the characters caught up in "excessive" shouting and screaming throughout the delivery. Good acting does not need to offend the sensibilities!

Since the play allows the characters to reveal shocking pieces of their lives that they kept hidden, and at the same time lets them express how they really feel about their fourth roommate, you can see why the characters must be believable for anyone to care!

If you get the right cast to fit each character, it will be an interesting play for sure. Let us know how it goes!
re: sunday on the rocks
By funkyflower01 Comments: 206, member since Tue Oct 10, 2006
On Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:49 AM
hey thanks for the help this is really useful we've not been given anyguidlines but your advice will be really useful thanksxXx