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Posting Rules for this forum
By glitterfairyPremium member
On Sat May 05, 2007 08:44 AM
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One thread per item for sale please.

Showing multiple photos of the same item in the same thread is easily done using a free image host like or imageshack. Multiple threads for the same item (either intentionally done to get more attention, or to show more views of the product) will be deleted.

Posting an advert here for free is only permitted for second-hand items being sold by individuals who are not in the costume-related industry or any other industry directly related to the item’s manufacture.

The only exception to this rule is if you are selling second-hand merchandise whose manufacture and sale has nothing to do with your company.

Business owners MUST pay to sell their merchandise, even if the product being sold is second-hand, and even if it doesn’t currently belong to them. For example – if you make Bloch shoes then you must still pay to sell a second-hand pair of Bloch shoes on a customer’s behalf.

Paid-for listings appear as Priority Threads whose title is in bold and will remain at the top of Page 1 for a month.

ALL threads - including priority ones - may NOT include links to company websites.

All For Sale threads are NOT to be used as advertising space (whether solely, or in conjunction with an item for sale) for one’s company or a service of any kind. Sellers should have all the relevant information avaliable in-thread so potential buyers do not have to link elsewhere for ‘more information’ – this includes links to Ebay shops and Ebay items!

If you buy a monthy advertisement to sell a particular costume, that's it. You are NOT also paying for the right to advertise other products/your website, therefore you are not permitted to "sneak in" an ad for those products/services. Example - A paid advertisement for a pink U/12 costume is fine. But a paid advertisement for a pink U/12 costume AND a section underneath about headpieces also avaliable at suchandsuch website is NOT. Similarly, a "please visit my Ebay shop at ________" in your post is also not allowed.

If a thread does not contain all the required information, it will be removed.

If any member sees a thread that should be removed, it would be appreciated if they would mod-report it immediately by pressing the “Mod” button. “But someone else is doing it!” is no excuse for knowingly breaking the posting rules.

Even priority threads will be removed if they do not comply by these Posting Rules. However if this is the case we will credit the DDN account with 1 priority posting, which can be redeemed the next time that seller posts an advert and mod-reports it to our attention.

Details you may wish to include as they are likely to help you sell your item:
1) Photos of the item, including close-ups of detailing
2) Any measurements that will help when fitting the item (if applicable)
3) Age of the item
4) Condition of the item
5) Name of manufacturer (if known)
6) Accessory list (if any)
7) Price (and if negotiable)

* holds no responsibility for product damage/theft for items advertised in our For Sale forums. It is entirely the seller’s responsibility as to how the sale is conducted.
* It would be appreciated if sellers could lock threads or mod-report them to request their removal after their item has been sold to avoid confusion/keep the forum clean.
* Prices MUST appear on each For Sale thread. If you are not sure how much to charge you are welcome to enter in an approximate price range and the words “Price Negotiable”. Please also remember you can change this listed price whenever you like by mod-reporting your thread and specifying exactly what you want changed and to what.

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re: Posting Rules for this forum
By Ruthmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Dec 28, 2007 02:52 AM

Could you put up a thread here if you were selling DS games on ebay and posted links?

Thanks Ruth :) x
re: Posting Rules for this forum
By Ruthmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Dec 28, 2007 02:52 AM
Edited by Ruth (176462) on 2007-12-28 02:53:31
Sorry Double Post :(
re: Posting Rules for this forum
By FolkestoneAngelsmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Feb 28, 2008 04:59 AM
can i post a wanted thread here?
re: Posting Rules for this forum
By bella44_xox
On Tue Dec 13, 2011 08:41 AM
Thanks for adding this post as it will make it soo much easier to put my items up.
re: Posting Rules for this forum
By GlitzAgain
On Wed Aug 29, 2012 02:22 AM
Im trying to sell used costumes online. Can I post pictures and the information as long as I dont include my facebook page? Or is this not allowed?
re: Posting Rules for this forum
By ChicagoMom
On Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:31 AM
How do I renew a priority listing? I know I did it once in the past but can't find how to do it again. Thank you


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