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tryouts, please help??
By dancemegxo
On Sat Jun 02, 2007 07:24 PM
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my middle school's dance team tryouts are in august, the first weekend of the school year, with a clinic on saturday, and tryouts sunday. this, unfortunately, will be my first and only time trying out, just now getting guts to, and i'll be in eighth grade, after which i might try out for manual dazzlers (best high school team in louisville). anyway, our team has been coached by the same ladybird for several years, so i'm not expecting too MUCH difference from this decription. my best friend was on the team this year and said the tryouts were simple: clinic day: learn a one-minute combination, then on tryouts, go in the room in groups of four, do any kind of leap, turn a double pirouette, and a triple pirouette. seems relatively easy, as erin says the combination is just to see if you have a good attitude when you dance, and is all easy stuff. however, it's the other stuff i'm worried about. i have my simple leaps down pat, and i'm guessing they won't ask us to do more than 3 turns. most coaches change their auditions a little bit every year, and since it's just a middle school, what else should i expect besides the turns and leap, and in the combination, should i expect nothing above pieces of cake like layouts? help me--i want to be prepared and have lots of time to practice my open leaps...

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re: tryouts, please help??
By its_ashee_x3
On Thu Jul 26, 2007 08:20 PM
Well I'm not really sure what your team does for tryouts since you said they don't have much. But I would suggest knowing
-regular leap
-side leap
-toe touch
-single piroutte
-double piroutte
-triple piroutte(although for eighth grade, usually NOT need, just extra points)
-heel stretch
-pique turns
-chaine turns

and I think that is about it. That's what out team does.(if I got them all)But also you could go take a class at your studio to sharpen your technique and they can review all the stuff you need for a jazz/pom team. Best wishes! Hope you make it.

re: tryouts, please help??
By erdtdancer94
On Wed Aug 08, 2007 05:48 PM
In my School district, there aren't middle school sports. So, as a seventh grader going into eighth grade, I could try out for the high school dance team. And I made it. (I'm going into eighth grade now...)

I don't know about your dance team, but we also had to learn a basic high-kick combo. This was a little hard for me, as a former studio dancer, but I managed.
re: tryouts, please help??
By bornadiva92
On Thu Aug 23, 2007 07:35 PM
it sounds like your team is pretty into technique if they have you all do triple pirouettes....
i would suggest that you make sure that you can do both of your splits
a switch leap
and alaseconde turns
then maybe another special skill like a cjump or a tilt jump
for our team tryouts, we are required to show our own special talent as well as the other technical elements.


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