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His Secret, Chapter 3
By enlair89
On Mon Aug 20, 2007 03:56 PM
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Chapter 3

Kyle was amazed the next day at school.

He was expecting to be made fun of or be bullied. As the classes went along, his secret remained intact. Beth and Emilee promised not to tell.

"Although you shouldn't be ashamed to take ballet," Emilee said.

He admitted she was right. But survival in middle school was tough enough as it is. He was already picked on for being a computer geek.

His friends Justin and Alex took a double-take in the hallway when Claire and Olivia spoke to him in the hallway.

"Still sore from yesterday?," Olivia asked.

He admitted he was.

"See you tomorrow," Claire said.

"What was that all about?" Justin asked.

"Oh nothing," Kyle said as they walked to class. His mind was on ballet all day. He wished he could take it more than just Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He felt his secret might come out in Miss Arceneaux's English class. But she didn't say anything to the whole class about it. Before he left, she told him she looked forward to having him in class "tomorrow", but other than Beth and Emilee, no one seemed to catch on.

The day passed by quick. Things were pretty much the same at home. A neighbor's mom picked him and his sisters up from school.

He watched them until his mom came home and also did his homework. Beth usually came over once his mother came home, or he would go over her house.

"How was your day?" his mother asked when she came through the door from work.

"Pretty good mom," he said as he finished his homework at the kitchen table.

"I had an interesting conversation with Abby White at work today," she told Kyle. "I didn't know that her daughter Olivia went to your school."

"Yeah, she does," Kyle said. "She's an eighth grader and really popular. She's captain of the cheerleading squad."

"Abby said Olivia told her you and she were in a ballet class at school together," she said.

"Well, it's an exploratory class mom," Kyle said.

"Well do you like it?" she asked.

"So for, I guess," he said, not trying to let on that it was really fun.

"Well I think it's cute," Mrs. Thornton said.

Cute? He thought. He didn't know he wanted to do anything his mother thought was cute.

"What's cute?" his sister Cailtlyn said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Your brother is taking a ballet class at school," his mom said.

"No fair," Caitlyn said. "How come he gets to take ballet and I don't."

Kyle knew his 8-year-old sister was mocking him. She was good at that.

"Well, Abby said there is an open house on Saturday at the dance studio where Olivia goes," their mom said. "I can take you too and Katey if you want to."

Katey was their 6-year-old sister.

"I dunno," Kyle said.

Deep down he was interested, but he didn't want to let on that he was.

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re: His Secret, Chapter 3
By bdancer3333
On Mon Aug 20, 2007 06:30 PM
Yes! Part 3! It just keeps getting better! I am your biggest fan!! (in case you haven't noticed!)


PS- I love the twists! I think that is the problem with my writing. Anyway, REALLY good!! :)
re: His Secret, Chapter 3
By enlair89
On Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:01 PM
Just keep working at it. Read different styles. Like ballet, it takes a lot of work to refine it!


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