Jazz/ballet combos
By JenBarbie
On 06/05/2007 14:37:31
Okay, I'm at a loss people. I'm teaching two ballet classes and two jazz classes a week and I'm running out of ideas for good exercises and cominations for both the barre and across the floor. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
re: Jazz/ballet combos
By Triskit
On 06/05/2007 17:10:23
What age/level are your classes?
re: Jazz/ballet combos
By Triskit
On 06/06/2007 11:40:13
haha...well it would take a long time to type out exercises for such a diverse group of students.

I can recommend some good books :)

The Ballet Combination Book
101 Lessons in Classical Ballet
Step by Step Ballet Class

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