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Its Gonna Be Me choreography RIGHT HERE!!!!
By Gina_
On Sun Sep 09, 2001 06:26 PM

Its Gonna Be Me

-Start after the very first four counts

*1st Eight Count*

-1&2- stand with your legs apart and bent, your right arm will come up bent at chest level like your blocking something. Move it to the right just like that with each beat.

-3&4&- do the same as above, only with your left arm. Move your left arm to the left. On the downbeat (&) after 4, bring your right foot to your left, arms at your side.

-5&6- Kind of hard to explain here. I don't know exactly how to describe this. Bring your right knee up, and your left fist up to your shoulder. On the downbeat, change fists three times so you end it with your right shoulder.

-7&8- hold.

"Its gonna be me..."

*2nd Eight Count*

-1&2- Shoot your arms down at your sides /|\ on 1, down at your sides on the downbeat, and in a "t" -|-.

-3&4- move your shoulders, and ONLY your shoulders to the right on three, front on the downbeat. On 4, turn to the right. Right foot in front of left. Lock your arms up at your sides in a field goal, fists clenched.

-5&6- Keep your arms in a field goal, and jerk your whole upper body to the right.

-7&8- Turn in two quick circles over your right shoulder. End with your feet together, arms out in a "t".

1. *You might been hurt- babe, that ain't no lie..."

-Hold. On babe, lean your body to the right, and point your arm and finger (right) out.

-for "that ain't no lie", if ur Justin, play it to the camera and just lay it down. If ur any of the other guys, scoot ur way to the right. On "lie", prep to walk the other direction.

2. *You've seen them all come and go..ooh*

-Take exaggerated steps to the left, but stop after "go".

-Move your shoulders right, left, back, tuck down, come up, turn. This is all before Justin sings "Ooh...", its not as hard as it seems!

NOTE: if you're the Justin of the group, DON'T DO WHATS ABOVE!! Take the steps, but don't tuck or anything!

3. *I remember you told- me"

-Hit this one count before Justin starts. So you should be doing the second move right as he starts singing.

-Both arms are straight, flexed at the wrists. Move them to the right, hips and knees to the left.

-Switch it. This should be when Justin starts singing.

-On "remember", come out. Legs apart, arms at sides.

-"You", hook your left knee in

-"Told", bring it back to normal, but move your whole body to face the left. Point to yourself on "me".

Between "me" and "that it made you..", take an exaggerated step back, keep facing the left.

4. *That it made you believe in..."

-take another exaggerated step back, but turn your body to the right.

5. *No man no cry"

"No"- cross your arms straight out in front of you. On the downbeat before the next word, bring your arms to your shoulders. Right hand, right shoulder, you get the idea, right?

"man"- quarter-turn to face the left, arms out at your sides (somewhere between /|\ and -|-). HOLD THE NEXT "no"!!!

"cry"- do the same thing you did on the first "no", and the beat after that. Remember, you should be facing the left now. If you're not, go back and fix it!

6.*Maybe thats why*

-You're going to do all of the moves on this phrase during "maybe". Remember that!

-Roll your arms upward so that your hands end up on the sides of your head.

-"ayb", arms come down at your sides.

-"e", bend your arms, fists are at your hips, but do it really sharp. It looks sloppy if you don't lock your moves.


1. *Every little thing I do*

-Don't start dancing until "thing"

-Cross your right foot crossed in front of your left foot

-jump out, legs shoulder-width apart, I mean jump!

-Jump again, land with left foot crossed in front of your right.

-jump with each word, maybe that'll make it easier.

-Jump back out, legs shoulder-width apart

-Shift your shoulders, lean right, right shoulder up, go left, left shoulder up, go right again, all the while working your way to a hunching position.

2. *Never seems enough for you*

-Up until "enough", hold the pose with your right shoulder.

-On "enough" bring your left arm up |/, sweep it down across to the right.

-On "you", sweep your left arm back to the left, only down. Your palm is facing up. Bring your right arm out too.

-Punch both arms and your right foot forward

-Simultaneously, your left hand comes to your head, your knee is already up, your ankle is turned facing left. Right hand touches your left ankle.

