My Handstand
By kipinky
On 06/19/2007 14:22:22

This is a pic of one of my handstands that my mum took the other day.

ki x
re: My Handstand
By IrishLizzy
On 08/17/2007 07:40:26
Wow, your arms must be so strong!
That's really neat.
re: My Handstand
By Champ123
On 09/02/2007 03:55:56
wow thats cool
did it take loads of practice to master
i keep tryin but end up in a heap lol
re: My Handstand
By Racho123
On 09/10/2007 09:35:42
Wow your really very good at that I wish I could do that
re: My Handstand
By summers
On 09/11/2007 04:34:11
a big well done to you
have to really strong to do that
re: My Handstand
By macko
On 10/14/2007 15:52:21
wow thats great strength

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