Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By SoulRaver
On 07/15/2007 14:39:57
Need some new ideas. Not meant as a brag, but I got this one routine that I have evolved into an art form over the years and I wanna try something totally new.

Default routine:

Contrary to common myths I bashfully suggest a dinner at her place and I'll be the cook. If not, the beach, a nice secluded park or my own place. Semi outdoors is the best spot.

I'll bring a lil picnik basket with some basic nice raw materials for some quick finger food, a bottle of vine, oil(!), water, bread, choclate and strawberries. Usually
I end up with some fresh on the spot made lil crunshy toasted 'wonders' with 2-3 different stuffings. Think small finger food.

Flip open that blanket on the floor, or garden if there is privacy. Candel lights only. All the food on one plate and no cutlery! No shoes allowed on the blanket. Some nice music. Get the romance flowing.

After done eating, trot out the just made melted chokosauce and strawberries.

Have some crazy lil liturature with you or an instrument if you play.

Bring some towels and if the oil you with you is of extra virgin olive/sented canola(make it your self, lemon/fruit/vanilla mix is good) you can suggest a nice massage on the spot.

...well you get the picture where it's leading, or at least supposed to. =P Yes, if you think you know what you are getting thats when your always gona strike out. LOL

So what I'm looking for is something totally new and but this. Anything, anywhere and anyhow.
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By mum2_3dancers
On 07/18/2007 11:43:10

I think the lack of replies is perhaps because we 30 something woman are all still gobsmacked that there are men in the world that actually do this kinda thing and aren't frightened to write about it, I read your post with my mouth hanging open lol.

As romantic/intimate dinners go I can't think it could get much better than what you do already lol, given my idea of a romantic dinner would be a chinese meal in my kitchen with 2 candles and a bottle of wine and in the midst of eating it we would have any one of 3 children come in with a smile on their face saying oooohhh what you doing lol.

Long may you have this romantic streak in your body and sorry I can't help with any ideas,

Take care

Tracy xx

Ps it was the massage that got me lol
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By mum2_3dancers
On 07/18/2007 15:58:12

I knew I wasn't taking something into account when I responded I perhaps wrongly assumed the poster was married like.... as if eh lol.

Totally agree with imadanseur if its was a first date or very early into the dating ritual I would run(well not literally as I can't really be doing that these days) a mile.

If however I am right and you are married my goodness your wife is very lucky lol.

Take care

Tracy xx
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By dangslow
On 07/20/2007 22:54:41
I'd have to say the most romantic dinner was when I came back from a hasty deployment to Yugoslavia. I was dating a beautiful redheaded Clogger, and when I got off the plane I bee-lined straight to her house. She had no idea I was coming home, and frankly, neither did I. I didn't tell her of the possiblilty in case I had to stay and get shot at some more. I met her at her door and we walked to the park together. I laid out a filthy wool great-coat on the ground and we shared a MRE on the grass. I still think about that whenever I smell Rice Pilaf...
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By dangslow
On 07/25/2007 15:55:04
Well, I AM married and we have two kids so a typical dinner will usually be something like this...
We talk to our kids about using good manners before we leave and threaten them periodically throughout the entire night.
We go to a nice resturaunt. Even though we have dressed up a bit for the occasion, one of us will have a half eaten sucker stickin to thier back before we enter the front door.
We get inside where my 4 year old will point to a black person and say "Dad! That's a movie star!" We live in a tiny white bread Utah town with no black people. Whenever my kids see a black person, they think they must be movie stars because we only see them on tv.
We decide what we would like to order, and my kids use their best manners ordering exactly what they would like. It feels like a small victory.
After two or three spilled glasses of water, our food arrives. My daughter starts cring because the chicken fingers look neither like chicken, nor fingers. My son sees a fat lady and makes the honking diesel sound.
They undercook my Wife's steak and overcook mine. We quietly switch plates, and for the rest of the night the poor waitress keeps mixing up our re-fills too.
Our son is now eating like a dinosaur, but I dont give a crap. As long as he does it quietly, he can kill his own food too and I wouldn't care. My daughter had made a hat out of a dinner roll.
Amazingly, a few people comment on our kid's good manners. Apparently, an hour of semi-quiet table distruction puncuated by a few "please" and "Thank you" will count for good manners in today's society.
One of us finally discovers the sucker stuck to their back.
I get the check. They charged me for three adult dinners and only one kid dinner. I dont care. I pay anyway.
One the drive home, our kids sugar fueled dessert tirade has subsided and they have finally gone to sleep.
When we get home, my wife and I make love really hard for about 15 minutes and count our blessings that we are with each other.
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By d4j
On 07/27/2007 13:13:26
Hey there Mr. Smooth, can I just chime in and say that no woman likes to feel like a foregone conclusion? ;) And no woman likes to feel like they are a player in your "Have some Madeira, my dear" seduction play. :P Your moves are too obvious and cliched for a new relationship. I assume you are referring to a newer relationship by the gist of your references about how the gal starts to get the idea about what you have in mind by your oils, horoscope books and the like. LOL - Reminds me of Christopher Walken as "The Continental" on SNL! However, I'd give you and "A+" if this scenario was for an established couple. :)

How about planning a meal and cooking it together? My husband and I love to do this. We get out the cookbooks and peruse them together. We decide on a main course, side and dessert and then go shopping together for the ingredients. Back in the kitchen, we will turn up some good music, break open the wine and prepare the meal together. This works best when you are preparing something totally different and new that you have never made or eaten before so there is a sense of discovery and teamwork.

It's also really fun to go to a gourmet food shop or an import store together. We really like to find fun and unusual things - and it's sort of like traveling to a foreign place - makes for a great date night. You can find some unusual bottles of wine and cheese, bring home a dvd and voila.

Good luck! :)
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By saor_celtic
On 08/03/2007 11:23:00
Wow. can i just say that. when i first read this my jaw dropped. To actually find a guy who does that is incredible. Well done :)

Other ideas for romantic dinner/dates. well as tough as it is to top the one you already do. Plan an evening around what she likes, foods, atmosphere, even a private dance lesson if you feel inclined and she's open to it.

Once, my boyfriend had planned the whole day. - he took me to the zoo for the day, one of my favorite places to go, and then we went back to his place and he made me dinner and he finished with a massage. It gave him bonus points. LOL.

Just tailor the dates to her and what she likes. You can't go wrong. but don't try to force it or make it seem too planned. :)
re: Suggestions for a romantic/intimate dinner..
By geebranz
On 03/13/2021 23:13:38
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