-Bring everything right back down to your side, but be sharp!

3. *You don't want to lose it again*

-this is incredibly difficult to explain. Don't start moving until "lose". If you saw the magazine article in J-14 about these moves, the choreographer calls this the "King Tut" move.

-jump up and out, legs apart. Your right arm is down with your wrist flexed, left is up with your wrist flexed.

-Jump together now, Feet together, switch arms.

-jump back out. You should be done with all of this by "it".

-On "again", arms are at your side, jump out with legs bent and apart.

4. *But I'm not like them*

-Bounce back and forth on your feet every other word.

5. *Baby when you fin-ally*

-Don't move until "finally"

-Run back about three steps, but run backWARDS, stay facing the front. On the last syllable of the word, jump with your legs apart in your new area.

-Bend right arm out

-Keep right out, bend left arm out

-Bring them both in to your stomach.

6. *Get to love somebody*

-On "love", pose out to the right, arms bent at your side. Work the spirit fingers if you want.

-"Somebody", pose out to the left.

7. *Guess what- its gonna be me*

-on "what", flop your wrists and your head down. Your arms are going to be bent like you're doing the deadman's float.

-on "gonna be me", just bring your head up.

-bring your left down across your stomach so your hand is slightly on the right.

-keep it there, and bring the right hand down to your left.

-take both hands, twirl them up so they're on your head

-change positions.

Verse 2:

1.*You've got no choice, babe..."

-if you're JC, stand with your feet together and swing your arm to show "you".

-if you're any of the other guys, just stand with your feet together.

-on "babe", pop your legs apart with your arms at the same level in a fist.

2.*But to move on...*

-hook your left knee in and move it out. Do that twice.

3.*You know, there ain't no time to waste...*

NOTE: this goes fast, you're gonna do two moves on one word here sometimes!

-on "know", your left arm goes out horizontally, your right arm will come across to your left and point downwards \-, switch it -/. This is all on "know"!

-on "ain't", bring your hands in to the sides of your head

-on "no", arms out in a "t"

-on "time", left hand goes across your stomach, right behind your back, then right across stomach, left behind your back. All in one word!

-"to waste", turn over your right shoulder.

4.*You're just- to blind- to see...*

-"to blind" strike pose

-"to see" strike another pose.

5.*But in the end you know its gonna be me...*

-stand facing the right, and your right hand is pointing out at the audience, so it should be drawn across your chest pointing out.

-on "gonna be me", bring your hand in to your heart and turn forwards.

6.*You can't deny, so just tell me why...*

-"you can't deny", shift your weight back and forth on both feet. Keep your hand to your heart.

-"so just tell me why", go back into chorus position!


The second chorus is the same as the first.

Dance Break:

1- right shoulder up

2- left shoulder up

3- shoulders back

4- shoulders normal

5- hook both knees in

6- both knees in again

7- turn hesitantly to the right

8- back to normal

1&2- Bring your right knee up, and your left fist up to your shoulder. On the downbeat, change fists three times so you end it with your right shoulder.

3&4- bring your left hand to your right hip, on the downbeat, right hand to left hip. On 4, right hand comes up, still on left side. Vice versa for the left.

5&6- step out to the right, bring your left arm up like you're blocking something and move it across your right side. Be sharp, this is just like the beginning!

7&8- change positions again.

1.*There comes a day, when I'll be the one, you'll see..."

-slowly lean to the right up until "day".

-slowly lean to the left, drop your head right after see.

2.*Its gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, its gonna be me..."

-designate who is who if you're in a group. One person comes up on each "gonna".

3.*All that I do, is not enough for you...*

-rock that freestyle!

4.*I don't wanna lose it, but I'm not lyin'...*

-more freestyle

5.*When finally- you get to love...*



-same as the other two choruses!


-same as the other three!

-if you're Justin, you're gonna strike a pose at the end in the middle. If you're any of the other guys, fall to the ground.

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re: Its Gonna Be Me choreography RIGHT HERE!!!!
By SexyAngel1502
On Sat Jan 26, 2002 08:16 PM
thnx a bunch even though it doesnt really help me cauze I need to see them instead of reading them

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